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Polar Bear Facts Myths

Author : Susan J. Crockford
language : en
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date : 2016-12-17

Download Polar Bear Facts Myths written by Susan J. Crockford and has been published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2016-12-17 with categories.

This beautiful, full color summary explains in simple terms why polar bears are thriving despite the recent loss of Arctic sea ice. It's written in a question and answer format, in language that readers of all ages can understand (age 7 and up). The book takes a sensible, big-picture approach that many readers will appreciate and is based on the most up-to-date information available.

Polar Bears For Kids

Author : Kim Chase
language : en
Publisher: CreateSpace
Release Date : 2015-09-18

Download Polar Bears For Kids written by Kim Chase and has been published by CreateSpace this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2015-09-18 with categories.

Bestselling author John Davidson presents "Polar Bears For Kids." Beautiful Pictures and easy reading format will help children fall in love with Polar Bears. This is one of over 20 books in the Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Series. http: // The series is known as one of the most beautiful on the kindle. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color kindle. Lots of facts and photos will help your children learn about this wonderful animal. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of this beautiful mammal: its anatomy, feeding habits and behavior. *** You and your kids will love learning about Polar Bears*** Table of Contents Introduction 1. About Polar Bears 2. Polar Bears 3. What Polar Bears Do 4. How Polar Bears Communicate 5. Baby Polar Bears 6. Polar Bear Facts 7. Where to Polar Bears Live 8. Arctic Polar Bears 9. Why are Polar Bears Endangered 10. What Polar Eat 11. Habitat of Polar Bears 12. Other Names for Polar Bears 13. Pictures of Polar Bears Introduction Have you ever wondered about the world of the polar bears? Wondered about things like where do they live, or what do they eat? Did you know that polar bears communicate with each other? You may have seen pictures of polar bears many times, but what do you really know about them? Are polar bears really white? There are so many interesting things to learn about these powerful bears! About Polar Bears When polar bears live outdoors in the wild, they can live to be about 15 to 18 years old. However, there have been some bears recorded to have been as old as 31 or 32 years old. Polar Bears that live in captivity (not living in the wild) can many times live to be between 35 - 39 years old. In fact, there was a female polar bear that lived to the age of 42 in a Canadian zoo! Polar bears are very smart. In fact, a research scientist claimed that polar bears are every bit as smart as apes. A hungry polar bear was observed smashing open blocks of ice to get to the fish that were frozen inside. These bear can be playful as well. Some bears were observed stacked up plastic pipes, just to knock them all down again. To help the polar bear survive in the Arctic, they need to rely on their senses. They have very good hearing and eyesight, as well as a good sense of smell. Their teeth are very sharp and spaced far apart. This helps them when they eat, and to hold onto their prey.

The World Of Polar Bears

Author : Virginia Harrison
language : en
Publisher: Gareth Stevens Pub
Release Date : 1989

Download The World Of Polar Bears written by Virginia Harrison and has been published by Gareth Stevens Pub this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 1989 with Juvenile Nonfiction categories.

Describes in brief text and illustrations the lives of polar bears in their natural settings showing how they feed, defend themselves, and breed.

Polar Bears

Author : Laura Marsh
language : en
Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books
Release Date : 2013

Download Polar Bears written by Laura Marsh and has been published by National Geographic Children's Books this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2013 with Juvenile Nonfiction categories.

Presents an introduction to polar bears, describing their habitat, physical characteristics, life cycle, eating habits, and behaviors, and looks at the life of a polar bear cub.

Polar Bears

Author : Breanne Sartori
language : en
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Release Date : 2014-11-10

Download Polar Bears written by Breanne Sartori and has been published by Createspace Independent Pub this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2014-11-10 with Juvenile Nonfiction categories.

Polar Bears - Interesting and fun facts about polar bearsHave your children ever wondered EXACTLY what color a polar bear's skin is? There are so many awesome things to learn about polar bears. How do they keep warm during winter? Can they swim? In this book you'll find answers to these questions and many more in simple, fun language. Each fact is accompanied by incredible pictures to keep even the youngest child fascinated. In school our children aren't taught in a way that makes them curious and want to learn. I want to change that!This book will show your children just how interesting the world is and help excite a passion for learning.Your children will learn how to: Become curious about the world around them Find a motivation to learn Use their free time to discover more about the world - and have fun while doing so! And much more!Table of ContentsChapter 1 - What do polar bears look like?Chapter 2 - SizeChapter 3 - Where do they live?Chapter 4 - Fur and skinChapter 5 - MoltingChapter 6 - How do they keep warm?Chapter 7 - Where do they sleep?Chapter 8 - What they eatChapter 9 - HuntingChapter 10 - Sense of smellChapter 11 - What do polar bears do?Chapter 12 - OverheatingChapter 13 - SwimmingChapter 14 - CommunicatingChapter 15 - Baby polar bearsChapter 16 - The life of a polar bearChapter 17 - BreedingChapter 18 - PredatorsChapter 19 - FightingChapter 20 - Hibernation Buy this book for your children today and give them one of the greatest gifts you possibly could - the gift of wonder! ... e

My Little Polar Bear

Author : Claudia Rueda
language : en
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Release Date : 2010-11-01

Download My Little Polar Bear written by Claudia Rueda and has been published by Scholastic Inc. this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2010-11-01 with Juvenile Fiction categories.

This quintessential love book for parent and child — a standout in the genre — promises to become a perennial favorite for generations to come. A winter wonderland awaits a young polar bear cub that emerges from its den for the first time. As the cub sets out on adramatic arctic journey, it worries whether it has the skills to survive. But a parent's abiding presence and simple, reassuring words instill confidence and love. In the tradition of classics such as The Runaway Bunny and Mama Do You Love Me?, this graceful, soothing tale speaks to the powerful bond between parent and child, and to the many stages of a child's growing independence, from first steps to first school experience and even to leaving home.

The Polar Bear

Author : Jenni Desmond
language : en
Release Date : 2016-09-29

Download The Polar Bear written by Jenni Desmond and has been published by this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2016-09-29 with categories.

Following on her gorgeous blue whale, Desmond's polar bear is exquisitely rendered, magnificent, and precise, with wonderful storytelling too.