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Cultural Capital

Author : Robert Hewison
Genre : Art History

Britain began the twenty-first century convinced of its creativity. Throughout the New Labour era, the visual and performing arts, museums and galleries, were ceaselessly promoted ...

Cultural Capital

Author : John Guillory
Genre : Literary Criticism

John Guillory challenges the most fundamental premises of the canon debate by resituating the problem of canon formation in an entirely new theoretical framework. The result is a b...

The Cultural Lives Of Capital Punishment

Author : Austin Sarat
Genre : Social Science

How does the way we think and feel about the world around us affect the existence and administration of the death penalty? What role does capital punishment play in defining our p...

Capital Cultural Escuela Y Espacio Social

Author : Pierre Bourdieu
Genre : Social Science

A diferencia del capital económico, es igualmente cierto que el capital cultural puede también adquirirse en la escuela y en las instituciones de educación superior....

Cultural Capital Social Capital And Educational Inequality Issues In Education Report

Author : Childhood Education
Genre : Education

"The standards of the school are not neutral; their requests for parental involvement may be laden with the social and cultural experiences of intellectual and economic elites." (L...

Recent Shakespeare Adaptation And The Mutations Of Cultural Capital Forum After Shakespeare On Film Essay

Author : Douglas Lanier
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines

LIKE ECONOMIC CAPITAL in the age of globalization, Shakespearean cultural capital in the age of mass media is restless. Pierre Bourdieu's original conception of cultural capital te...

Social Capital Cultural Capital Growth Aspirations And Firm Growth

Author : Iliyan Mitev
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

This paper provides an extensive review of the literature on the topics of social capital, cultural capital, growth aspirations, and realized firm growth. A total of 83 articles we...

Cultural Capital Identity And Social Mobility

Author : Mick Matthys
Genre : Sociology

This qualitative study explores the meaning of working-class origin in the life and career of university graduates. Social transition from a working-class background to a middle-cl...

Building On The Cultural And Linguistic Capital Of English Learner El Students Promising Practices Report

Author : Multicultural Education
Genre : Education

Introduction Currently, public schools in the U.S. are experiencing dramatic increases in the number of English learner (EL) students they serve. According to the National Cente...

Anti Capital Human Social And Cultural

Author : Jacek Tittenbrun
Genre : Sociology

The notion of capital has enjoyed a rich career in the social sciences, its use across a range of subjects and in diverse academic and professional contexts having served to establ...

Children S Cultural Capital And Teachers Assessments Of Effort And Ability The Influence Of School Sector

Author : Catholic Education
Genre : Education

Bourdieu (1973) theorized that differences in social background correspond to differences in possession of cultural resources (cultural capital), as well as the orientation to thos...

Religiosity Cultural Capital And Parochial Schooling

Author : Chang-Ho C Ji
Genre : Education

This book examines whether or not and how personal religion associates with school cultural capital. Specifically, on one level, the book offers insights and empirical data on who ...

The Cultural Capital Of Asian American Studies

Author : Mark Chiang
Genre : Social Science

Originating in the 1968 student-led strike at San Francisco State University, Asian American Studies was founded as a result of student and community protests that sought to make e...

Religious Participation As Cultural Capital Development Sector Differences In Chicago S Jewish Schools

Author : Catholic Education
Genre : Education

This paper uses the case of Jewish schools in Chicago to explore the role of religious schools in the development of cultural capital among youth. The authors focus on three sector...

The Two Year College Honors Program And The Forbidden Topics Of Class And Cultural Capital Forum On Social Class And Honors Viewpoint Essay

Author : Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council
Genre : Education

From my position as honors director at a two-year college in rural Florida, in the citrus and cow-hunter country south of I-4 and north of Okeechobee, Norm Weiner's positing of hon...

Cultural Capital And Black Education

Author : V.P. Franklin
Genre : Education

A discussion of the contributions made by African Americans to public and private black schools in the USA in the 19th and 20th centuries. It suggests that cultural capital from Af...

Cultural Capitals

Author : Louise Johnson
Genre : Social Science

This is a book about the power of the arts to enhance city images, urban economies and communities. Anchored in academic discussion of the Cultural Industries - what they are, how ...

Walking Washington D C

Author : Barbara J. Saffir
Genre : United States

Washington D.C. is every American's home away from home. Since DC is a compact city with great public transportation, it's easy to explore both its high-profile side - its magnific...

The Cultural Politics Of Europe

Author : Kiran Klaus Patel
Genre : Politics & Current Events

Culture is one of the most complex and contested fields of European integration. This book analyzes EU cultural politics since their emergence in the 1980s with a particular focus ...

Executing Freedom

Author : Daniel Lachance
Genre : History

In the mid-1990s, as public trust in big government was near an all-time low, 80% of Americans told Gallup that they supported the death penalty. Why did people who didn’t trust ...

Orienting Istanbul

Author : Deniz Göktürk, Levent Soysal & Ipek Tureli
Genre : Earth Sciences

Looking at the globalization, urban regeneration, arts events and cultural spectacles, this book considers a city not until now included in the global city debate....

Rewriting White

Author : Todd Vogel
Genre : Literary Criticism

What did it mean for people of color in nineteenth-century America to speak or write "white"? More specifically, how many and what kinds of meaning could such "white" writing carry...

Shakespeare In Children S Literature

Author : Erica Hateley
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Shakespeare in Children’s Literature looks at the genre of Shakespeare-for-children, considering both adaptations of his plays and children’s novels in which he appea...

Snorri Sturluson And The Edda

Author : Kevin J. Wanner
Genre : History

Why would Snorri Sturluson (c. 1179-1241), the most powerful and rapacious Icelander of his generation, dedicate so much time and effort to producing the Edda, a text that is widel...

Bourdieu En La Periferia

Author : Mabel Moraña
Genre : Social Science

El presente libro analiza el diálogo que se establece entre la crítica cultural latinoamericana y las ideas del sociólogo francés Pierre Bourdieu, particularmente sus conceptos...