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Forest Creatures

Author : Snapshot Picture Library
Genre : Animals

Forests are full of fascinating animals! Accompanied by a read-along audio track, more than 70 colorful photos bring forest dwellers, like crafty raccoons and curious hedgehogs, to...

The Creature In The Forest

Author : Rem Oscuro
Genre : Paranormal

As the sun sets, the forest changes, other creatures wake and humans hurry home - but when they feel shivers down their spines, people run home. Beth feared for her niece because s...

The Creature In The Forest

Author : Don Keown
Genre : Education

What is scaring away the campers at Chimney Rock State Forest? Some people say a big creature lives in the forest, but Scoop and Jake are going to find out for themselves....

Mythical Creatures Of The Forest

Author : Adam Oakley
Genre : Short Stories

There are many creatures in the forest that people think are only myths. People think that there is no such thing as a Pikaloo, or a Piggen, or an Earthman or a Resurrector or a He...

Creatures Of The Rain Forest

Author : Matthew Rake
Genre : Animals

Track down the ten most awe-inspiring animals in the rain forests of the world. Step away from those jaws, claws, and muscles, because here you'll find:  ? the lar...

The Forest Creatures

Author : Adam Mortimer
Genre : Short Stories

Sarah And jonnie go on a journey into a magical forest.the forest holds magical characters from a big duck and a giant.they encounter a giant in the forest and try to f...

Forest Life And Woodland Creatures

Author : DK
Genre : Animals

With Forest Life and Woodland Creatures, kids can meet all the cuddly creatures and amazing sights found in the woods.From bunnies to bears to badgers, th...

Learn To Draw Forest Animals

Author : Robbin Cuddy
Genre : Arts & Entertainment

Perfect for young artists-in-training, Learn to Draw Forest Animals offers a comprehensive drawing experience than includes step-by-step lessons, as well as full-color photographs,...

The Story Of The Black Forest Creature

Author : Ruby Shoenfelt
Genre : Fiction

Once upon a time, in the forest of Gravely Valley, which is surrounded by mountains, a fog comes rolling in from the wooden range. Rumors of strange things happened in this valley...

The Squire Detectives

Author : Jacob Kimble
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

They are squires-in-training in their village, faithfully attending to their daily duties when alarming news of people mysteriously disappearing from nearby villages reaches their ...

The Creature In The Forest

Author : Stefan McKinnis
Genre : Erotica

Olivia felt uneasy staying at her uncle’s huge castle in England. He was always good to her, but those warnings to seal the windows and not listen to the sounds in the dense fore...