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Before I Die

Author : Jenny Downham
Genre : Coming of Age

For the many readers who love The Fault in Our Stars, this is the story of a girl who is determined to live, love, and to write her own ending before her time is finall...

Before I Die

Author : Candy Chang
Genre : Self-Improvement

After losing someone she loved, artist Candy Chang painted the side of an abandoned house in her New Orleans neighborhood with chalkboard paint and stenciled the sentence, "Before ...

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Author : Han Nolan
Genre : Coming of Age

Hilary hates Jews. As part of a neo-Nazi gang in her town, she's finally found a sense of belonging. But when she's critically injured in an accident, everything changes.Some...

Before I Die

Author : Doreen G. Kimmel
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

Author Doreen G. Kimmel has stepped into the world of a serial killer in her new book "Before I Die". The who and why of this tale will lead the reader into a maze of horror and re...

Before I Die

Author : Helen McCloy
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

Kyra Novacs: Who was she? Where did she come from? Bob knew almost nothing about her, just enough to fall hopelessly in love with her. They were thrown together for business reason...

If I Die Before I Wake

Author : Jesus Life Together
Genre : Christianity

Do you have the character and the courage to examine your own heart and toss out the things that would keep you from really believing the truth about Heaven or Hell? About who Jesu...

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Author : Pat Simmons
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassion fails not. They are new every morning, great is Thy faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23 Go...

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Author : Lurlene N. McDaniel
Genre : Coming of Age

Deanne doesn't want to spend her summer on silly debutante activities, like hanging out at the country club and flirting with the rich boys. She’d rather spend time with the kids...

10 Things To Do Before I Die

Author : Daniel Ehrenhaft
Genre : Action & Adventure

1) Lose my virginity2) Apologize to Rachel3) Get back at Biff4) Jam and party with Shakes the Clown5) Laugh in death’s face...

If I Die Before I Wake

Author : Barb Rogers
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

Barb Rogers’ book begins with the tragic death of her teenage son, Jon, and delves into the horror that was her life to that point. Due to a home life fraught with substance and ...

Just One Before I Die

Author : Philip Revzin
Genre : Baseball

In a year of surprises, the second biggest was the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series for the first time since Theodore Roosevelt was president. Philip Revzin's Just One...

If I Should Die Before I Die

Author : Peter Israel
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

To save his boss’s wife, a clever lawyer must unmask a silent serial killer Another woman has died, just like all the others who have been targeted by the so-c...

Die Before I Wake

Author : Laurie Breton
Genre : Suspense

Just five days after they meet, Julie Hanrahan and Dr. Thomas Larkin exchange vows on a moonlit Caribbean beach, the whirlwind conclusion to a romance that's swept her off her feet...

If I Die Before I Wake

Author : Sherwood King
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

Laurence is a young ex-sailor who can't resist the lure of the good life, and when he finds a job as chauffeur to the wealthy Mr and Mrs Bannister, his occasional work leaves him f...

Kill Me Before I Die A Zombie Novella

Author : Amy Kidd
Genre : Horror

Amy Kidd presents five back stories detailing what happened to the people who became random bodies often seen during a zombie apocalypse.First, three friends witness th...

One Last Thing To Do Before I Die

Author : Steven Drew Goldberg
Genre : Fiction & Literature

ONE LAST THING TO DO BEFORE I DIE by Steven Drew Goldberg is a thought-provoking and comedic novel that explains why Max Wiseman, a rich and successful lawyer in Manhattan, would w...

If I Die Before I Wake

Author : Ara Burklund
Genre : Romance

Even though it’s been more than a year since her boyfriend, Reid, died, Kira Sloan can’t seem to move on with her life. So when she’s approached with an unusual offer that pr...

2do Before I Die

Author : Michael Ogden & Chris Day
Genre : Self-Improvement

What's on your list? Do you dream of writing a novel someday? or of recording an album of your own music? Would you spend a month backpacking through China if you could? Have you a...

Heaven Before I Die

Author : Michael Oliver-Goodwin
Genre : Art & Architecture

Heaven Before I Die-A Journey to the Heart of New Orleans drops you smack dab in the middle of the rockin', rollin', second-line dancin' New Orleans street celebrations...

Hope I Don T Die Before I Get Old

Author : Mary Boone Wellington & MS Tracey Bowman
Genre : Health & Fitness

Hope I Don’t Die Before I Get Old is a new look at an old problem, bringing insight, humor and a few key facts about successful aging to everyone who wakes up one day to find the...

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Author : L.W. Ferguson
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

David and Jesse Turner have been happily married for seven years when a fatal car crash takes Jesse away from David.  Jesse lies in a hospital bed, fighting for her life. ...

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Author : Sinclair B. Ferguson & K. Scott Oliphint
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

'Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.' New England Primer, 1737. Accordi...

If I Should Die Before It Wakes And Other Stories

Author : Allen Whitlock
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Surprise, humor and suspense weave through these six spell-binding stories penned by sci-fi maverick Allen Whitlock.In the novella-length "If I Should Die Before It Wakes," r...

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Author : Eileen Munro
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

In her bestselling memoir As I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Eileen Munro vividly documented the abuse she experienced at the hands of her adoptive parents and, later, within the ca...

Dear Canada If I Die Before I Wake

Author : Jean Little
Genre : Fiction

"I can hardly bear to look at Fanny. She is grey and her breath rasps and gurgles and wheezes. She has lost pounds. Her face is all hollow and a dark colour. A bluish grey. That...

If I Die Before I Wake

Author : Liz McMullen
Genre : Gay

Charlie Dempsey has recently lost her beloved grandmother and is surprised to inherit a treasured family heirloom, the necklace her great grandmother wore on the boat from Ireland ...

I Justice One Kiss Before I Die Private Eye Thriller

Author : B.A. Savage
Genre : Hard-Boiled

Blood runs cold in Central City and where Stone goes, death is around every corner.Vicious KillerWhen the news reporter Steven Hughes is viciously assaulted...

If I Should Wake Before I Die

Author : Eric B. Olsen
Genre : Horror

Terrifying Tales of Classic Horror Beginning with a last-man-on-Earth tale that ends with a surprising twist and finishing with a seductive ghost story, If I Should Wake Before I D...

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Author : Lurlene N. McDaniel
Genre : Coming of Age

Audisee eBooks with Audio combine professional narration and text highlighting to engage reluctant readers! Deanne doesn't want to spend her summer on silly debutante activities, l...

The Poetry Of Charlotte Mew

Author : Charlotte Mew
Genre : Poetry

Charlotte Mary Mew was born on 15th November, 1869 in London to professional parents - her father was responsible for the design of Hampstead Town Hall. Charlotte, one of seven ch...

Where Was I Before I Became Mortal

Author : Elizabeth St.Denny
Genre : Philosophy

This book reminds, renews and explains the phenomena of how and why we exist in this mortal condition and answers the often very silent questions:How did I get here? What am...

I Hope I Don T Die With This Haircut

Author : A SpaceyQT Creation + MJ Petrucci
Genre : Self-Improvement

A sweet little book all about revealing the beauty of your true self!...

The Last Thing I Want To Do Before I Die Is An Erotic Story

Author : Kenneth Guthrie
Genre : Erotica

Tim has three years left to live, but he’s not going quietly. With the determination of a man on the edge, he is going to hit the top thing on his to do list tonight. One beautif...

Kiss Me Before I Die

Author : Rena Marks
Genre : Paranormal

When an experiment goes wrong, Afton is sent to release the rage built up in her system by a desire-enhancing drug. Once she finds Ethan, head of the vampires, the drug kicks in. S...

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Author : Farrell Till
Genre : Paranormal

Running from tragedy in her past, romance writer Jessica Talmadge moves to Eastern Tennessee. Despite warnings from local residents of a malicious ghost that haunts it, she buys an...