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Creating The Future

Author : Michael Fallon
Genre : Art History

Conceived as a challenge to long-standing conventional wisdom, Creating the Future is a work of social history/cultural criticism that examines the premise that the progress of art...

The Edgar Cayce Handbook For Creating Your Future

Author : Mark Thurston, Ph.D. & Christopher Fazel
Genre : Spirituality

This remarkable handbook presents Cayce's twenty-four spiritual keys, which unlock the doors of self-understanding. They operate like formulas that teach us about the mysteries of ...

Let Her Lead Creating A Better Future For Women In The Church

Author : Brady Boyd
Genre : Christianity

Let her be her. And let her be heard. For Pastor Brady Boyd, these are the two main wishes for his young daughter and the world she'll encounter as a woman. In Let Her Lead, Boyd c...

The End Of College

Author : Kevin Carey
Genre : Education

From a renowned education writer comes a paradigm-shifting examination of the rapidly changing world of college that every parent, student, educator, and investor needs to under...

Dual Transformation

Author : Scott D. Anthony, Clark G. Gilbert & Mark W. Johnson
Genre : Management & Leadership

Game-changing disruptions will likely unfold on your watch. Be ready.In Dual Transformation, Scott Anthony, Clark Gilbert, and Mark Johnson propose a prac...

Creating A World Without Poverty

Author : Muhammad Yunus
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

In the last two decades, free markets have swept the globe. But traditional capitalism has been unable to solve problems like inequality and poverty. In Muhammad Yunus' groundbreak...

Goal Power How To Control Your Future By Creating Successful Habits In As Little As 5 Minutes A Day

Author : Casey Moran
Genre : Self-Improvement

Goal Power, through examples and exercises, takes you step by step through assessing your current life and creating successful habits in order to achieve your goals and dreams. If ...

Leading Out Loud

Author : Terry Pearce
Genre : Management & Leadership

The newest edition of the bestselling guide to authentic leadership communication Much has changed in the world since the original publication of Leading Out Loud,...

Creating Freedom

Author : Raoul Martinez
Genre : Philosophy

The ideal of freedom is at the heart of our political and economic system. It is foundational to our sense of justice, our way of life, our conception of what it is to be human....

Becoming Imaginal Seeing And Creating The Future Of Education

Author : Thomas R. Rudmik
Genre : Education

Does education need a massive overhaul? Why have so many attempts to reform education failed? Is it even possible to transform a monolithic system that seems impervious to real cha...

Creating Your Future

Author : Leslie Brown
Genre : Poetry

This little book of power is about giving back a bit of power to the people. To the individual, its kind of like a magic book or a spell book. Its written in clear and simple terms...

The Future Of You Creating Your Enduring Brand

Author : Roz Usheroff
Genre : Marketing & Sales

Forbes magazine made the statement that if you fail to manage your brand whether on-line or in the everyday real world, someone else will!But what does it mean to manag...

Creating A Sustainable And Desirable Future

Author : Robert Costanza & Ida Kubiszewski
Genre : Nature

The ever-pressing challenge for the current generation of mankind is to develop a shared vision that is both desirable to the vast majority of humanity and ecologically sustainable...

Securing Oklahoma S Energy Future Study Overview

Author : NESI-SES Association
Genre : Engineering

The National Energy Solutions Institute-Smart Energy Source Association (NESI-SES Association), a collaboration of energy industry organizations committed to further critical energ...

Creating Tomorrow S Schools Today

Author : Richard Gerver
Genre : Education

'It's time to focus on the needs of our children, not the whims of our politicians, to provide a way forward for a new landscape in education.' Is our education system ...

Celebrating The Past Creating The Future Improving Health Every Day

Author : Lisa P. Schulwolf & Halley L. Fehner
Genre : Medical

Sentara has come a long way since the Retreat for the Sick opened in 1888. From its origins as a modest haven for Norfolk’s poor, Sentara has grown into a multi-faceted health sy...

Creating The Health Care Team Of The Future

Author : Sioban Nelson
Genre : Medical

One way to significantly improve the delivery of health care is to teach the health professionals who provide care to work together, to communicate with each other across professio...

Creating A Better Environment And Future

Author : Slogan
Genre : Marketing & Sales

You have had immense experience of working in the corporate sector. Briefly walk us through your career path before you assumed your current position at PSO. Before taking up the p...

The Student S Advantage Your Guide To Getting The Most Out Of School And Creating A Fabulous Future

Author : TheMotivators & Wyne Ince
Genre : Education

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” ~ Robert Frost 
Background I do no...

Creating A Real Wealth Economy From Phantom Wealth To A Wiser Future For All Humanity

Author : Finley Eversole
Genre : Business & Personal Finance

This is the book I wish could have been in the hands of Occupy Wall Street activists in the fall of 2011. --From the Introduction REAL WEALTH as defined here: "...

Creating The Future Of The Church

Author : Keith Elford
Genre : Christianity

What are the conditions that allow organizations and those within them to thrive? What happens when those conditions are applied to the Church? Deeply aware that more could be done...

Focalizing Dynamic Links A Human Technology For Collectively Engaging Source Energy Creating A Better Future

Author : Michael Picucci
Genre : Management & Leadership

It is clear we are in the middle of a crisis and that at the same time there are good possibilities available to us. The evolution of humanity is at a turning point. The perceived ...

Creating New Futures In Nursing Education Envisioning The Evolution Of E Nursing Education Creating New Futures

Author : Nursing Education Perspectives
Genre : Education

ABSTRACT This article discusses the explosion of technology and its impact on nursing education in the face of a nurse educator shortage. An attempt is made to answer the following...

Love And The Soul

Author : Robert Sardello & Robert Simmons
Genre : Psychology

With economies in peril, war in the Middle East, genocides, global warming, and a host of other grim phenomena, the world has never seemed so besieged. The solution, says Robert Sa...

Blueprint For Action

Author : Thomas P.M. Barnett
Genre : Military

The Pentagon's New Map was one of the most talked-about books of the year - a fundamental reexamination of war and peace in the post-9/11 world that provided a compelling vi...

There Is No Time Like The Present To Create Your Future

Author : Chineme Noke
Genre : Self-Improvement

In "There Is No Time Like the Present to Create Your Future", Chineme Noke helps people to overcome the very real problems they face which can overwhelm and rob them of the...

Summary How Digital Is Your Business Adrian Slywotzky And David Morrison

Author : BusinessNews Publishing
Genre : Business & Personal Finance

Complete summary of Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison's book: "How Digital Is Your Business?: Creating the Company of the Future".This summary of the ideas fro...

The Student S Advantage Your Guide To Getting The Most Out Of School And Creating A Fabulous Future

Author : TheMotivators & Wyne Ince
Genre : Education

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” ~ Robert Frost 
Background I do no...

Creating Marketing Magic And Innovative Future Marketing Trends

Author : Maximilian Stieler
Genre : Industries & Professions

This volume includes the full proceedings from the 2016 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference held in Orlando, Florida, entitled Creating Marketing Magic and...

Towards A Fail Safe Air Force Culture Creating A Resilient Future While Avoiding Past Mistakes Rewards And Punishment Zero Defects Culture Preventing Incidents Tragedies And Failures

Author : David N. Spires
Genre : Military

This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. The inadvertent transportation of nuclear cruise missile warheads on a...

Creating Heaven On Earth Taking Small Steps In The Right Direction The Future Of Western Civilization Series 1

Author : Nicholas Beecroft
Genre : Self-Improvement

Martin Rutte is interviewed by Psychiatrist Dr Nicholas Beecroft about his Project Heaven on Earth. Martin’s present passion is Project Heaven on Earth which is a really simple b...

Creating My Future Today

Author : Gileade Borges
Genre : Christianity

In this book, Gileade Borges, brings simple and concrete steps that we can use every day to change our direction for the future. The author applies biblical truth that when put int...

Creating America S Future

Author : James T. Ziegenfuss, Jr.
Genre : Politics & Current Events

American citizens assume that the future for this country will be a future much like the past-beautiful in many respects. This optimistic view is now countered by those who see a c...

The Student S Advantage Your Guide To Getting The Most Out Of School And Creating A Fabulous Future

Author : Wyne Ince
Genre : Family & Relationships

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” ~ Robert Frost 
Background I do no...

On Their Own

Author : Anne Ford, John-Richard Thompson & Sally Shaywitz
Genre : Family & Relationships

An indispensable guide to the special challenges faced by parents of learning-disabled children as they enter adulthood, by the author of Laughing Allegra, a leading activist and p...

Upgrading Your Future

Author : Tesia Melani
Genre : Spirituality

What do you get when a billionaire from Japan let’s you house-sit for him in Hawaii for seven years? You make the most of a once in a lifetime opportunity and pay it forward. In ...

Creating Unequal Futures

Author : Ruth Fincher & Peter Saunders
Genre : Social Science

This is an important and powerful book because of the rigour of the analysis, the good sense of the innovative strategies for action by government, business and civil society, and ...

Creating Better Futures

Author : James A. Ogilvy
Genre : Public Administration

As a founder and managing director of Global Business Network, James Ogilvy helped develop the technique of scenario planning, which has become an integral part of strategic thinki...

Creating Food Futures

Author : Janice Jiggins & Cathy Rozel Farnworth
Genre : Economics

A global transformation in food supply and consumption is placing our food security at risk. What changes need to be made to the ways we trade, process and purchase our food if eve...

Ordaining Reality Made Easy

Author : Joseph E. Donlan
Genre : Psychology

Many people believe in the Power of Positive Thinking, but no one has succeeded in credibly explaining how mere thoughts can tangibly influence future occurrences. To explain the c...

Becoming A Practical Mystic

Author : Jacquelyn Small
Genre : Self-Improvement

Jacquelyn Small shares inspiring stories and specific daily practices for co-creating our personal spiritual destiny. Through such practical techniques as "The Magical Work of Focu...

Creating Tomorrow S Schools Today

Author : Richard Gerver
Genre : Education

Education is the platform for our success or failure, but is our system still fit for purpose? Will our children be equipped to face the challenges the future holds: the rapidly ch...

The Stability Of Islamic Finance

Author : Hossein Askari, Zamir Iqbal, Noureddine Krichenne & Abbas Mirakhor
Genre : Business & Personal Finance

The Stability of Islamic Finance main focus is on the question of the sources of financial instability which seems inherent in the conventional system. As a core component o...

Future Words

Author : Roz Townsend
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines

This book gives a great insight into the words we use and the language we need in the world to bring a greater level of peace on the planet with everyone included. Roz ...

The Future Of Competition

Author : C. K. Prahalad & Venkat Ramaswamy
Genre : Business & Personal Finance

In this visionary book, C. K. Prahalad and Venkat Ramaswamy explore why, despite unbounded opportunities for innovation, companies still can't satisfy customers and sustain profita...

Solution Focused Brief Therapy With The Lgbt Community

Author : Rebekka Ouer
Genre : Psychology

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with the LGBT Community is a practical guide for mental health professionals who wish to increase their therapeutic skills and work more effectively ...

Assessing What Really Matters In Schools

Author : Ronald J. Newell & Mark J. Van Ryzin
Genre : Education

Since the 1960s, efforts to reform education--including various curricular changes, reading approaches, teacher preparation, money for the disadvantaged, and different instructiona...

Community Capacity Building

Author : Collective
Genre : Economics

Community capacity building (CCB) is a fairly new term for an age-old good: enabling people to define their own destinies. This book presents and analyses some of the most interest...

Destiny In The Palm Of Your Hand

Author : Ghanshyam Singh Birla & David Frawley
Genre : Spirituality

Use the ancient Indian art of Vedic palmistry as a guide to self-understanding and the creation of your destiny. • Learn to influence your future to bring forth the b...

Leveraging Ebooks In The Digital Era

Author : Noah Daniels
Genre : Self-Improvement

With the use of traditional books on the decline and the sales of digital content skyrocketing more and more each year, it is quite apparent that eBooks are the way of the fu...