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Hard Luck

Author : Jeff Kinney
Genre : Fiction

Greg Heffley's on a losing streak. His best friend, Rowley Jefferson, has ditched him, and finding new friends in middle school is proving to be a tough task. To change his fortune...

Hard Luck

Author : Chloe Grey
Genre : Action & Adventure

Her Number's Come Up, and Now She Has To Choose. Swearing and Sexual Content. Serial Romance. Cliffhanger. For 18+ readers.After being dumped by her boyfriend on a...

Hard Luck

Author : James Farner
Genre : Historical

“What possible way did he have back now?”Far away from home in New York City, Catherine Urwin lives a life of servants, idle chatter, and submissiveness to her wick...

Hard Luck

Author : Steve Springer, Blake Chavez & George Foreman
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

The story of boxing legend Jerry Quarry has it all: rags to riches, thrilling fights against the giants of the Golden Age of Heavyweights (Ali—twice, Frazi...

Hard Luck

Author : Barbara D'Amato
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

HIGH STAKES Chicago journalist Cat Marsala has just begun her assignment on the state lottery when murder falls into the picture—literally—as a lottery official takes a leap d...

Hard Irish Luck

Author : Jennifer Saints
Genre : Contemporary

Hard hat in hand, Jared Weldon goes undercover, but the answers he finds at McKenna Construction leaves him drowning in passion — and hard up against a killer... Hard...

Got Luck

Author : Michael Darling
Genre : Paranormal

Police-officer-turned-private-investigator Goethe "Got" Luck is known for rolling with the punches and never taking anything too seriously. When he picks up a seeming...

Bad Luck

Author : Anthony Bruno
Genre : Hard-Boiled

 “The pacing far exceeds the legal requirements for crime thriller. BAD LUCK, a novel filled to the brim with born losers, turns up a lucky seven.” —PEOPLE B...

Hard Luck

Author : James Maw
Genre : Fiction & Literature

In Hard Luck, Richard relates the sentimental history of his and his brother Tom’s childhood. a pair of scurrilous twins born in the late fifties on a new housing-estate called P...

Hard Luck

Author : Steve Springer & Blake Chavez
Genre : Sports & Outdoors

In Hard Luck, “Irish” Jerry Quarry comes to life—from his Grapes of Wrath days as the child of an abusive father in the California migrant camps to those as the unders...

Hard Luck Money

Author : J.A. Johnstone
Genre : Fiction & Literature

His father was a famous gunman. But the Loner is quiet, careful, and the perfect choice to go undercover--and the key to success is not getting slaughtered. . .Har...

Tough Luck

Author : C.M. Stunich
Genre : Suspense

TOUGH LUCK (Hard Rock Roots #3) - A Rocker Romantic Suspense (Book #1, REAL UGLY is FREE!) WARNING: This is a dark, gritty tale...

Tough Luck

Author : Jason Starr
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

Mickey Prada's a nice kid. He works in a neighborhood seafood market in Brooklyn putting fish on ice. He’s got a nice girlfriend. He even delayed college a year, to help his sick...


Author : Carolyn See
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

“Without sensationalism, totally outside the chic-trash mode, Carolyn See writes from way down inside the pain, the depression, and the lies that encumber most American lives....

Hard Luck Ranch

Author : Nan Comargue
Genre : Romance

When his best friend Wesley orders up a mail order bride, Everett leaves Hard Luck Ranch for good. Or so he thinks…until he realises that there may be room in their marriage f...

Hard Luck Diggings The Early Jack Vance Volume One

Author : Jack Vance
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A legend has to start somewhere... As so many writers have said, it’s in the shorter and mid-length work that the storytelling craft is best learned. Hard-Luck Dig...

Hard Luck And Trouble A Landlord S Tale

Author : Gammy L. Singer
Genre : African American

From one of today's most compelling writers comes this unforgettable novel set in legendary Harlem, New York--a place brimming with vitality, tarnished glory, and new beginnings. ...

Dumb Luck

Author : Joy Joseph
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

Tom Ludwig and Mark Carlino are two top notch detectives. Mostly they handlehard driving cases that take them to the far corners of their precinct. For a change, they are ass...

Hard Luck Cafe

Author : Reijo Mäki
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

Iäkäs Jussi Vares kohtaa poikansa kylmänkovassa maailmassa Salamurhaajan luoti tappaa Euroopan unionin kansleripresidentin Giovanni V. I. Tornatoren Sergelin torilla...

Dangerous Curves Atop Hollywood Heels

Author : Michael G. Ankerich
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

"We were like dragonflies. We seemed to be suspended effortlessly in the air, but in reality, our wings were beating very, very fast." - Mae Murray "It is worse than folly for pers...

Hard Boiled Hard Luck

Author : Banana Yoshimoto
Genre : Fiction & Literature

›Hard-boiled‹ meint: sich in der Auseinandersetzung mit dem Tod, der Trauer, ein dickes Fell zulegen. Und ›Hard Luck‹: Wer kann behaupten zu wissen, was Unglück ist und wa...

A Double Dose Of Hard Luck

Author : Leo Aime LaBrie
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

When Charlie Harrison was born outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921, no one could have predicted the perils he would encounter on his journey through life. Enlisting in the Marine Corp...

Playing Hardball With Hard Luck Fans Sports

Author : The Virginian Pilot
Genre : Reference

By James V. Grimaldi The Washington Post...

Hard Luck Larry

Author : William T. Moyer
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

His wounds were nearly healed from the unfortunate beating he had suffered at the hands of an old blind man with his white cane in the bus station waiting room last month. He was s...

Motor Matt S Hard Luck The Balloon House Plot

Author : Stanley R. Matthews
Genre : Fantasy

MOTOR STORIES - THRILLING ADVENTURE MOTOR FICTION.Characters that appear in this story:Matt King: concerning whom there has always been a mystery—a lad of splendid at...

Checkers A Hard Luck Story

Author : Henry Martyn Blossom
Genre : Literary

I had never before attended the races. "The sport of kings" is not popular in Boston, my former home, but here in Chicago every one turns out on Derby Day, if at no other time. And...

Business Is Art

Author : Jon Umstead
Genre : Management & Leadership

Estimates say that as many as eight out of ten new businesses fail within the first eighteen months. More conservative estimates say that about half of new business start-ups are s...

Not By A Long Shot

Author : T.D. Thornton
Genre : Sports & Outdoors

The great myth of horse racing is that the game is the regal and royal Sport of Kings. It isn't. Not by a long shot. Anyone who doubts this need look no further than Suffolk ...