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Just You Just You 1

Author : Rebecca Phillips
Genre : Coming of Age

Through witnessing her parents' bitter divorce, sixteen-year-old Taylor Brogan has learned what she believes to be a certainty—men lie, men betray, men can’t be trusted. When h...

Just The Way You Are

Author : Christina Dodd
Genre : Contemporary

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, #1 in Christina Dodd's New York Times bestselling romantic suspense series, Lost Hearts...Mystery and misery scar their young lives. Three si...

Vegan Slow Cooking For Two Or Just For You

Author : Kathy Hester & Kate Lewis
Genre : Special Diet

Kathy Hester, author of the bestselling cookbook The Vegan Slow Cooker and the upcoming The Great Vegan Bean Book, enjoys spreading the word about how easy it ...

Why Marry A Millionaire Just Be One

Author : Wendy Robbins
Genre : Personal Finance

If you like Oprah, The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, 4-Hour Work Week, Science of Mind, and are drawn to law-of-attraction work. you will absolutely love this book! Stop compla...

Ariol 1 Just A Donkey Like You And Me

Author : Emmanuel Guibert
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels

Ariol is your everyday tween donkey with blue glasses. He lives in the suburbs with his mom and dad. His best friend is a pig. He's in love with a beautiful cow in his class. His t...

Every Day I Love You More Just Not Today

Author : Nancy Shulins
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Every Day I Love You More: (Just Not Today!) offers lessons in loving one person for life. It teaches couples to count their blessings, learn from their mistakes, and strengthen th...

Can You Trust Just One Bible

Author : David W. Daniels
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

Answers to the Most Common Anti-KJV Accusations When those defending modern versions find themselves unable to deny the changes made in their Bibles, they often fall ba...

Just One Thing

Author : John Mauldin
Genre : Finance

In Just One Thing, author John Mauldin offers an incomparable shortcut to prosperity: the personal guidance of an outstanding group of recognized financial experts, each off...

Just Like You

Author : Louise Haller
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

If you are inspired by a story that combines determination, courage, vulnerability and emotional resilience; while overcoming lifes greatest challenges; then this is a must read! ...

It S A Good Morning Just Because You Love Me

Author : BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC
Genre : Christianity

Some mornings don’t feel so good. The circumstances of life may have you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged, or even depressed. Isn’t it encouraging to know that God...

1 Hour Geometry Review Guide For The End Of Course Sat Act And Asset Tests

Author : brenda Voyles
Genre : Mathematics

1-Hour Geometry Review Guide For The End-Of-Course, Sat, Act, And Asset Tests - brenda Voyles...

You Are A Miserable Excuse For A Hero

Author : Bob Powers
Genre : Humor

Why Do All the Nice Girls End Up Getting Kidnapped and Held for Ransom?In this book, YOU, the reader, are a thirtysomething part-time actor/full-time waiter suddenly ca...

You Can Be Fans Of Judges You Appear Before You Just Can T Be Their Friends Jeac Hands Down Social Networking Rules For Judges

Author : Mark D. Killian
Genre : Law

If you ask a judge to "friend" you on Facebook and your request is ignored--or worse yet, you get "de-friended"--don't take it personally. The Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee...

You Didn T Complete Me

Author : JoAnna Harris
Genre : Family & Relationships

More often than not, women tend to lose themselves in relationships, believing they have found "The One"-- the discovery that signifies the end of loneliness. The assurance of happ...

Mr Food Test Kitchen Just One More Bite

Author : Mr. Food Test Kitchen
Genre : Courses & Dishes

We've all been there. We put down our fork, are ready to get up from the table and all of sudden we blurt out, "Just One More Bite!"  Yes, it's our way of sayin...

If I Could Tell You Just One Thing

Author : Nathan Pitchford
Genre : Christianity

Although Christianity seems to be thriving in America, there is actually very little understanding of what even the most basic teachings of true Christianity really are. This is a ...

Just You And Me Teaser Saison 1

Author : Heather L. Powell
Genre : Suspense

Sea, sex and love ! Les Bahamas, son soleil, ses plages de sable fin, ses palmiers… et ses rencontres inattendues ! Solveig quitte Paris et toute sa vie p...

Just For You Book 1

Author : Dennis Alexander
Genre : Music

A series of books that meet the challenge of providing students with fun music that makes practicing enjoyable as well as being entertaining for the listener. Three volumes of lyri...

Do You Still Have Cleavage With Just One Breast

Author : Sue Lawrence PhD
Genre : Health & Fitness

On honeymoon and two months pregnant, Sue discovers a lump in her breast. This is her raw, unpolished diary as she navigates the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Brutally honest,...

Around The World In Just One Weekend Ticket Three Cultural Festivals Take You To Scotland Hawaii And The Middle East Without Ever Leaving Eugene

Author : The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Genre : Reference

Byline: Serena Markstrom The Register-Guard Look to the east, or to the north, or to the west. Both days this weekend bring opportunities to expand your cultural horizons....

Just You And Me Saison 1

Author : Heather L. Powell
Genre : Suspense

Sea, sex and love ! Les Bahamas, son soleil, ses plages de sable fin, ses palmiers… et ses rencontres inattendues ! Solveig quitte Paris et toute sa vie p...

You Sound Just Like Your Father

Author : Christian A. Fast
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

The Bible says more, by far, about “words spoken and heard” than any other topic. How we speak is near and dear to the heart of God. He has made us in His image and likeness by...

You Re Just Shoved To The Corner The Lived Experience Of Black Nursing Students Being Isolated And Discounted A Pilot Study Report

Author : Visions: The Journal of Rogerian Nursing Science
Genre : Health & Fitness

Abstract The purpose of this research was to explore the lived experience of Black nursing students in a predominantly White university in a rural southeastern community. The resea...

The Slider Effect

Author : Jonathan Melendez
Genre : Courses & Dishes

Way better than a cupcake, these omnivore and vegetarian slider recipes include limitless ingredient and flavor combinations just waiting to be squeezed between two buns. Sliders a...

Rosemary Conley S 3 2 1 Diet

Author : Rosemary Conley
Genre : Health & Fitness

There really is a better way to diet! Rosemary Conley has devised a plan to suit the way you eat. Whether you are a 'constant craver', a 'feaster' or an 'emotional eater', Rosem...

One Thing That Changes Everything

Author : Jamie Malcolm
Genre : Christianity

Jamie has written this book to do one thing and one thing only - to release power into your life.Whatever breakthrough you need, God has more than enough just nee...

Spirit Of Macon Faith Hope And 11 00

Author : John Mahoney
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

‎10,000 miles of prayers; one signature at a time! Would you sign my car? Just go and show people what GOD has done in your life....

There You Have It

Author : Molly Stringer
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

One day, after my computer had been hacked and I had changed my e-mail address, I sent out a message simply saying, “Just checking in,” to see if my messages were received. The...

The Everything One Pot Cookbook

Author : Pamela Rice Hahn
Genre : Methods

What could be easier than cooking an entire meal in just one pot? A completely revised edition of an Everything® series bestseller, this book is the perfect resource for the busy ...

The Water Babies

Author : Charles Kingsley
Genre : Classics

Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies is a nineteenth-century fantastic story that can be read by both children and grownups. While the former will find in it a wonderful world of ...

Just The Way You Are Aaron Jane Book One

Author : Anita Louise
Genre : Contemporary

Why does Aaron Adler’s ex-wife keep calling him? Their marriage is over, but Sharon seems to think she can win him back.Aaron has everything he’s ever wanted. His work as...

The Sex Love Stiletto Series 4 Book Bundle

Author : Lauren Layne
Genre : Contemporary

Hailed by Ruthie Knox as “fun, sexy, and sharp as a spike heel,” the Sex, Love & Stiletto series from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Layne introduces ...

One Thousand Apologies

Author : Mark Marshall
Genre : Self-Improvement

The little book of one thousand apologies. The perfect gift to say sorry to a loved one. With 1000 sincere, funny and crazy apologies this book could turn an argument into love and...