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After The Apocalypse

Author : Maureen F. Mchugh
Genre : Short Stories

Publishers Weekly Top 10 Best of the YearIn her new collection, Story Prize finalist Maureen F. McHugh delves into the dark heart of contemporary life and life f...

After The Apocalypse

Author : Henri Bauhaus
Genre : Fiction & Literature

This is a talking animal story that takes place "After the Apocalypse". Need I say more....

After The Apocalypse

Author : Susan Hart
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Scavengers - After a calamity wiped out most of earth’s population a hundred years before, the remaining million or so souls has divided up into two basic groups: Men in lodg...

The Zombie S Survival Guide Thrive In The Zombie Apocalypse After You Turn

Author : Calvin A. L. Miller II
Genre : Horror

LEARN BEFORE YOU TURN!!! The Zombie Apocalypse is coming, it's not "if" it's "when", and the odds are highly in favor of you becoming one of the undead. A ghoul. A Dead. A Zombie. ...

After The End Stories Of Life After The Apocalypse

Author : Cora Buhlert
Genre : Science Fiction

When the apocalypse has come and gone, life still goes on for the survivors struggling to adapt to the new normal.In a drowned world, the descendants of surface dweller...

The Fallujah Strain Power After The Ebola Apocalypse

Author : Thomas Porter
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Three men outside Fallujah, after four years of disciplined, persistent, methodical attempts to develop a strain of Ebola worthy enough to represent their hatred for the West, stri...

After The Fall Tales Of The Apocalypse

Author : Robert Holtom, Thomas Brown & Damon DiMarco
Genre : Short Stories

A desolate landscape, wracked with upheaval, the uncanny nature of a place once so familiar. A revelation of what was formerly undisclosed, the harbingers of apocalypse are edgi...

After The Apocalypse The Complete Series Box Set

Author : Gen Griffin
Genre : Science Fiction

It has been 28 years, 14 weeks and 9 days since a virus turned more than half of the world's human population into zombies. More than 95 percent of the population died within 6 mon...

After The Martian Apocalypse

Author : Mac Tonnies
Genre : Spirituality

Part exo-archaeological treatise and part cultural commentary, After The Martian Apocalypse is an uncompromising and groundbreaking perspective on a cosmic controversy that ...

The Apocalypse Blog Book 3 Into The After

Author : Melanie Edmonds
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

"The world is broken. It's broken and it wants to kill us. All of us. I think it might succeed."At Christmas, the city was attacked by an unknown force. All Faith and h...

After An Apocalypse Survival Story

Author : Kitt Moss
Genre : Action & Adventure

David's life is shattered when, in the middle of an ordinary day at work, his world is turned upside down by a storm of meteors which slam into the city. The devastation doesn't en...

Cow Tipping After The Apocalypse

Author : Felicia Jedlicka
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Grieving the loss of her mentor and friend, Lenore is faced with the realization that August may not have been wrong about the impending war coming their way. As she buries one fri...

After The End Recent Apocalypses

Author : Paula Guran
Genre : Short Stories

From the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh to Norse prophecies of Ragnarok to the Revelations of Saint John to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, and any number of fictional zombie Armageddons...

The Human Comedy After The Apocalypse The New Way

Author : Douglas Olson
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Following on from Dan Brown’s Inferno, Dr. Zobrist’s attempt to solve the overpopulation problem fails as do all other attempts to solve the myriad problems facing the human ra...

Corn Husking After The Apocalypse

Author : Felicia Jedlicka
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

3 months later: Lenore's life has gone from bad to worse since Priest left. Not only did she lose the only man she ever really loved, but her arch nemesis is trying to fill the voi...

Love After The Apocalypse

Author : William Lucht
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Saphia Bey was a Bey, and like any other Bey, she was expected to hold her proud family heritage in the nuclear shelter they called, New Zion. Claiming lineage from the Ottoman gen...

Surviving After The Apocalypse Zombies Or Otherwise

Author : L.J. Locke
Genre : Fiction & Literature

The apocalypse has happened - now what? Whether it's a major natural disaster or the actual apocalypse, being able to survive is important. This book can help with the basics....

First New Year S After The Apocalypse

Author : Jessica Payseur
Genre : Gay & Lesbian

Wade Turner takes a drunk Jaxxon home after work hoping to get laid. What he gets instead is news that the world as they know it is ending—superbugs are sweeping the nation, leav...

The Apocalypse To John The Apostle

Author : Robert E. Lorimer
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

Many are worried about what will to happen to our planet. Words such as Apocalypse, Armageddon, amd the Four Horsemen incite many to search for more information on the end of the w...

Avoiding Carbon Apocalypse Through Alternative Energy

Author : John Lowry
Genre : Science & Nature

This important book lays bare the dangers of global warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions stemming from fossil fuel use, and proposes pathways toward mitigation. A discussion ...

After Our Golden Age The Age Of Iron

Author : Andrew B. Goewey
Genre : Poetry

The sonnets in this book are a result of having been kept illegally in a psychiatric hospital (being censored) for more than 4 years, getting tortured with microwaves every day of ...

After The Apocalypse

Author : Matt Nicholson
Genre : Erotica

Thirteen months after a huge solar flare combined with an unseasonably hot summer to end civilization as we know it, Sarah was ready to get caught. She was tired of being on the ru...

After The Apocalypse

Author : Ann Jacobs
Genre : Erotica

Your status has been changed from potential breeder to drone. You are hereby ordered to present yourself at Clinic Alpha on October 1, 2225, at 0700 hours for the necessary alte...

What Happens After The Mayan Apocalypse

Author : Susan Hart
Genre : Contemporary

When FBI agent Lili Foxworthy took a trip with her charismatic husband, actor Peter von Rabenhorst, down to the Yucatan peninsula; all she wanted to do was relax with Peter and hel...