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Author : Jim Ottaviani
Genre : Biography

Jim Ottaviani returns with an action-packed account of the three greatest primatologists of the last century: Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Biruté Galdikas. These three ground-br...

Primates Of Park Avenue

Author : Wednesday Martin
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller!The book that has outraged the social elite!“Eye-popping” —People...


Author : Xist Publishing
Genre : Animals

Monkey see--monkey do!This ebook features colorful photos of monkeys,apes and other primates. Babies and toddlers will love flipping through the colorful pictures and older childre...

A Primate S Memoir

Author : Robert M. Sapolsky
Genre : Nature

In the tradition of Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey, Robert Sapolsky, a foremost science writer and recipient of a MacArthur Genius Grant, tells the mesmerizing story of his twenty-on...

The Bonobo And The Atheist In Search Of Humanism Among The Primates

Author : Frans de Waal
Genre : Life Sciences

In this lively and illuminating discussion of his landmark research, esteemed primatologist Frans de Waal argues that human morality is not imposed from above but instead comes fro...

Primates In Medical Research

Author : Bushmitz Moshe & Undertanding Animal Research
Genre : Education

Primates in Medical Research  Moshe Bushmitz and Understanding Animal Research have developed a new educational ebook.   Electronic books are an exciti...

Games Primates Play

Author : Dario Maestripieri
Genre : Life Sciences

Tracking us in elevators and on emails, at home and at work, a leading primatologist uncovers the rules that govern the social life of the human animal....

Summary Of Primates Of Park Avenue

Author : Instaread
Genre : Study Aids

Summary of Primates of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin   Preview: Wednesday Martin mixes autobiography, anthropology, and satire in ...

Primates And Philosophers How Morality Evolved

Author : Frans de Waal, Stephen Macedo & Josiah Ober
Genre : Life Sciences

"It's the animal in us," we often hear when we've been bad. But why not when we're good? Primates and Philosophers tackles this question by exploring the biological foundati...

The Field Guide To Bigfoot And Other Mystery Primates

Author : Coleman, Loren
Genre : Social Science

The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates is a comprehensive study of the astonishing variety of puzzling primates that are being reported by eyewitnesses aro...

The Deluded Primate

Author : J E Ryan
Genre : Spirituality

The Deluded Primate helps us discover The Truth about ourselves, and understand why we get things so wrong.  What is the goal of life, what is the highest achievem...

Occupational Health And Safety In The Care And Use Of Nonhuman Primates

Author : Committee on Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Nonhuman Primates
Genre : Life Sciences

The field of occupational health and safety constantly changes, especially as it pertains to biomedical research. New infectious hazards are of particular importance at nonhuman-pr...

A Hand Book To The Primates Complete

Author : Henry O. Forbes
Genre : Nature

The great increase in our knowledge of animals which has taken place since the volume on Monkeys was published in "Jardine's Naturalist's Library" some sixty years ago, cannot be b...

Star Trek Planet Of The Apes The Primate Directive

Author : Scott Tipton
Genre : Graphic Novels

STAR TREK: The hope for the best of mankind's future! PLANET OF THE APES: A chilling look at the fall of humanity! How could these worlds possibly collide? What could possibly caus...

Primates Of Park Avenue Top 50 Facts Countdown

Author : Top 50 Facts
Genre : Games

Discover rare and interesting facts about Primates of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin! Join the countdown as we reach the #1 fact...

Los Primates

Author : Maira Àngels Julivert
Genre : Animals

En El fascinante mundo de... los primates descubrirás cómo y quiénes viven en los árboles o a ras de suelo. Te intrigará el porqué unos viven casi en solitario, en familia o ...

Primates Of Park Avenue By Wednesday Martin Trivia On Books

Author : Trivion Books
Genre : Games

Trivia-on-Book: Primates of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin Take the fan-challenge yourself and share it with family and friends!Features You'll ...

The Evolution Of Hemispheric Specialization In Primates

Author : William D. Hopkins
Genre : Life Sciences

Hemispheric specialization, and lateralized sensory, cognitive or motor function of the left and right halves of the brain, commonly manifests in humans as right-handedness and lef...

The Psychological Well Being Of Nonhuman Primates

Author : Committee on Well-Being of Nonhuman Primates
Genre : Life Sciences

A 1985 amendment to the Animal Welfare Act requires those who keep nonhuman primates to develop and follow appropriate plans for promoting the animals' psychological well-being. Th...

The Bigfoot Book

Author : Nick Redfern
Genre : Spirituality

Does a hulking, hairy, 800-pound, nine-foot-tall, elusive primate roam the woods and forests throughout North America—and the world? What should we make of the grainy videos and p...

The First Idea

Author : Stanley I. Greenspan & Stuart Shanker
Genre : Science & Nature

In the childhood of every human being and at the dawn of human history there is an amazing and, until now, unexplained leap from simple genetically programmed behavior to language,...

Escuela Para Primates

Author : Jennifer Keats Curtis
Genre : Animals

Gorilas usando iPads, lémures pintando con los dedos, monos ardillas soplando burbujas . . . ¡estos primates son bastante inteligentes! ¿Tu podrías completar el curso en la ...

Baby Primates

Author : Bobbie Kalman
Genre : Animals

Young children will love this introduction to baby primates! Simple text and captivating photos inform young readers about these smart animals and the different groups to which the...

Primates In The Real World

Author : Georgina M. Montgomery
Genre : Nature

The opening of this vital new book centers on a series of graves memorializing baboons killed near Amboseli National Park in Kenya in 2009--a stark image that emphasizes both the c...

South American Primates

Author : Paul A. Garber, Alejandro Estrada & Júlio César Bicca-Marques
Genre : Life Sciences

This will be the first time a volume will be compiled focusing on South American monkeys as models to address and test critical issues in the study of nonhuman primates. In additio...

Genome Mapping And Genomics In Human And Non Human Primates

Author : Ravindranath Duggirala, Laura Almasy, Sarah Williams-Blangero, Solomon F.D. Paul & Chittaranjan Kole
Genre : Life Sciences

This book provides an introduction to the latest gene mapping techniques and their applications in biomedical research and evolutionary biology. It especially highlights the advanc...

Nonhuman Primates In Biomedical Research Two Volume Set

Author : Christian R. Abee, Keith Mansfield, Suzette D. Tardif & Timothy Morris
Genre : Medical

The second edition of the gold standard text in the field, Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research provides a comprehensive, up-to-date review of the use of nonhu...

Indonesian Primates

Author : Sharon Gursky-Doyen & Jatna Supriatna
Genre : Life Sciences

Edited by two internationally renowned primatologists, this new text synthesizes current research on the primates of Indonesia, which include apes, monkeys, and prosimians. It is p...

Social Inequalities In Health In Nonhuman Primates

Author : Carol A. Shively & Mark E. Wilson
Genre : Life Sciences

This book provides a comprehensive look at nonhuman primate social inequalities as models for health differences associated with socioeconomic status in humans. The benef...

Id E D Itin Raire L Ouganda Et Ses Primates

Author : Collectif Ulysse
Genre : Africa

Idée d'itinéraire en Afrique subsaharienne- L'Ouganda et ses primates est un court extrait du beau livre Ulysse « Asie Afrique, Océanie, 50 itinéraires de rêve ». Il...

Long Term Field Studies Of Primates

Author : Peter M. Kappeler & David P. Watts
Genre : Life Sciences

Some primate field studies have been on-going for decades, covering significant portions of individual life cycles or even multiple generations. In this volume, leading field worke...

Porcine Xenotransplantation To Primates Report

Author : Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
Genre : Industries & Professions

INTRODUCTION Transplantation is one of greatest challenging achievements and saves thousands of lives each year. It also improves the quality of patients who present each year w...

Cooperation In Primates And Humans

Author : Peter Kappeler & Carel P. van Schaik
Genre : Life Sciences

Cooperative behavior has been one of the enigmas of evolutionary theory since the days of Charles Darwin. The contributions to this book examine the many facets of cooperative beha...

How Deep Is Your Love Human Morality And The Question Of Altriusm Among Nonhuman Primates

Author : The Humanist
Genre : Reference

[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] "I looked into his eyes. It was like looking into the eyes of a man. And the message was: Won't anybody help me?"...

Primates Pathogens And Evolution

Author : Jessica F. Brinkworth & Kate Pechenkina
Genre : Life Sciences

The immune systems of humans and non-human primates have diverged such that these animals show inter- and intra-species variation in susceptibility, symptoms, and survi...

La Casa De Los Primates

Author : Gruen, Sara
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Isabel Duncan, científica del Laboratorio de Lenguaje de Grandes Primates, no comprende a la gente pero sí entiende a los simios, especialmente a los bonobos Sam, Bonzo, Lola, ...

Evolutionary And Genetic Biology Of Primates

Author : John Buettner-Janusch
Genre : Life Sciences

This treatise, as noted in the Preface to Volume I, includes what we believe to be a representative sample of contemporary research on the Primates. We are particularly concerned i...

L Ordre Des Primates Parall Le Anatomique De L Homme Et Des Singes

Author : Paul Broca
Genre : Fiction & Literature

L’origine de cette discussion est assez éloignée pour qu’il ne soit pas inutile de rappeler aujourd’hui comment elle a débuté. Il y a quinze mois environ, M. Dally prése...

High Altitude Primates

Author : Nanda B. Grow, Sharon Gursky-Doyen & Alicia Krzton
Genre : Nature

Primates are remarkably adaptable animals that have gone through multiple radiations across a wide range of habitats.  Habitats found at high altitudes provide particular chal...

Nursery Rearing Of Nonhuman Primates In The 21st Century

Author : Gene P. Sackett, Gerald Ruppenthal & Kate Elias
Genre : Medical

Nursery Rearing of Nonhuman Primates in the 21st Century describes how and why nursery rearing of primates can produce adaptable juveniles and adults for research, conservation, an...

Personality And Temperament In Nonhuman Primates

Author : Alexander Weiss, James E. King & Lindsay Murray
Genre : Life Sciences

The result of a symposium hosted by the American Society of Primatologists, this volume attests to the huge strides made in recent decades by researchers studying primates and thei...

New Perspectives In The Study Of Mesoamerican Primates

Author : Alejandro Estrada, Paul A. Garber & Mary S. M. Pavelka
Genre : Life Sciences

The purpose of this volume is to present a comprehensive overview of recent advances in primate field research, ecology, and conservation biology in Mesoamerica. The overall goal o...

Primates Of Western Uganda

Author : Nicholas E. Newton-Fisher, Hugh Notman & James Durward Paterson
Genre : Life Sciences

Western Uganda has a long history of primatological research. This volume presents a series of new, unpublished scientific accounts of a selection of the species in the region, eac...

Evolutionary And Genetic Biology Of Primates Volume I

Author : John Buettner-Janusch
Genre : Life Sciences

The Order Primates groups together many different forms that live in a wide range of ecological provinces in Asia, Africa, Madagascar, Central America, and South America. The fossi...

The World Of Primates

Author : James Kavanagh & Waterford Press
Genre : Nature

Championed by the late Diane Fossey, the endangered mountain gorilla is just one of the fascinating primates covered in this guide to primates. The World of Primates – edited by w...

The Evolution Of Exudativory In Primates

Author : Anne M. Burrows & Leanne T. Nash
Genre : Life Sciences

The Evolution of Exudativory in Primates is the first edited volume to offer a comprehensive overview of this rare dietary niche in the primate order. Leading researchers in the f...

Primates And Cetaceans

Author : Juichi Yamagiwa & Leszek Karczmarski
Genre : Life Sciences

In this book, the editors present a view of the socioecology of primates and cetaceans in a comparative perspective to elucidate the social evolution of highly intellectual mammals...

Post Genome Biology Of Primates

Author : Hirai Hirohisa, Hiroo Imai & Yasuhiro Go
Genre : Life Sciences

In 2001, first reports of the human draft genome were published. Since then, genomes of many other organisms have been sequenced, including several primate species: the chimpanzee,...

The Evolution Of Social Communication In Primates

Author : Marco Pina & Nathalie Gontier
Genre : Life Sciences

How did social communication evolve in primates? In this volume, primatologists, linguists, anthropologists, cognitive scientists and philosophers of science systematically analyze...

Nonhuman Primates In Biomedical Research

Author : Christian R. Abee, Keith Mansfield, Suzette Tardif & Timothy Morris
Genre : Life Sciences

The second edition of the gold standard text in the field, Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research provides a comprehensive, up-to-date review of the use of nonhuman primates in b...