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Author : Natalia Brodskaya
Genre : Art & Architecture

Impressionism has always been one of the public’s favourite styles of art and Impressionist works continue to enchant beholders with their amazing play of colours and forms. This...


Author : Carol Strickland
Genre : Art & Architecture

Masterpieces of Art is a series of eBook guides featuring multimedia content and interactive functionality to reveal the story behind major periods in art history. Each eBoo...


Author : Nathalia Brodskaya
Genre : Art & Architecture

“I paint what I see and not what it pleases others to see.” What other words than these of Édouard Manet, seemingly so different from the sentiments of Monet or Renoir, could ...


Author : iMindsJNR
Genre : Arts & Entertainment

Learn about the Impressionism art movement with iMindsJNR learning series for younger minds.  Impressionism was a style of art that began in late-nineteenth-centu...

Monet Colour In Impressionism Special Edition

Author : James Taylor-Foster
Genre : Art & Architecture

Immerse yourself in Monet’s waterlily series of the Musée de l’Orangerie for the very first time on iPad. This Special Edition interactive book, full...

Impressionism The History The Artists The Masterpieces

Author : V. Kuvatova
Genre : Art & Architecture

This book offers the reader an insightful 'visit' to the world of Impressionism. It is illustrated with many of the most exciting Impressionist images from Paris's Musee d'Orsay. R...

The Judgment Of Paris

Author : Ross King
Genre : History

The Judgment of Paris chronicles the dramatic decade between two famous exhibitions-the scandalous Salon des Refuses in 1863 and the first Impressionist showing in 1874-set ...

Post Impressionism

Author : Nathalia Brodskaya
Genre : Art & Architecture

Whilst Impressionism marked the first steps toward modern painting by revolutionising an artistic medium stifled by academic conventions, Post-Impressionism, even more revolutionar...

Is It Art Post Impressionism Futurism Cubism

Author : J. Nilsen Laurvik
Genre : Art & Architecture

This book of art criticism debates the artistic qualities of three modern art movements: Post-Impressionism, Futurism and Cubism.  This book was created from a scan of ...

First Impressions

Author : Angela VanZandt
Genre : Art & Architecture

A simple little book introducing Impressionism in Art Grades K-3....

C Zanne And The End Of Impressionism

Author : Richard Shiff
Genre : Art & Architecture

Drawing on a broad foundation in the history of nineteenth-century French art, Richard Shiff offers an innovative interpretation of Cézanne’s painting. He shows how Cézanne’s...

Cubists And Post Impressionism 2 Ed

Author : Arthur Jerome Eddy
Genre : Art & Architecture

This book on modern art, published in 1919, features several early modern art movements including Post-Impressionism, the Fauves, Cubism and Futurism.  This book was cr...

Watercolour Tonal Impressionism

Author : Amanda Hyatt
Genre : Art & Architecture

This book is for watercolour students who are interested in advancing their work by a five step process using (1) better composition, (2) colour harmony, (3) tonal range, (4) magic...

A Sense Of Shock The Impact Of Impressionism On Modern British And Irish Writing

Author : Adam Parkes
Genre : Theater

What does modern British and Irish literature have to do with French impressionist painting? And what does Henry James have to do with the legal dispute between John Ruskin and J....

Literary Impressionism

Author : Rebecca Bowler
Genre : Literary Criticism

With its new innovations in the visual arts, cinema and photography as well as the sciences of memory and perception, the early twentieth century saw a crisis in the relationship b...

Abstract Impressionism Anthony Marshall

Author : Portfolio 2014
Genre : Photography

"Abstract Impressionism" Abstract Impressionism was first seen in New York in 1946. It expresses the artist's emotion and focus on inner energy, and someti...

Realism In The Age Of Impressionism

Author : Marnin Young
Genre : Art & Architecture

The late 1870s and early 1880s were watershed years in the history of French painting. As outgoing economic and social structures were being replaced by a capitalist, measured time...

Brushstroke And Emergence

Author : James D. Herbert
Genre : Art & Architecture

No pictorial device in nineteenth-century French painting more clearly represented the free-ranging self than the loose brushstroke. From the romantics through the impressionists a...

What If We

Author : Larry Dieffenbach
Genre : Education

A fine arts book of discovery for children....

Modern Theories Of Art 2

Author : Moshe Barasch
Genre : Art & Architecture

In this volume, the third in his classic series of texts surveying the history of art theory, Moshe Barasch traces the hidden patterns and interlocking themes in the study of art, ...

From Energy And Impression

Author : Heiko Mahr
Genre : Photography

Abstract Expressionism and Impressionism meet in this book through the photography and poetry of Heiko Mahr. With the heart of a philosopher-artist, Mahr transforms the mundane in...