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Far From The Tree

Author : Andrew Solomon
language : en
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 2014-09-16

Download Far From The Tree written by Andrew Solomon and has been published by Simon and Schuster this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2014-09-16 with Family & Relationships categories.

The National Book Award-winning author of The Noonday Demon explores the consequences of extreme personal differences between parents and children, describing his own experiences as a gay child of straight parents while evaluating the circumstances of people affected by physical, developmental or cultural factors that divide families. 150,000 first printing.

Far From The Tree

Author : Robin Benway
language : en
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 2017-11-09

Download Far From The Tree written by Robin Benway and has been published by Simon and Schuster this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2017-11-09 with Juvenile Fiction categories.

WINNER OF THE U.S. NATIONAL BOOK AWARD 2017 FOR YOUNG PEOPLE'S LITERATURE! 'Sometimes, family hurts each other. But after that’s done you bandage each other up, and you move on. Together. So you can go and think that you’re some lone wolf, but you’re not. You’ve got us now, like it or not, and we’ve got you.' When 16 year-old Grace gives up her baby for adoption, she decides that the time has come to find out more about her own biological mother. Although her biological mum proves elusive, her search leads her to two half-siblings she never knew existed. Maya, 15, has been adopted by wealthy parents and seems to have the picture-perfect family – that is, if you look past her alcoholic mother and the fact that Maya stands out like a sore thumb. Older brother Joaquin hasn’t been so lucky. At 18, he’s shuffled between foster home after foster home, always careful never to get attached to anyone or anything, because it always gets taken away. When these three siblings come together, they find in themselves the place they can belong, while the secrets they guard threaten to explode... For fans of John Green, Rainbow Rowell and Nicola Yoon, Far From the Tree is a raw, compelling, and ultimately uplifting story of what it means to be family. 'Benway’s unforgettable novel explores the paradoxes and entanglements of unconventional families … It’s a melodrama, to be sure, but with as much brain as heart. Benway writes with remarkable control and has the rare talent of almost vanishing as an author as she inhabits each character’s perspective.' The New York Times 'Family issues are neither airbrushed nor oversimplified... From the first page to the last, this compassionate, funny, moving, compulsively readable novel about what makes a family gets it right.' Kirkus Reviews 'Equally heartwarming and heart-wrenching... Benway delves into the souls of these characters as they wrestle to overcome feelings of inadequacy, abandonment, and betrayal, gradually coming to understand themselves and each other.' Publishers Weekly 'Far from the Tree is the kind of book that strikes close to a reader’s heart. I had to know what happened to Grace, Maya, and Joaquin, and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Beautiful.' Ally Condie, author of The Matched Trilogy 'Far From the Tree is a touching story about the strength and love of unconventional families, and the unbreakable bond of siblings near and far. Robin Benway’s characters are authentically crafted, full of heart, hurt, and hope.' Brandy Colbert, author of Pointe and Little & Lion ‘In the eloquent confidence of its life-embracing argument, the book really is something special’ The Wall Street Journal Praise for Emmy & Oliver: 'Robin Benway writes with her full heart. Emmy & Oliver is a genuinely sweet and funny novel bursting with the inextinguishable forces of love-between parents and children, distant and inseparable friends, new and reunited lovers.' Stephanie Perkins, New York Times bestselling author of Isla and the Happily Ever After 'Emmy & Oliver is wonderful. Funny, heartbreaking, and true. Robin Benway has written characters I felt like I'd known forever, and was so sad to see go. A must-read.' Morgan Matson, author of Since You've Been Gone

April May June

Author : Robin Benway
language : fr
Publisher: Nathan
Release Date : 2012-06-14

Download April May June written by Robin Benway and has been published by Nathan this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2012-06-14 with Juvenile Fiction categories.

3 soeurs, 3 secrets, 3 pouvoirs... C'est arrivé le lendemain de la rentrée. Alors que la journée s'annonce tout à fait ordinaire, April découvre qu'elle peut prédire l'avenir. Le même jour, sa soeur May connaît un soudain accès d'invisibilité, qui semble se déclencher à la moindre émotion. Et enfin, June, leur benjamine, parvient à lire dans les pensées de tous ceux qui l'entourent ! Génial, non ? Et bien non. Prévoir les catastrophes sans pouvoir les éviter, draguer un mec avec un corps qui disparaît à moitié et connaître les pensées pas toujours reluisantes de ses copines, voilà qui vous décourage d'avoir des superpouvoirs ! Et si le véritable pouvoir de ces trois soeurs-là était le lien qui les unit ?

Far From The Tree

Author : Donna Grant
language : en
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date : 2010-04-01

Download Far From The Tree written by Donna Grant and has been published by St. Martin's Press this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2010-04-01 with Fiction categories.

Celeste English and Ronnie Frazier are sisters, but they couldn't be more different. Celeste is a doctor's wife, living a perfect and elegant life. But secretly, she is terrified: her marriage is falling apart and her need to control the people around her threatens to alienate her entire family. And Celeste allows no one to see how vulnerable she really is. Ronnie is an actress, living in New York. Her life, however, is a lie: she has no money, has no home, and her life is held together by "chewing gum, paper clips, and spit," though she wants everyone to think that her life is one of high glamour and budding fame. When their father dies, the sisters inherit a house in Prosper, North Carolina. Their mother, Della, is adamant that they forget about going there and dredging up the past. Because Della has secrets she'd rather not see come to light-secrets and heartbreak she's kept from everyone for years. Neither Ronnie, Celeste, nor Della realize just what their trip to Prosper will uncover and they must discover for themselves who they really are, who they really love, and what the future holds for them. Far From The Tree is a novel that asks the questions: can the past ever truly remain hidden? Can mothers and daughters put aside their usual roles long enough to get to really know each other? Long enough to see they each have felt the love, loss, heartache and joy that they share as women. And can two strangers realize that they are, and always will be, sisters?

Not Far From The Tree

Author : Eric O. Simmons
language : en
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date : 2017-03-07

Download Not Far From The Tree written by Eric O. Simmons and has been published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2017-03-07 with categories.

Inspired by "seeds of knowledge" implanted in him by his single Mother, Eric Otis Simmons went on to accomplish some incredible things in life - despite seemingly impossible odds. Simmons takes the reader through his genealogical research to learn more about himself, to when his Mom was assaulted at gunpoint, to walking on and making Auburn University's basketball team at 5'7", 147 pounds, to the time he closed a $25 million sale in Hong Kong and more. In between, he masterfully ties together what his Mother taught him and how he turned those valuable lessons into success in his various Sales/Sales Management roles with Fortune 500 employers AT&T, GE, IBM, and MCI. "If you love inspiration, heartfelt stories, and laughter, this book is right up your alley." Michael McCree (Author - "GameChanger: The Baseball Parent's Ultimate Guide")

Anna Et Le French Kiss

Author : Stephanie Perkins
language : fr
Publisher: De la Martinière jeunesse
Release Date : 2014-02-25T00:00:00+01:00

Download Anna Et Le French Kiss written by Stephanie Perkins and has been published by De la Martinière jeunesse this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2014-02-25T00:00:00+01:00 with Juvenile Fiction categories.

Anna avait prévu de passer son année de terminale chez elle, à Atlanta, avec ses copines, son récent petit copain et son job au cinéma d'art et essai de la ville. Mais ses parents ont décidé qu'elle devait voyager et l'ont envoyée pour un an au lycée américain de Paris.Fraîchement débarquée en France, Anna, réservée, maladroite et ne parlant pas un mot de français, se sent complètement perdue. Et quand elle tombe sous le charme d'Étienne, un jeune franco-anglais totalement craquant, c'est la panique... D'autant plus que celui-ci a déjà une petite amie.Un instant tentée de se replier sur elle-même, Anna ne pourra rester longtemps insensible à la vie autour d'elle. Sa gourmandise, sa curiosité et sa générosité l'emportant sur sa timidité, elle devra faire face au bel Étienne, quels que soient les sentiments que ce dernier éprouve pour elle..."Stephanie perkins n'a pas son pareil pour décrire la valse des émotions." Publisher weekly"Un délicieux roman avec des personnages plein d'esprit." School Library Journal

Days At The Arcade Playing Far From The Tree

Author : Anthony Green Jr.
language : en
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Release Date : 2016-03-09

Download Days At The Arcade Playing Far From The Tree written by Anthony Green Jr. and has been published by Xlibris Corporation this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2016-03-09 with Poetry categories.

A cohesive collection of poems that blend the unanswered questions of how things such as finding love, addiction to vice and need of success plagues our everyday lives. The "Arcade" represents ones mindstate while striving for the things we lust for. The "Tree" represents a dream, standard or goal. These poems explore the actions and habits that keeps us in the same place for "days"(far from the tree). Deeply influenced by paintings, these poems were written in a way that puts you in the hallways of the gallery. In a gallery where everything hanging on the wall serves as a mirror.