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Art And Revolution

Author : John Berger
Genre : Art History

In this prescient and beautifully written book, Booker Prize-winning author John Berger examines the life and work of Ernst Neizvestny, a Russian sculptor whose exclusion from the ...

Online Video Revolution Earn Money And Generate Leads

Author : Sigurd Kvernmoen
Genre : Marketing & Sales

With advances in technology, producing high quality video content has become easier and cheaper than ever before.  And with more and more statistics proving the power of video...

The Doodle Revolution

Author : Sunni Brown
Genre : Management & Leadership

There is NO SUCH THING as a mindless doodle What did Einstein, JFK, Edison, Marie Curie, and Henry Ford have in common? They were all inveterate doodlers. These ...

War Scenes Of The Chinese Revolution

Author : War Correspondents
Genre : Photography

This book was first edited and published by the Shanghai Commercial Press in 1911-1912. Since the Wuchang Uprising, to the provinces independent.The important people and states of ...


Author : Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jeremy McCarter
Genre : Performing Arts

Winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Eleven Tony Awards, including Best MusicalLin-Manuel Miranda's groundbreaking musical Hamilton is as revol...

1963 The Year Of The Revolution

Author : Ariel Leve & Robin Morgan
Genre : History

Ariel Leve and Robin Morgan's oral history 1963: The Year of the Revolution is the first book to recount the kinetic story of the twelve months that witnessed a demographic power s...

The Revolution Was Televised

Author : Alan Sepinwall
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

A phenomenal account, newly updated, of how twelve innovative television dramas transformed the medium and the culture at large, featuring Sepinwall’s take on the finales of M...

I Want My Mtv

Author : Rob Tannenbaum & Craig Marks
Genre : Social Science

Named One of the Best Books of 2011 by NPR – Spin - USA Today – CNBC - Pitchfork - The Onion - The Atlantic - The Huffington Post – VEVO - T...

The Art Of Simple Food

Author : Alice Waters
Genre : Special Occasions

Perhaps more responsible than anyone for the revolution in the way we eat, cook, and think about food, Alice Waters has “single-handedly chang[ed] the American palate” accordin...

Revolution In The Head

Author : Ian MacDonald
Genre : Music

This “Bible of the Beatles” captures the iconic band’s magical and mysterious journey from adorable teenagers to revered cultural emissaries. In this fully updated version, e...

Difficult Men

Author : Brett Martin
Genre : Performing Arts

A revealing look at the shows that helped TV emerge as the signature art form of the twenty-first centuryIn the late 1990s and early 2000s, the landscape of tele...

Digital Art Revolution

Author : Scott Ligon
Genre : Art & Architecture

There’s no question that applications like Photoshop have changed the art world forever. Master digital artists already use these tools to create masterpieces that stretch the li...

4000 Miles And After The Revolution

Author : Amy Herzog
Genre : Theater

"After the Revolution is a smart, funny and provocative play. . . . Herzog deftly avoids simple-minded polemics in favor of richly detailed people who are as ready to examin...

Pictures At A Revolution

Author : Mark Harris
Genre : United States

The epic human drama behind the making of the five movies nominated for Best Picture in 1967-Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, The Graduate, In the Heat of the Nigh...


Author : Michael Rubin
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

We can all agree that Pixar is a fantastic company. Every single project they have embarked upon for more than 25 years has been successful, both financially and creatively. Few co...

The Romantic Revolution

Author : Tim Blanning
Genre : Europe

“A splendidly pithy and provocative introduction to the culture of Romanticism.”—The Sunday Times   “[Tim Blanning is] in a partic...

Creative Revolution

Author : Flora Bowley
Genre : Art & Architecture

Painting can be so much more than a mere hobby - it can be a vehicle transforming your mind, body, and spirit! Painting and bravely embracing the challenges of creativity sparks a ...

French Revolution

Author : Peter Kitsos
Genre : Education

This is a compilation of fictitious short stories about the French Revolution created by grade 9 students in Methuen MA....

Hybrid Vehicle Revolution

Author : Jonathan Johnson
Genre : Transportation

Hybrid Vehicle Revolution - Learn about hybrid cars, how they work, what type of brands work best, and tips on saving the most amount of fuel with hybrids....

Printmaking Revolution

Author : Dwight Pogue
Genre : Art & Architecture

A tome of the newest advances in printmaking for today’s environmentally conscious art students, master printers, teachers, and artists Etching, lithography, and...

Revolution And Compromise

Author : Voice of America Learning English
Genre : Foreign Languages

“Revolution and Compromise: The Making of the Constitution” is part of the VOA Learning English series “The Making of a Nation.” The series teaches U.S. history by telling ...

A Revolution In Color The World Of John Singleton Copley

Author : Jane Kamensky
Genre : United States

This bold new history recovers an unknown American Revolution as seen through the eyes of Boston-born painter John Singleton Copley.Boston in the 1740s: a bustling port...

Revolution Detroit

Author : John Gallagher
Genre : Art & Architecture

After decades of suburban sprawl, job loss, and lack of regional government, Detroit has become a symbol of post-industrial distress and also one of the most complex urban environm...

Garden Revolution

Author : Larry Weaner & Thomas Christopher
Genre : Gardening

“An invaluable and provocative resource for gardeners who want to collaborate with their local ecologies—and save themselves both heartbreak and backbreak.” —The New ...

The Urban Food Revolution

Author : Peter Ladner
Genre : Social Science

Our reliance on industrial agriculture has resulted in a food supply riddled with hidden environmental, economic, and health care costs and beset by rising food prices. With only a...

Revolution And Compromise

Author : Voice of America Learning English
Genre : Foreign Languages

“Revolution and Compromise: The Making of the Constitution” is part of the VOA Learning English series “The Making of a Nation.” The series teaches U.S. history by telling ...

Animal Farm Revolution Project

Author : Justin Bell
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines

This project has students create their own society, detail the Russian Revolution, and summarize Animal Farm using various apps....

Listen To Bob Marley

Author : Bob Marley & Cedella Marley
Genre : Music

An inspiring and comprehensive collection of poems, meditations, and lyrics by one of the world’s most revered musical legendsBob Marley’s music defined a movement...

Art Revolution

Author : Lisa Cyr
Genre : Art & Architecture

With an unprecedented array of media and digital tools at their disposal, today's artists are faced with unlimited possibilities for creative experimentation. Never before has ther...

Deus Ex Human Revolution Strategy Guide

Author :
Genre : Games

You play Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT specialist who's been handpicked to oversee the defensive needs of one of America's most experimental biotechnology firms. Your job is to safeguard...

The Concrete Dragon

Author : Thomas J. Campanella
Genre : Art & Architecture

China is the most rapidly urbanizing nation in the world, with an urban population that may well reach one billion within a generation. Over the past 25 years, surging economic gro...

Voices Of Revolution

Author : Rodger Streitmatter
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines

Streitmatter tells the stories of dissident American publications and press movements of the last two centuries, and of the colorful individuals behind them. From publications that...

Girls To The Front

Author : Sara Marcus
Genre : Music

“For a Second Wave feminist like myself, Girls to the Front evokes wonderfully the way the generation after mine soaked up the promise and the punishment of feminist consciousnes...

El Paso And The Mexican Revolution

Author : Patricia Haesly Worthington
Genre : United States

The Mexican Revolution took place along the entire length of the border between the United States and Mexico. Most of the intense battles and revolutionary intrigue, however, were ...

33 Revolutions Per Minute

Author : Dorian Lynskey
Genre : Music

Dorian Lynskey is one of the most prominent music critics writing today. With 33 Revolutions Per Minute, he offers an engrossing, insightful, and wonderfully researched history of ...

A Revolution In Singing

Author : Gary Catona
Genre : Music

SING from the diaphragm! Project your voice into your mask! Sing into your head cavity! Sing out of your forehead! WHAT?? After centuries of artful singing, voice teachers continue...

Defiant Spirits

Author : Ross King
Genre : Art History

Beginning in 1912, Defiant Spirits traces the artistic development of Tom Thomson and the future members of the Group of Seven, Franklin Carmichael, Lawren Harris, A. Y. Jackson, F...

The Smile Revolution

Author : Colin Jones
Genre : Europe

The story of how we learned to smile. A unique and untold story about a facial expression at the heart of modern western civilization....

Naked Fashion

Author : Safia Minney
Genre : Design

Naked Fashion invites you to join the movement of consumers, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals who are using their purchasing power, talents, and experience to make ...

The Recent Revolution In Organ Building

Author : George Laing Miller
Genre : Music

The organ-student, the amateur, and eke the professional organist, will also find much here that will interest them and lead to a better understanding of the instrument. The revolu...

Your Band Sucks

Author : Jon Fine
Genre : Music

• A New York Times Summer Reading List selection • A Publishers Weekly Best Summer Book of 2015 ...

Urban Agriculture

Author : David Tracey
Genre : Gardening

Urban Agriculture is packed with ideas and designs for anyone interested in joining the new food revolution. First-time farmers and green thumbs alike will find advice on growing h...

Play It Loud

Author : Brad Tolinski, Alan di Perna & Carlos Santana
Genre : Music

"Every guitar player will want to read this book twice. And even the casual music fan will find a thrilling narrative that weaves together cultural history, musical history, rac...

After The Revolution

Author : Eleanor Heartney, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princenthal & Sue Scott
Genre : Art & Architecture

"Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?" asked the prominent art historian Linda Nochlin in a provocative 1971 essay. Today her insightful critique serves as a benchmark again...

Common As Air

Author : Lewis Hyde
Genre : History

Common as Air offers a stirring defense of our cultural commons, that vast store of art and ideas we have inherited from the past that continues to enrich our present. Suspi...

The Green Building Revolution

Author : Jerry Yudelson
Genre : Art & Architecture

The “green building revolution’’ is happening right now. This book is its chronicle and its manifesto. Written by industry insider Jerry Yudelson, The Green Building Revol...

Shakespeare In America An Anthology From The Revolution To Now

Author : James Shapiro
Genre : Theater

“The history of Shakespeare in America,” writes James Shapiro in his introduction to this groundbreaking anthology, “is also the history of America itself.” From our beginn...

Cuba Life After The Revolution

Author : Eric Berry
Genre : Photography

"Cuba: Life After the Revolution" is an intimate look through images of life inside Cuba following the revolution.  The images featured in the book were taken by t...

Fearless Genius

Author : Doug Menuez
Genre : Photography

An award-winning documentary photographer delivers a stunning visual history of the Silicon Valley technology boom, in which he was witness to key moments in the careers of Steve J...

Video Revolutions

Author : Michael Z. Newman
Genre : Performing Arts

Since the days of early television, video has been an indispensable part of culture, society, and moving-image media industries. Over the decades, it has been an avant-garde artist...