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Safari Animals

Author : Snapshot Picture Library
Genre : Animals

Head out for an African safari! Accompanied by a read-along audio track, more than 70 colorful photos showcase all kinds of safari animals. Meet hippos happily splashing in a ...

Lily Lemon Blossom Safari Friends

Author : Barbara Miller & Inga Shalvashvili
Genre : Early Readers

Come along with Lily Lemon Blossom on her amazing journey and see what she and her two brave companions, teddy and bunny are up to on their thrilling safari adventure....

Sleepy Safari

Author : K. Ryan Henisey
Genre : Fiction

Rather than ducks or sheep, count a safari for your sleep.  The happy animals on Sleepy Safari rest under a magical sky of smiling stars. This bedtime book is grea...

National Geographic Readers Safari

Author : Gail Tuchman
Genre : Early Readers

Safari day dawns on the savanna. The African light gives the sky colors seen nowhere else on Earth. Soon, an amazing array of wild animals are yawning, screeching, and growling to ...

Safari Animals Of The Serengeti

Author : Speedy Publishing
Genre : Fiction

Let's face it. Children love looking at big, exotic wildlife that roam about the African Serengeti. Even if our young ones cannot get to Tanzania to see these amazing creatures...

Safari Stanley S Farm Animal Friends

Author : Christopher Biggs
Genre : Animals

Your child will have fun whilst developing recognition, memory and vocabulary skills.  Join Safari Stanley...

Wild Rescue Safari Survival

Author : Jan Burchett
Genre : Action & Adventure

Ben and Zoe rush to the Kenyan savannah to investigate the rapidly decreasing African elephant population. The twins soon discover that a group of hunters has been killing the enda...

Tania S Safari Adventure

Author : Kanika G
Genre : Animals

Tania and her family go on a Jeep safari of the Gir forest national park and sanctuary. There are lions, peacocks and many more amazing animals and birds. The Jeep has a flat tire ...

Baby Animals On Safari

Author : Your Reading Steps Books
Genre : Animals

Ready for a safari? A safari is a trip to see animals. Our adventure begins in Africa. The 2-page spreads in this beautiful picture book have full HD / Retina display resolution! C...

Dino Safari Lego Nonfiction

Author : Scholastic
Genre : Chapter Books

Join the LEGO(R) minifigures on an epic Jurassic journey in this Level 2 reader. See awesome dinosaurs and find out the latest facts about these mega monsters. You'll find great LE...

African Safari

Author : Winktolearn & Virtual GS
Genre : Nature

This beautiful multi-touch book captivates a young reader with stunning high-definition photos and informative videos (total duration: more than 40 minutes) on animals from the Afr...

Safari Stanley S Ocean Animals

Author : Christopher Biggs
Genre : General Nonfiction

Your child will have fun whilst developing recognition, memory and vocabulary skills.  Join Safari Stanley...

Maddie And Jake Go On A Safari

Author : Zane Rathwick
Genre : Action & Adventure

Follow Maddie and Jake on their jungle safari.  Their adventure takes them where only a child's imagination can....

Safari Stanley S Bugs Insects

Author : Christopher Biggs
Genre : Animals

our child will have fun whilst developing recognition, memory and vocabulary skills.  Join Safari Stanley...

Animals In Africa An Easy To Read Children S Picture Book About Safari Wildlife

Author : Jasmin Hill
Genre : Animals

Enjoy the colorful and playful animals in the safariHave fun with the animals in Africa!Colorful animal book for ages 2-5!Follow the book while it describes...

Safari Girl

Author : Michelle Georgi
Genre : Animals

Join Safari Girl on her African adventure. She is exploring the land while watching her animal friends play. From silly monkeys, to tall giraffes, this book can provide hours of en...

An African Safari

Author : Elizabeth McQueen & Julie Rookmaker
Genre : Fiction

The Owl Books promote positive thinking. Having a positive attitude changes the way children see themselves and the world around them. Each story ends with a positive message. ...

Safari Stanley S Reptile Discovery

Author : Christopher Biggs
Genre : Family & Relationships

Your child will have fun whilst developing recognition, memory and vocabulary skills.  Join Safari Stanley...

National Geographic Kids Chapters Hoops To Hippos

Author : Boris Diaw & Kitson Jazynka
Genre : Intermediate Readers

NBA star Boris Diaw of the San Antonio Spurs takes young readers on safari as he explores his off-court passion: wildlife photography! Join Diaw as he escapes from stampeding wilde...

Safari Stanley S The Super Value Bundle

Author : Christopher Biggs
Genre : Action & Adventure

This is the collection of all 6 Safari Stanley adventures. Your child will have fun whilst developing recognition, memory and&#...

Abc Safari

Author : Karen Lee
Genre : Alphabet

Let’s search for adventure above in the sky. We’ll scout through the mountains and hills, and then try exploring the forests, the meadows and plains, across the dry desert and ...

African Adventure

Author : Michele Havlik & Milan Havlik
Genre : Animals

Beware! This is one of those stories that children never tire of hearing again and again. You don’t even have to read the story aloud! It contains audio by a professional actress...

You Are My Baby Safari

Author : Lorena Siminovich
Genre : Animals

The artist behind Chronicle's bestselling In My finger puppet books and the Petit Collage line of children's décor has turned her talents to a brand new series of charming books. ...

Animal Safari Abc An Amazing Alphabet Book

Author : My World Books
Genre : Basic Concepts

The 2-page spreads in this beautiful picture book have full HD / Retina display resolution! A. B. C. D. Follow along to reveal arctic fox, bobcat kitten, crocodile, and dalmation. ...

Barrington Bear On Safari

Author : Keith Szafranski
Genre : Animals

Barrington Bear On Safari is the second book in the Travels With Barrington Bear series. Join Barrington Bear (a little stuffed teddy bear) on safari as he travels to Kenya ...

Safari Stanley S Jungle Animals

Author : Christopher Biggs
Genre : General Nonfiction

Your child will have fun whilst developing recognition, memory and vocabulary skills.  Join Safari Stanley...

Silly Safari

Author : Hammond
Genre : Animals

Silly Safari is an easy read book for children. The rhyming sentences, cute animal pictures, and fun descriptions help your child grow confident in their early reading skills! Help...

Tucker Turtle S Soooo Silly Jungle Safari

Author : Coach Sloth
Genre : Animals

          Tucker Turtle and his friends go on a jungle safari to find out what jungle animals do when nobody is watching. It turns out there's a lot of fu...

Harry The Hedgehog 3 Harry S Big Safari Adventure

Author : Lee Hunter & Pam Hunter
Genre : Animals

Harry the Hedgehog is a curious hedgehog who wants to travel the world. One day he decides to pack a bag and explore beyond his field, where he meets lots of interesting and new cr...

Baby Animals On Safari 2 Your Reading Steps Level 2

Author : Jennifer Blake
Genre : Animals

It’s time to play with baby animals. Our adventure begins in the grasslands of Africa and takes kids on a journey to meet and learn about all sorts of baby animals, including tig...

Safari Phonics Reader

Author : Denise Ford, Grant Ford & Mark Roman
Genre : Education

The Safari Phonics Reader presents 7 sounds from Phonics Four.  The Space Phonics Reader presents the other 8 sounds from Phonics Four. The featured sounds are colour coded a...

Go Wild African Safari

Author : Lisa Kurkov
Genre : Chapter Books

The truck is loaded, and the camera is ready. GO WILD! African Safari takes young readers on a wildlife-packed journey through the African plains.  The Spectrum® ...

My Abc Of Animals

Author : Letterland
Genre : Kids

Perfect for little hands, this beautifully illustrated book takes you on an alphabetical safari! With lots of animals to spot on every page, your little one will be developing voca...

Learn To Draw Safari Animals

Author : Robbin Cuddy
Genre : Arts & Entertainment

Perfect for young artists-in-training, Learn to Draw Safari Animals offers a comprehensive drawing experience than includes step-by-step lessons, as well as full-color photographs,...

Animal Photo Safari

Author : Scott Engel
Genre : Photography

A photographic look at some of the animals at The Milwaukee County Zoo. Featuring orangutans, gorillas, lions, tigers, jaguars and other animals....

Spy Cat Safari

Author : Andrew Cope
Genre : Action & Adventure

Spy Cat: Safari is the third thrilling adventure in Andrew Cope's brilliant Spy Cat series. The purrrfect spy is a pet with cat-titude....

La Muuuy Loco Jungla Safari De Tucker Tortuga

Author : Coach Sloth
Genre : Animals

Tucker Tortuga y sus amigos van de safari a la jungla para ver lo que hacen los animales de la jungla cuando nadie los esta viendo. Resulta que se divierten mucho en la jungla! Une...

Safari Stanley S Bird Watching Adventure

Author : Christopher Biggs
Genre : Animals

our child will have fun whilst developing recognition, memory and vocabulary skills.  Join Safari Stanley...

Die Olchis Safari Bei Den Berggorillas

Author : Erhard Dietl
Genre : Animals

Schleime-Schlamm-und-Löwenmut! Die Olchis retten wilde Tiere. Gustav Grünspecht, Tierforscher in Schmuddelfing, bittet die Olchis um Hilfe: Seine Frau Gerda, die sich um bed...

Safari Through The Land Of Landu

Author : Angela Karanja
Genre : Fiction

This is an upbeat book on celebrating individuality, diversity and cohesion. In the Land of Landu, animals are different, have different talents, abilities and even disabilities, b...

Safari B Tales Book 1

Author : Karen Baker Renfroe
Genre : Animals

I've always been a working mom, so bedtime with my kids, Jack and Ally, was precious time! This is the story that we created together, and we told it a million times. It is about t...

Seven Friends On Safari

Author : Mabel van Niekerk
Genre : General Nonfiction

A few friends, who always enjoyed playing and roaming around the Kruger National Park and looking for food together, were gathered round the waterhole. They had a lot to discuss th...

Alphabet Safari Of East Africa

Author : Joanne M. Winnie
Genre : Alphabet

Alphabet Safari of East Africa is about two friends, one in Africa and the other in America. The adventure begins when Mr. Bald Eagle from America flies to Africa for one of Mr. Ba...

Mervin Goes On Safari To Find Opposite Animals

Author : Brianag Boyd
Genre : Size & Shape

An educational book for children - the book teaches children the concept of opposites.Mervin and his friends are going on Safari in AfricaThey are looking for opp...

Professor Jumble S Amazing Safari

Author : Roderick Cain, Mike Thirlwell & Tom Nicklin
Genre : Kids

Join Tommy and Lizzie and her pet frog Froggie as their school trip to Professor Jumble's Amazing Safari Park takes an unexpected turn. Journey with the children through a fantasti...


Author : Richard Gary
Genre : Animals

As the morning sun peeks over the grassy plains, the lion hunt is about to begin. In Safari, set out on a journey searching for the mighty king of the jungle—a journey with ...

Zoo Sketch Safari

Author : Tante Teri DeCoster
Genre : Games & Activities

Memory game of animals, plus sketches and fun facts! This book introduces the character Pippa Pinkerton....

Sam Sebbie And Di Di Di

Author : David Seow
Genre : Action & Adventure

Sam, Sebbie, and Di-Di-Di are three siblings who love doing things together. In this book, they visit the Night Safari where they come face-to-face with deer, lions, elephants, rhi...

Mervin Goes On An African Expedition

Author : Brianag Boyd
Genre : Animals

An educational book for children - giving interesting facts on African animals.Some of the content in the book includes:The Big 5HippopotamusCro...