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A History Of Greek Art

Author : Frank Bigelow Tarbell
Genre : Classics

The art of any artistically gifted people may be studied with various purposes and in various ways. One man, being himself an artist, may seek inspiration or guidance for his own p...

A History Of Greek Art

Author : Mark D. Stansbury-O'Donnell
Genre : Art History

Offering a unique blend of thematic and chronological investigation, this highly illustrated, engaging text explores the rich historical, cultural, and social contexts of 3,000 yea...

The Image Of Jason In Early Greek Myth

Author : Dr. Simon Spence
Genre : Art & Architecture

This book looks to construct a detailed portrait of the myth of the Greek hero, Jason.This involves examining all extant evidence, both literary and iconographical, for this hero u...

A History Of Greek Art

Author : F.B. Tarbell
Genre : History

Another classic converted by art of any artistically gifted people may be studied with various purposes and in various ways. One man, being himself an artist, may...

Greek Art Fifth World Of Art

Author : John Boardman
Genre : Art History

“One of the very best short histories of Greek Art.” — The Financial TimesJohn Boardman, one of the best known and acknowledged scholars of the classical Greek wo...

History Of Greek Culture

Author : Jacob Burckhardt
Genre : Art & Architecture

This monumental work by a distinguished European scholar presents a scrupulously realistic approach to ancient Greek civilization. Professor Burckhardt dispenses with superficial a...

History Of Greek Art Super Review

Author : F. B. Tarbell
Genre : Art & Architecture

Get all you need to know with Super Reviews! Each Super Review is packed with in-depth, student-friendly topic reviews that fully explain everything about the subject. The History ...

The Art Of The Catapult

Author : William Gurstelle
Genre : History

Whether playing at defending their own castle or simply chucking pumpkins over a fence, wannabe marauders and tinkerers will become fast acquainted with Ludgar, the War Wolf, Ill N...

The Emergence Of The Classical Style In Greek Sculpture

Author : Richard Neer
Genre : History

In this wide-ranging study, Richard Neer offers a new way to understand the epoch-making sculpture of classical Greece. Working at the intersection of art history, archaeology, lit...

Greeks In San Francisco

Author : Greek Historical Society of the San Francisco Bay
Genre : United States

The history of San Francisco’s Greek community is linked to the history of San Francisco. The first Greeks to arrive were sailors, miners, and laborers. By the 1880s, they had fo...

The Greek And Macedonian Art Of War

Author : F. E. Adcock
Genre : Ancient

This informal history traces battle tactics and military strategy from the time of the city-states’ phalanxes of spearmen to the far-reaching combined operations of specialized l...

Mediterranean Cuisine

Author : WE, Digital Cultural Publications
Genre : Regional & Ethnic

This book will take you on a wonderful journey through the flavours, aromas and images of the Archipelago, as the Aegean Sea is called, and its much-praised islands. For thou...

On The Fascination Of Objects

Author : John Boardman
Genre : Ancient

The Shefton Collection in Newcastle upon Tyne contains a fine array of Greek and Etruscan objects and takes its name from its founder Professor Brian Shefton (1919 – 2012). In sp...

A Brief History Of Ancient Greek

Author : Stephen Colvin
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines

A Brief History of Ancient Greek accessibly depicts the social history of this ancient language from its Indo-European roots to the present day. Explains key relationships ...

Aunt Carlotte S Stories Of Greek History

Author : Charlotte Mary Yonge
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Charlotte Mary Yonge (11 August 1823 – 24 May 1901) was an English novelist known for her huge output, now mostly out of print....

The Oxford Handbook Of Greek Drama In The Americas

Author : Kathryn Bosher, Fiona Macintosh, Justine McConnell & Patrice Rankine
Genre : Americas

The Oxford Handbook of Greek Drama in the Americas is the first edited collection to discuss the presence of Greek drama across the continents and archipelagos of the Americas from...

Greeks In Chicago

Author : Ph.D., Michael George Davros
Genre : United States

Greeks arrived in America with the expectation that freedom would permit their families to thrive and be successful. With hard work, belief in the Orthodox faith, and commitment to...

Greek Orthodox Music In Ottoman Istanbul

Author : Merih Erol
Genre : Middle East

During the late Ottoman period (1856–1922), a time of contestation about imperial policy toward minority groups, music helped the Ottoman Greeks in Istanbul define themselves as ...

Greek Historiography And The Chronicler S History A Reexamination

Author : Journal of Biblical Literature
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines

In scholarly criticism of the Chronicler's work it has become almost axiomatic to say that the composition of Chronicles bears no signs of either Hellenic or Hellenistic influence....

A History Of Greek Cinema

Author : Vrasidas Karalis
Genre : Performing Arts

The history of Greek cinema is a rather obscure and unexamined affair. Greek cinema started slowly and then collapsed; for several years it struggled to reinvent itself, produced i...

Greeks Of Stark County

Author : William H. Samonides & Regine Johnson Samonides
Genre : United States

By the early 20th century, Stark County was one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation. The home of martyred president William McKinley had become a major industrial center, ...

The Classical Art Of Command

Author : Joseph Roisman
Genre : Ancient

The Classical Age of Greece produced some of history's best-known generals and commanders. They include the Spartan king Leonidas, who embodied his countrymen's heroic ethos in the...

Greeks In Tarpon Springs

Author : Tina Bucuvalas
Genre : United States

Beginning in 1905, large numbers of Greeks from the Dodecanese and Saronic Gulf islands settled in Tarpon Springs to work in the sponge business. They significantly expanded the in...

Aegean Portraits

Author : WE, Publications
Genre : Europe

Hidden within the myths, guarded deep within the imperious rocks, the traditions, folk art, culture and music that composes the melodies of the islands that promises to take...

Greeks In Houston

Author : Irene Cassis & Constantina Michalos
Genre : United States

This history of the Greeks in Houston is really the story of individuals who worked diligently to forge new lives for themselves even as they maintained their Greek identity and th...