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Schools Of Hope

Author : Norman H. Finkelstein
Genre : Biography

When Booker T. Washington, the famed African American educator, asked Julius Rosenwald, the wealthy president of Sears, Roebuck and Company and noted philanthropist, to help him bu...

Lessons Of Hope

Author : Joel Klein
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

New York Times Bestseller (Education)The Economist Best Books of the Year SelectionIn this revealing and provocative memoir, the former chancellor of the Ne...

The Battle For Room 314

Author : Ed Boland
Genre : Education

THE BATTLE FOR ROOM 314In a fit of idealism, Ed Boland left a twenty-year career as a non-profit executive to teach in a tough New York City public high school. But hi...

Charlie Chameleon S First Day At School I Hope Everyone Likes Me

Author : Frederick J. Zorn
Genre : Coming of Age

Hi! My name is "Charlie." This is my story about starting school. I was very excited and couldn't wait to go. When we got there, I saw lots of people I didn't know ...

The Heathen School

Author : John Demos
Genre : United States

Longlisted for the 2014 National Book AwardThe astonishing story of a unique missionary project—and the America it embodied—from award-winning historian...

The Little Book Of Restorative Justice In Education

Author : Katherine Evans & Dorothy Vaandering
Genre : Education

Much more than a response to harm, restorative justice nurtures relational, interconnected school cultures. The wisdom embedded within its principles and practices is being welcome...

The Circulatory System

Author : Jeremey Joshua Yao
Genre : Life Sciences

This book is all about the circulatory system and some part of it and the purpose of my book is to let others know what is it like inside the human body and let them learn the diff...

Building Hope

Author : Turk Pipkin
Genre : Education

Building Hope is the full-color companion book to Turk Pipkin’s award-winning film about Mahiga Hope High School in Kenya. The film and the book chronicle The Nobelity Pro...


Author : Jan Eline Junio Jandy B. Poot
Genre : Sports & Outdoors

Have you always wanted to play volleyball? But your parents can't afford volleyball lessons but don't worry I'm here to teach you how. This book is about how you can play volleybal...

Building A Culture Of Hope

Author : Robert D. Barr & Emily L. Gibson
Genre : Education

Research demonstrates that children of poverty need more than just academic instruction to succeed. Discover a blueprint for turning low-performing schools into Cultures of Hope! T...

Nature Of Hope

Author : Atascadero High School
Genre : Essays

Nature of Hope is the result of a collaborative project between Atascadero High School students and staff. Students wrote in the categories of fic...

Building Hope

Author : Turk Pipkin
Genre : Art & Architecture

BUILDING HOPE is the full color companion book to Turk Pipkin’s inspiring film about Mahiga Hope High School in rural Kenya. The film and the book chronicle The Nobelity Project...

How Do Cells Divide

Author : Ken Joseph Belen
Genre : Life Sciences

If you are wondering on how our wounds heal and how our hair and nails grow, well this eBook can answer your questions. This book is made  for you to easily understand how cel...

Vain Glory

Author : Hyeonseo Choi
Genre : Games

This eBook is entitled Vainglory. This book introduces the different game modes, basic skills in Vainglory and how to play it. Here you will also know the heroes and characters in ...

Fire Trap The Tragedy Of The Hope Development School

Author : Mark Masek
Genre : United States

In 1924, 23 people, mostly girls and young women from 5 to 26 years old, died in the Hope Development School fire near Los Angeles, a tragedy that has become an all-but-forgotten p...

I Have The Right To

Author : Chessy Prout
Genre : Biography

A young survivor tells her searing, visceral story of sexual assault, justice, and healing in this gutwrenching memoir.The numbers are staggering: nearly one in five gi...

Searching For Hope

Author : Matthew Tully
Genre : Education

Searching for Hope is a gripping account of life in a once-great high school in a rough Indianapolis neighborhood. Granted unfiltered access to Manual High throughout an entire sch...

Recitations And Concerted Pieces For Bands Of Hope And Sunday Schools Compiled By J Weston

Author : James Weston
Genre : Fiction & Literature

The FICTION & PROSE LITERATURE collection includes books from the British Library digitised by Microsoft. The collection provides readers with a perspective of the world from s...

Author : Charlton S. Lajara
Genre : Foreign Languages

Speak Chinese With Me is a textbook for students who are non-native Chinese speakers.The first volume of Speak Chinese With Me has two units, a total of eight lessons. There...

Complete Bobbsey Twins Series Of Laura Lee Hope

Author : Laura Lee Hope
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

For many years the Stratemeyer Syndicate's longest-running series of children's novels, penned under the pseudonym Laura Lee Hope. The Bobbsey family consists of the father, Richar...

The Power Of A Praying Teenager

Author : Paula Angela Pimentel
Genre : Spirituality

God wants you to long for His presence. He wants you to find your fulfillment in Him and nothing else. He wants you to walk closely with Him. He wants you to increase in faith and ...


Author : John Anthony Baccay
Genre : Self-Improvement

Cyberbullying is one of the most common issues in society nowadays. This book will help you further understand what cyberbullying is. It also tells the different forms and mediums ...

Why Hope Matters Now A Prominent Psychologist Says Executives Must Keep Hope Alive It S Actually A Business Imperative Conversation With Shane J Lopez Of Clifton Strengths School Interview

Author : Gallup Management Journal
Genre : Business & Personal Finance

Byline: A GMJ Q&A With Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D., Gallup senior scientist in residence and research director of the Clifton Strengths School Synopsis: It's easy to cultivate a s...


Author : Manolito Casanada Jr.
Genre : Transportation

I would like to share my eBook entitled "Biking" where in you will know about the history of bike, and the different types of bicycle. It also includes the different parts and acce...


Author : James Edward How
Genre : Health & Fitness

Smoking is one of the reasons that can cause serious disease, it is a habit that cannot be easily removed. That is why there is a newfound product that can be an alternative for th...

Stories Of Courage And Hope

Author : Fairfield Public School
Genre : Education

A collection of stories, both real and imagined, drawings, videos and links to websites about the refugee experience.  Students and staff from Fairfield Public School have put...

Pinoy Cuisine

Author : Rykiel R. Nolasco
Genre : Regional & Ethnic

This iBook is mainly about  Filipino delicacies and how we usually prepare them. A list of a mouthwatering dishes that you can find in the Philippines. Prepare your self for a...


Author : Keiser Austin T. Dy
Genre : Life Sciences

This is my stunning,cool and interesting book that you will enjoy to read. And in this book you will learn who discovered the blood types and you will find out what kind of blood t...

Pythagorean Sigma

Author : Frances Nicole B. Chua
Genre : Mathematics

This book entitled Pythagorean Sigma is about the Pythagoras' Theorem, also known as Pythagorean Theorem. Pythagorean Sigma focuses on the definition, short backround including the...

Three Laws Of Motion

Author : Maria Bianca Ysabella E. Soliman
Genre : Earth Sciences

Being all about one of Isaac Newton's greatest discoveries, this eBook will help those who are willing to learn more about the three laws of motion understand each law without diff...


Author : John Gabriel Azuran
Genre : Sports & Outdoors

This eBook entitled "Badminton" consists of introduction, history, equipments, rules and order of play on court. You will know more about badminton by reading this eBook. Play it, ...


Author : Jasmine Aliyah Yau
Genre : Cookbooks, Food & Wine

This book is about chocolates. You can see videos and watch it for your satisfaction. Chocolates commonly in dark, milk and white varieties with cocoa solids contributing to the br...

A Picture S Story

Author : Lian Elyzza Ll. Baritua
Genre : Photography

Photojournalism is an art, it is neither a formula to exact figures nor a way to define numerical values. It is subjective in the sense that the appreciation belongs to the spectat...

The Iron Lady

Author : Shiela Mae Baritua
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

This eBook is about our former senator, who is also a writer. She's fierce, she's feisty, she is known the "Iron Lady." She is Miriam Defensor Santiago, she is the best president w...


Author : Jan Eline Junio Jandy B. Poot
Genre : Sports & Outdoors

Have you always wanted to play badminton? But your parents can't afford badminton lessons, don't worry I'm here to teach you how. This book is about how you can play  badminto...

Steps To The Future

Author : Kaylie Nicole Clemente
Genre : Self-Improvement

This book is written by a young teenager who is having problems with deciding her career. The book will help you know what are the steps in helping you decide what career you want....


Author : Jestin Nico Dycoco
Genre : Mathematics

Using this book, the readers or learners will have been introduced to quadrilaterals and their properties. They will also learn terminologies used with quadrilaterals. Through the ...

Star Lite Signing Day Today Sets High School Football Players On A Path They Hope Will Lead To Fame In College And Perhaps Fortune In The The Nfl Here Is A Look At Both Ends Of The Journey From A Coach Who Works Tirelessly To Get His Players Noticed To A University That Is Too Often Snubbed By Elite Recruits How Va Tech Recruiting Lacks Luster Sports

Author : The Virginian Pilot
Genre : Reference

At 11:30 this morning , an 18-year-old high school senior in Wadesboro, N.C., will announce where he's going to college. Thousands of grown-up college football fans will stop what ...

End Of An Era High Performing Seniors Hope To Cap Their High School Careers In Spectacular Fashion

Author : The Virginian Pilot
Genre : Reference

Byline: NORA FIRESTONE By Nora Firestone...

Harbors Of Hope

Author : Wayne Hulley & Linda Dier
Genre : Education

Discover a proven way to deal effectively with the white waters of change in education, and create a culture of hope in which students receive the support they need to achieve succ...


Author : Andre Louis Olivan
Genre : Engineering

So, you ask this question: what makes the wheels of a vehicle spin? It surely isn't magic. So you ask another question: how do they work? The answer is in this book. This book show...

Game Of The Generals

Author : Bryan Rainer U. Clores
Genre : Games

This eBook is all about Games of the Generals. It consists of five chapters: Introduction, History of the Game, Board Layout, Moves and Gameplay, Common Strategies and Tactics, and...

Laws Of Exponents

Author : Adriel Eric Amurao
Genre : Mathematics

This eBook entitled Laws of Exponents is about the Rules of Exponents. It focuses on the rules on how we use exponents. It introduces the basic information about the 8 laws: Expone...

Larong Pinoy

Author : Terrence Joshua Rapay
Genre : Games

This eBook is about indigenous games or Larong Pinoy. It includes introduction, history, and games. As a Filipino, we are engaging in an activity that is part of our heritage. “B...

Manufacturing Hope And Despair

Author : Ricardo D. Stanton-Salazar
Genre : Education

Relying on a wealth of ethnographic and statistical data, this groundbreaking volume documents the many constraints and social forces that prevent Mexican-origin adolescents from c...

Properties Of Real Numbers

Author : Gabriel B. Rodero
Genre : Mathematics

When analyzing data, graphing equations and performing computations, we are most often working with real numbers. Real numbers are the set of all numbers that can be expressed as a...

Katrina S Sandcastles

Author : Kaycee Eckhardt
Genre : Education

“The first thing I need you to know is that becoming a teacher was the most important thing that ever happened to me.” With these words, Kaycee Eckhardt begins a journey both ha...

The Martyr

Author : Charisse Kylie B. Sia
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

This ibook is about a patriot, physician, and a writer named Jose Rizal. You can find informations about him in this book. You will also know where he studied and how he died....

Majestic Me

Author : Lian Elyzza Ll. Baritua
Genre : Asia

This book is a showcase of the beauty of the province of Albay and the warmth of its people. This is taken from the perspective of a Grade 8 student of Legazpi Hope Christian Schoo...

Ice Cream

Author : Chloe Sofia A. Bengco
Genre : Cookbooks, Food & Wine

This eBook is entitled "Ice Cream"consists of history of the said dessert and facts about it. It also gives the advantage and disadvantage of ice cream to people especially the chi...