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Beethoven For Kids

Author : Helen Bauer
Genre : Music

Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the most influential composers of all time, is brought vividly to life and made relevant to today’s young musicians in Beethoven for Kids. Children w...

Beethoven For Kids

Author : Roberto McCausland-Dieppa
Genre : Music

Beethoven for kids and the adventures of Robelio and friends is an inspiring collection of humorous stories about the composer.This book brings Beethoven, his muisc, personality ...

Beethoven S Zoo Animals Enhanced Version

Author : Trey Stinnett
Genre : Games & Activities

Beethoven’s Zoo Animals is a Classical Kids idea of an amazing animal filled zoo. With the beautiful sounds of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Symphony 6 - 1st Movement and 9 yea...

Why Beethoven Threw The Stew

Author : Steven Isserlis CBE
Genre : Music

In Why Beethoven Threw the Stew, renowned cellist Steven Isserlis sets out to pass on to children a wonderful gift given to him by his own cello teacher - the chance to peop...

The 39 Apartments Of Ludwig Van Beethoven

Author : Jonah Winter & Barry Blitt
Genre : Culture, Places & People

How hard is it to move 5 legless pianos 39 times?Beethoven owned five legless pianos and composed great works on the floor. His first apartment was in the center of Vienna's ...

What S So Great About Beethoven

Author : Sam Rogers & KidLit-O
Genre : Biography

If you ever study music, chances are that you will end up hearing the name “Beethoven” somewhere along the line. The German composer is one of the most famous musicians of all ...

Beethoven S Heroic Symphony

Author : Anna Harwell Celenza & Joann E. Kitchel
Genre : Music

Beethoven’s Third Symphony was written as Beethoven was struggling with his advancing deafness. Meant as a celebration of Napoleon’s victories, the four movements reflected Bon...

Mr Beethoven And Me

Author : Jan L. Coates
Genre : Intermediate Readers

The Caramel Tree Readers Level 4 is a delicious series of leveled readers for children ages 7 to 9. Students expand to diverse original stories with a word count of approximately 2...

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Author : Anna Carew-Miller
Genre : History

A German composer born in the 1700s, Ludwig van Beethoven has given the world some of the most well-known and long-lasting music of all time. From his Für Elise to his 9th Symphon...

Mon Petit Beethoven

Author : Emilie Collet
Genre : Fiction

Mon premier livre sonore à la découverte de Beethoven ! Avec ses puces sonores ce recueil est unique. Sur chaque page, l'enfant recherche dans l'illustration l...

Beethoven La Symphonie Du Destin

Author : Michel Honaker
Genre : Fiction

Le petit Ludwig redoute les leçons de musique de son père qui veut faire de lui, de gré ou de force, un nouveau Mozart. Mais lorsqu’il est seul, il compose des morceaux, fruit...