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Author : James Preller
language : en
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Release Date : 2009-09-29

Download Bystander written by James Preller and has been published by Feiwel & Friends this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2009-09-29 with Juvenile Fiction categories.

Eric is the new kid in seventh grade. Griffin wants to be his friend. When you're new in town, it's hard to know who to hang out with—and who to avoid. Griffin seems cool, confident, and popular. But something isn't right about Griffin. He always seems to be in the middle of bad things. And if Griffin doesn't like you, you'd better watch your back. There might be a target on it. As Eric gets drawn deeper into Griffin's dark world, he begins to see the truth about Griffin: he's a liar, a bully, a thief. Eric wants to break away, do the right thing. But in one shocking moment, he goes from being a bystander . . . to the bully's next victim. This title has Common Core connections.

Adventures Of A Bystander

Author : Peter F. Drucker
language : en
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
Release Date : 1999-11-30

Download Adventures Of A Bystander written by Peter F. Drucker and has been published by Transaction Publishers this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 1999-11-30 with Biography & Autobiography categories.

Peter Drucker’s lively and thoughtful memoirs are now available in paperback with a new introduction by the author. He writes with wit and spirit about people he has encountered in a long and varied life, including Sigmund Freud, Henry Luce, Alfred Sloan, John L. Lewis, and Marshall McLuhan. After beginning with his childhood in Vienna during and after World War I, Drucker moves on to Europe in the 1920s and early 1930s, describing the imminent doom posed by Hitler and the Nazis. He then goes on to describe London during the 1930s, America during the New Deal era, the World War II years, and beyond. According to John Brooks of The New York Times Book Review, “Peter Drucker is at a corner cafe, delightfully regaling anyone who will listen with tales of what must be one of the more varied—and for a practitioner of such a narrow skill as that of management counseling, astonishing—of contemporary professional lives.” Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Washington Post writes, “The famous are here as well as the infamous.… All are the beneficiaries, for better or for worse, of Drucker’s unerring eye for psychological detail, his remorseless curiosity, and his imaginative sympathy.… Drucker’s book appears in a stroke to have restored the art of the memoir and of the essay.” Adventures of a Bystander reflects Drucker’s vitality, infinite curiosity, and interest in people, ideas, and the forces behind them. His book is a personal and informal account of the rich life of an independent man of letters, a life that spans eight decades and two continents. It will be of interest to scholars and professionals in the business world, historians, sociologists, and admirers of Peter Drucker.

The Bystander

Author : Petrūska Clarkson
language : en
Publisher: Wiley
Release Date : 1996-09-01

Download The Bystander written by Petrūska Clarkson and has been published by Wiley this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 1996-09-01 with Family & Relationships categories.

A bystander is someone who does not become involved when someone else needs help. This book investigates the meaning of bystanding behaviour in ordinary life as well as in counselling psychology and psychotherapeutic practice, its supervision and organization. It is about helping and not helping, giving and getting help, and some ways of thinking and acting in our increasingly complex moral world. Bystanding is seen as a major way in which people disempower themselves and others. It works at the juncture of the individual and the collective, the person and the group, the citizen and the state, the patient and the psychotherapist. This book provides an exploration of the psychological and social costs of convenience-neutrality, non-involvement or avoidance of responsibility and gives some guidelines on dealing with the difficult issues of bystanding in ourselves and others.


Author : James Preller
language : en
Release Date : 2011

Download Bystander written by James Preller and has been published by this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2011 with Bullying categories.

Thirteen-year-old Eric discovers that there are consequences to taking a stand against the bully at his new school, but although school officials are aware of the problem, Eric may be the one with a solution.


Author : Colin Westerbeck
language : en
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
Release Date : 2017-10-31

Download Bystander written by Colin Westerbeck and has been published by Laurence King Publishing this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2017-10-31 with Photography categories.

In this book, the authors explore and discuss the development of one of the most interesting and dynamic of photographic genres. Hailed as a landmark work when it was first published in 1994, Bystander is widely regarded by street photographers as the "bible" of street photography. It covers an incredible array of talent, from the unknowns of the late 19th century to the acknowledged masters of the 20th, such as Atget, Stieglitz, Strand, Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, Kertesz, Frank, Arbus, Winogrand, and Levitt to name just a few. In this new and fully revised edition, the story of street photography is brought up to date with a re-evaluation of some historical material, the inclusion of more contemporary photographers, and a discussion of the ongoing rise of digital photography.

Bully The Bullied And The Not So Innocent Bystander

Author : Barbara Coloroso
language : en
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date : 2015-05-05

Download Bully The Bullied And The Not So Innocent Bystander written by Barbara Coloroso and has been published by HarperCollins this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2015-05-05 with Family & Relationships categories.

The groundbreaking #1 national bestseller from Barbara Coloroso, one of the world's most trusted parenting educators. First published over a decade ago, The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander quickly became the definitive guide to bullying prevention and intervention, providing real solutions for a problem that affects young people all over the world. Now, in this thoroughly updated and expanded book, Coloroso helps you recognize the characteristic triad of bullying: the bully who perpetrates the harm; the bullied, who is the target (and who may become a bully); and the not-so-innocent bystanders—peers or siblings who either watch, participate in the bullying or look away, and adults who see bullying as “teasing,” not tormenting, and as “boys will be boys” or as “ girl drama,” not the predatory aggression that it is. In this book you will learn: What bullying is and what it isn’t The four ways and three means of bullying Technology resources and solutions to deal effectively with both online and offline bullying Differences and similarities between boys and girls who bully Differences between telling and tattling, reporting and ratting; teasing and taunting; flirting and sexual bullying How to read the subtle cues and clues that a young person is being bullied What not to do and what you can do to help the one who is bullied Seven steps to hold accountable and reform someone who bullies Four abilities that protect young people from succumbing to a bully Why zero-tolerance policies can equal zero thinking Why contempt, not anger, drives bullying, and how to confront this in bullies—and in our culture How young people can become a potent force as active witnesses—standing up for their peers, speaking out against cruelty and taking responsibility for what happens among themselves Drawing on her decades of work with troubled youth and her wide experience with conflict resolution and restorative justice, Barbara Coloroso offers practical and compassionate solutions and gives parents, caregivers, educators and—most of all—young people the tools to break this cycle of violence.


Author : Esther Over-Kershaw
language : en
Publisher: MBS Press
Release Date : 2012

Download Bystander written by Esther Over-Kershaw and has been published by MBS Press this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2012 with Body, Mind & Spirit categories.

Standing at the portals of time and space, the Bystander seeks to explain why we receive visits from UFO's and Aliens ... is it too late to awaken mankind? Startling and mysterious communications to a young West Australian Radio Engineer, by way of an old television set, create the Omega Circuit, a communication between Planet Earth, the 4th Dimension and Time and Space. The Bystander is the Entity in charge of the Omega Circuit. He stands at the Portals of Time and Space and his aim is to try to awaken mankind to the use and abuse of Humanity's advances and technologies before it is too late and we explode out of existence and so disrupt the Universal rhythms. The story follows reports of UFO's and ALIENS by newspaper journalists, and Editors and investigations by same, also "big business" magnates interest, Romance and Marriage and further future contact by space people.