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Perfectly Flawed Flawed 1

Author : Nessa Morgan
language : en
Release Date : 2013

Download Perfectly Flawed Flawed 1 written by Nessa Morgan and has been published by this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2013 with categories.

I thought I was okay.I mean, I went through my days just fine, pushing toward a goal I could easily achieve. I had friends that loved me, an aunt who adored me, and everything was just okay.But what I thought was okay and fine, all of that changed.The nightmares, well, they started again, throwing me into a pit I couldn't climb out of, the people at school were spreading and starting rumors faster than I could hear them myself, and I was remembering...I was remembering everything.Well, almost everything. Some things wouldn't come to mind, like why he did it. Why my father killed them, why he tried to kill me? It's not there. Nowhere near my memory.But I'm determined to find out.My name is Joey and this is my story.Joey Archembault is the typical sixteen-year old Junior. She's an overachiever by nature, in her school orchestra, and spends most of her time either doing homework or hanging with the boy next door.Well, typical wouldn't be the word most would use with her. Freak, psycho, that's more what's heard around the school. She can't help it - it's not her fault her father killed her mother, brother, and sister nine years ago. Oh, and he tried to kill her as well, he has the scars to prove it. Joey tries to move on as best she can. It's easy when she can't remember anything about that night or her life before.One day, the self-proclaimed heartthrob asks her out. She knows she should tell him no, but when that doesn't work, and he tricks her into a date by serenading her - twice - things go south, she calls her best friend Zephyr to pick her up, and she once again tries to move on. But it triggers something inside her. It unlocks a vault she never knew existed within her and she can't stop the memories or the feelings, nor can she even begin to decipher what happened to her years ago. Soon, the puzzle begins to piece together and she begins to understand what really happened that night and why she's alone. Coupled that with a blooming relationship with the boy next door and it's all a recipe for destruction.

Perfectly Flawed

Author : Shirley Marks
language : en
Release Date : 2012-10-16

Download Perfectly Flawed written by Shirley Marks and has been published by this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2012-10-16 with Fiction categories.

"Avalon historical romance"--Dust jacket.

Perfectly Flawed

Author : Molvia Maddox
language : en
Publisher: Impress Books Limited
Release Date : 2006-05-01

Download Perfectly Flawed written by Molvia Maddox and has been published by Impress Books Limited this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2006-05-01 with Family & Relationships categories.

This is an extraordinary and moving account of a family coping with Friedreich's Ataxia, a debilitating genetic illness. It describes how Krystie and her family coped with the diagnosis, the intensive medical treatment that followed and her battle to receive mainstream education. Krystie's bravery and zest for life is an inspiration to us all, but especially to those facing a diagnosis of genetic illness. "My future's full of uncertainty. Sometimes I worry that because of my illness, I won't be able to do much for myself later on in life; that all my days of fun have been and gone. But I realise that actually that isn't true. There's always another happy day just around the corner. Life is for the living, and I refuse to sit back and allow everyone else to move on without me. . But I do know one thing, whatever happens, I won't waste a second of my life, not ever!" Krystie Maddox-Lue, 2006

Flawed Free Sampler

Author : Cecelia Ahern
language : en
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Release Date : 2016-03-17

Download Flawed Free Sampler written by Cecelia Ahern and has been published by HarperCollins UK this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2016-03-17 with Juvenile Fiction categories.

THIS IS A SAMPLER ONLY AND NOT THE FULL EBOOK. Read an extract from FLAWED - the stunning YA debut by internationally bestselling author, Cecelia Ahern.

Still Breathin

Author : Brenden M Dilley
language : en
Publisher: Rock Bottom Publishing LLC
Release Date : 2014-09-27

Download Still Breathin written by Brenden M Dilley and has been published by Rock Bottom Publishing LLC this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2014-09-27 with categories.

This is the Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness version of Still Breathin', with a Foreward written by Alicia DiMichele, star of VH1's Mob Wives. 25% of all proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Your life doesn't have to suck. In the self-help book that breaks all the rules, Author/Publisher Brenden Dilley brings it directly to you... rough, rugged and raw. If you're looking for a bunch of one-liners and "warm fuzzies," you won't find them here. This is NOT your "mom and dad's" self-help book. Still Breathin' is relevant, it's practical, and above all, thought provoking. Brenden Dilley's message does not come sugar-coated or wrapped in a pretty bow. He takes an aggressive, unfiltered approach to self-help and doesn't pull any punches. Through his humor and unwavering authenticity, he allows you to confront your fears and insecurities. Still Breathin' contains the practical advice necessary to forgive those who've hurt you and more importantly, forgive yourself for your past mistakes and imperfections. The lessons within these pages will assist you in living a more passionate, purposeful existence. Brenden aims to help you stop inviting toxic people into your life, stop sabotaging yourself, stop settling, stop wasting your time... and start taking back your power and creating the life you envision for yourself. You will find yourself referring back to this book throughout your life as you evolve, change and grow. Still Breathin' couples the rollercoaster of Brenden Dilley's life experiences with insightful advice and wisdom, broaching a wide range of topics: dating, relationships, love, sex, parenting, business, passion, faith, health, and fitness. Still Breathin' details Brenden's navigation through the horrific decisions he made in his twenties that led him to--poverty, near homelessness, break-ups, divorce, custody battles, the disappearance of a child--and his unwavering belief in himself and faith in the process of life. Still Breathin' is a thought-provoking book that not only will entertain, offend and inspire, but promises to make even the most open minded reader blush while exploring the depths of human behavior and sexuality.


Author : Cecelia Ahern
language : en
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
Release Date : 2018-01-25

Download Perfect written by Cecelia Ahern and has been published by HarperCollins Children's Books this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2018-01-25 with categories.

The thrilling, shocking and romantic sequel to the bestselling YA debut FLAWED is finally here. When we embrace all our flaws, that's when we can finally become PERFECT... Celestine North lives in a society that demands perfection. After she was branded Flawed by a morality court, Celestine's life has completely fractured - all her freedoms gone. Since Judge Crevan has declared her the number one threat to the public, she has been a ghost, on the run with the complicated, powerfully attractive Carrick, the only person she can trust. But Celestine has a secret - one that could bring the entire Flawed system crumbling to the ground. Judge Crevan is gaining the upper hand, and time is running out for Celestine. With tensions building, Celestine must make a choice: save only herself, or risk her life to save all the Flawed. And, most important of all, can she prove that to be human in itself is to be Flawed...'

Perfectly Flawed

Author : Shakeerah Oatis
language : en
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Release Date : 2015-12-15

Download Perfectly Flawed written by Shakeerah Oatis and has been published by AuthorHouse this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2015-12-15 with Fiction categories.

Perfectly Flawed is a book based on not being perfect and living up to societies standards of waking up flawless. Society paints this picture that we have to be perfect and without blemish. Especially in the African American Community where to have a flaw like mental illness, rape and incest. Family secrets are only to be kept within the household because it’s taboo to talk about these things. While the perception of a perfect family is to be portrayed to the outside world. Keeping secrets only leads to emotional breakdown. It’s ok to go to God and seek outside help. This book points out flaws and no one is perfect and the character realizes she is perfectly flawed.