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Free Four

Author : Veronica Roth
Genre : Sci-Fi

#1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth retells a pivotal Divergent scene (chapter 13) from Tobias's point of view. This thirteen-page scene reveals unknown facts and fa...

Iphone User Guide For Ios 8 4

Author : Apple Inc.
Genre : Computers

Here's everything you need to know about iPhone, in a handy digital format. Get to know iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It's the d...

Ipad User Guide For Ios 8 4

Author : Apple Inc.
Genre : Computers

Here's everything you need to know about iPad, in a handy digital format. Get to know iPad and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It's the defin...

The Wedding Gift

Author : Lucy Kevin & Bella Andre
Genre : Contemporary

"I loved this book. It reminded me of Nora Roberts' wedding series." — 5 star review for The Wedding Gift  Lucy Kevin is the "sweet" pen-name of New York Times a...

Ipod Touch User Guide For Ios 8 4

Author : Apple Inc.
Genre : Computers

Here's everything you need to know about iPod touch, in a handy digital format. Get to know iPod touch and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It'...

The Sign Of The Four

Author : Arthur Conan Doyle
Genre : Fiction

The great Sherlock Holmes returns in "The Sign of the Four". The drama begins when a woman arrives on Holmes's doorstep asking for his help finding an anonymous person who has been...

4 Week Bodyweight Home Workout

Author : Arnel Ricafranca & Jesse Vince-Cruz
Genre : Health & Fitness

4-Week Bodyweight Home Workout is the first workout program of Workout Series. This fitness book consists of 12 full body workouts with detailed photos and steps of each and every...

2011 Children Action Comics Special

Author : Twinkie Artcat
Genre : Graphic Novels

2011 Children Action Comics Special is a collection of 32 600x800 pixels action comics strips for children and people of all ages. No words, just sound effect, action and reaction ...

Gulliver S Travels

Author : Jonathan Swift
Genre : Classics

The masterwork from writer-satirist Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels tells the story of wandering adventurer Lemuel Gulliver and the fantastical countries he visits on h...

Seasons Of The Moon Series Books 1 4 Six Moon Summer All Hallows Moon Long Night Moon And Gray Moon Rising

Author : SM Reine
Genre : Contemporary

When Rylie went to summer camp, she didn't expect to get bitten by a werewolf and turn into a monster. She also didn't expect to fall in love--especially not with a werewolf hunter...

The Works Of Edgar Allan Poe Volume 4

Author : Edgar Allan Poe
Genre : Horror

This is the fourth of 5 volumes containing Poe's works, contains 22 of his short stories....

Harlequin Holiday Collection Four Classic Seasonal Novellas

Author : Leslie Kelly, Merline Lovelace, Debra Webb & Marta Perry
Genre : Contemporary

Harlequin Holiday Collection: Four Classic Seasonal NovellasA struggling B&B owner scrambles to hide the dead body wrapped in her Christmas tree from a visiting cam...

Dog Days

Author : Jeff Kinney
Genre : Fiction

It's summer vacation, the weather's great, and all the kids are having fun outside. So where's Greg Heffley? Inside his house, playing video games with the shades drawn....

Hot Apps 4 Hots

Author : Lisa Johnson & Yolanda Barker
Genre : Computers & Technology

In this interactive resource, readers will cycle through 9 stations focusing on each level of Bloom's Taxonomy (from remembering to creating). Each station will include an apptivit...

The Four Noble Truths

Author : Ajahn Sumedho
Genre : Buddhism

A small booklet of edited talks given by Ajahn Sumedho on the central teaching of the Buddha: that the unhappiness of humanity can be overcome through spiritual means....

Short Stories For Kids 4

Author : Sree Shakkottai
Genre : Classics

This book is part 4 of the series "Fables from the past". The series intends to have fables chosen from all around the world.  This book has 5 such fables b...

Four And A Half Shades Of Fantasy

Author : W.J. May
Genre : Paranormal

Four (and a half) Fantasy/Romance first Books from five different series! From best-selling author, W.J. May comes an anthology of five great fantasy, paranormal and ro...

What The Fox Learnt

Author : Ripple Digital Publishing
Genre : Animals

Four fox tales from Aesop's fables presented with modern illustrations: The Fox and the Crow, The Fox and the Goat, The Fox and the Grapes and The Fox and the Cat. These are short ...

Gray Moon Rising

Author : SM Reine
Genre : Paranormal

It’s been almost a year since Rylie Gresham was bitten by a werewolf on Gray Mountain. Now something is beckoning her back to the place she was attacked, along with every other w...

Short Fuses Four Short Stories

Author : Stephen Leather
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

Four short stories from bestselling author Stephen Leather, plus opening chapters of six of his bestselling thrillers.The short stories are: Breaking In (where a burgla...

4 Truths That Can Change Your Life

Author : Wolfgang Riebe
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Does life sometimes get you down? Do you find that you question the purpose of life? Here is an adjusted transcript of a video course on 4 Life truths offered by Mind Shift Master,...

More Short Fuses Four Free Short Stories

Author : Stephen Leather
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

Four free short stories from bestselling author Stephen Leather, plus opening chapters of five of his bestselling thrillers.The short stories are: Rules of Engagement (...

America S Army 4 Escalation

Author : M. Zachary Sherman, Scott R. Brooks, J Brown & Marshall Dillion
Genre : Graphic Novels

Deployed at the Czervenian border on Palisav Island, Captain Carl Reed and his Quick Reaction Force face off against deadly Red Coin fighters to defend the Forward Operating Base.&...

Stranger In Town

Author : Cheryl Bradshaw
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

Shamus Award Finalist for best mystery novel.From New York Times and USA Today best selling mystery author Cheryl Bradshaw ... Stranger in Town, Book 4...

Can I Know God S Will

Author : R. C. Sproul
Genre : Christianity

As human beings, we long to know that our lives will unfold in ways that we will find pleasant and rewarding. As Christians, we have a different focus—we want our lives to be ple...

Batman Endgame Special Edition 2015 1

Author : James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo & Tony S. Daniel
Genre : Graphic Novels

Batman Day is here! Celebrate the Dark Knight with BATMAN: ENDGAME SPECIAL EDITION #1! In this special edition issue, the Joker returns to Gotham City with a new mindset. After yea...

Maya Filippo Show Aloha

Author : Alinka Rutkowska & Konrad Checinski
Genre : Culture, Places & People

"An engaging book to entertain and educate young readers about the Hawaiian lifestyle and culture." - 5 stars from Readers' Favorite Have you ever been to Hawaii? Let M...

A Taste Of Romance Four Original Harlequin Novellas

Author : Michele Hauf, Tara Taylor Quinn, Debbi Rawlins & Jennifer Morey
Genre : Romance

A Romance for Every Mood! Discover four ways to fall in love with these four original novellas…A white witch and a soul reaper battle for each other's hearts. A hot c...

Lessons From The Lion The Ox And Their Little Friends

Author : Ripple Digital Publishing
Genre : Animals

Four fables from Aesop's fables presented with modern illustrations: The Lion and the Mouse, The Four Oxen and the Lion, The Ant and the Grasshopper and The Frog and the Ox. These ...

False Truth 1 4

Author : Diane Capri & Beth Dexter
Genre : Women Sleuths

LIMITED TIME ONLY! FOUR BESTSELLERS! GREAT VALUE! The exciting new series from New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author DIANE CAPRI and veteran T...

History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire

Author : Edward Gibbon
Genre : Ancient

They had become weak, outsourcing their duties to defend their Empire to barbarian mercenaries, who then became so numerous and ingrained that they were able to take over...

Thirty Four And A Half Predicaments Bonus Chapters

Author : Denise Grover Swank
Genre : Women Sleuths

Rose Gardner Mystery Bonus chapters posted on the Denise Grover Swank website for newsletter subscribers the summer of 2015. **** DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ UP TO THIRT...

Garageband 11 Tips 1

Author : macProVideo, Richard Lainhart, G. W. Childs IV & Mike Watkinson
Genre : Digital Media

Welcome to The MPVHub Free Tips series! In this eBook, industry pro experts from share tips on getting the most out of Apple’s GarageBand application. We’ve tho...

Empire In Her Name Book 4

Author : Michael R. Hicks
Genre : Science Fiction

Empire is the first book of the In Her Name: Redemption trilogy, and is the coming-of-age story of Reza Gard, a young boy of the Human Confederation who is swept up in the century-...

Four Short And Scary Tales

Author : C.G. Miller
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Four Short And Scary Tales is a small collection of scary, yet very short stories that were written during my first two years of college. They're terrifying, ambitious, and just ma...

True Ghost Stories

Author : Steven Hager
Genre : Spirituality

In 1981, I was a reporter for the New York Daily News, when I investigated three haunted houses. The most compelling case came from Dr. Karlis Osis, a well-known researcher who fre...

Best Awesome Jokes 4 Kids

Author : Peter Crumpton
Genre : Children's Nonfiction

These are the Best Awesome Jokes of all time! With added push and play laughter!...

Kingdom Collection Books 1 3

Author : Marie Hall
Genre : Paranormal

Her Mad Hatter:Alice is all grown up. Running the Mad Hatter's Cupcakery and Tea Shoppe is a delicious job, until fate--and a fairy godmother with a weakness for bad bo...

Omnioutliner 4 5 3 For Mac User Manual

Author : The Omni Group
Genre : Computers

OmniOutliner 4 is an amazingly flexible yet lightweight program for creating, collecting, and organizing information. Use OmniOutliner's document structure to brainstorm new ideas,...

Merry Christmas Cute Christmas Stories For Kids Ages 4 8

Author : Uncle Amon
Genre : Christmas & Advent

Merry Christmas! Your child will enjoy this cute Christmas book full of fun stories and Christmas jokes. This is an excellent read for early and beginning readers with big and brig...

Henry Iv Part 1

Author : William Shakespeare
Genre : Theater

The crown weighs heavily on King Henry IV. Relations are poor with the Welsh and the Scottish. His former allies from Northumberland, who helped him seize the throne, are revolting...

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Part 4

Author : Mark Twain
Genre : Fiction & Literature

The next day is Sunday. After breakfast, Tom goes upstairs to practice memorizing his Bible verses. Even with Mary helping him, Tom has trouble remembering. Finally, Tom gets the v...

Whispers Of The Damned

Author : Jamie Magee
Genre : New Adult

After a tragically haunting night out with her friends Charlie Myers knew that part of her was stolen. She was missing memories. Those memories were sacred. They held the key to he...

The Naturals Season 1 Episodes 1 4

Author : Melody Carlson, Robin Parrish, Aaron Patterson & K.C. Neal
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The 'Naturals Season One: "Awakening" A small town full of secrets. A coming darkness. Teenagers with supernatural abilities. Think you know the story?...

Alice In Wonderland Collection All Four Books Alice In Wonderland Alice Through The Looking Glass Hunting Of The Snark And Alice Underground

Author : Lewis Carroll
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.”― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland books have delighted readers ac...

Easy Hat Scarf And Neck Warmer Crochet Patterns In 4 Sizes Baby To Teen Adult

Author : Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies

Pattern to crochet a hat, scarf and neck warmer. Instructions are for four sizes: baby (only the hat), toddler, teenager and adult. A basic knowledge of crochet is requ...

Startup Best Practices

Author : Cees J. Quirijns
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Startup Best Practices contains in-depth conversations with Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs who share a wealth of business experience and lessons learned that help newbi...

Slave Narratives A Folk History Of Slavery In The United States From Interviews With Former Slaves Arkansas Narratives Part 4

Author : Work Projects Administration
Genre : Social Science

These harrowing accounts and interviews give a painful, realistic view of the atrocity of slavery and the impact it had on the United States; the first volume of this work, this fo...

The Four Holy Gospels Sample

Author : Crossway
Genre : Bibles

The Four Holy Gospels is an exquisitely designed edition of the four canonical Gospels in the English Standard Version, (ESV) Bible. It is published in commemoration of...

Henry Iv Part 2

Author : William Shakespeare
Genre : Classics

With Hotspur dead, the King's army had effectively crushed the rebellion. As the kingdom moves back toward stability, Prince Hal drifts back into hanging out with low company, emba...