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Animal Faces

Author : Linda Anderson
Genre : Animals

A social skills book. Real pictures show happy faces of animals and mean faces of animals to stay away. Written for all ages, preschoolers and to aid with children with autism....

Casey And Bella Face Their First Bully

Author : Jane Lovascio & Aija Jasuna
Genre : Coming of Age

After Roscoe steals Casey and Bella's Frisbee, they embark on their 6th adventure. Along the way, Opee the Owl explains to the dogs what bullying is and how to respond to it in the...

National Geographic Angry Birds Animal Showdown

Author : Mel White & Peter Vesterbacka
Genre : Humor

Nature can be beautiful, but it can also get angry! A direct follow-up to National Geographic Angry Birds, this book uncovers real-life showdowns in nature, like the bi...

Various Faces Of Animal Metaphor In English And Polish

Author : Robert Kiełtyka
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines

This book is dedicated to the issue of animal metaphor together with its intricacies and internal complexity. Its main objective is to present a unified picture of the role animal ...

Who S Got The Face

Author : Doug Snelson
Genre : Animals

Doug Snelson is the award winning author of Who's Got the Face?, a 48 page, rhyming children's picture book that follows a playful, energetic day dog named Face through his...

Funny Faces Chirpy Chick

Author : Roger Priddy
Genre : Animals

A story of farm animals that features fun, rhyming text....

What S Missing Faces

Author : Bonnie Ferrante
Genre : Body

The first image a baby recognizes is the human face. This book helps them to examine and name the details. Help your child develop observational skills by figuring out what's missi...

The Funny Friends And Faces Of Henry P Gruber

Author : Tass Sweeney
Genre : Animals

Henry P. Gruber sends all of his love to the children all over the world....

Ugly Face

Author : Evil Pencil
Genre : Animals

Ugly Face is a dog who has been stuck in the dogs home for 15 years until a girl called Freda rescues him. Together they are involved in a a story of magic, morals, sch...

Fred And The Happy Face Spider

Author : Janet Morrison
Genre : Animals

What’s rare, creepy, crawly, and cute all at the same time? You’ll find out when you learn what Fred has discovered while vacationing with Jan in Hawaii. ...

Cat Brace Face

Author : Danny Pearson & Seb Camagajevac
Genre : Animals

Gems is a series of books written specifically for struggling girl readers. Kim isn't having the best day. She's just had her braces fitted and they are landing her in a lot of tro...

Big Challenges That Animals Face

Author : Bobbie Kalman
Genre : Animals

Wild animals are facing huge challenges in the natural world today. Many are endangered—some critically. This eye-opening book shows how animals are being threatened by habitat l...

Dinosaurs Ever Evolving

Author : Allen A. Debus
Genre : Science & Nature

   From their discovery in the 19th century to the dawn of the Nuclear Age, dinosaurs were seen in popular culture as ambassadors of the geological past and as icons of t...

In Your Face

Author : Chris DeRose
Genre : Nature

In Your Face is former actor Chris DeRose’s firsthand account of how he investigated and finally busted some of the most heartless and corrupt federally licensed pet-th...