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Sea Me

Author : Lori E. O'Connor
Genre : Arts & Entertainment

One of the greatest challenges for educators is to keep the arts alive within the school setting. With a series of books, narrated by ART herself,  the hope is to help instill...

Give Me A Fast Ship

Author : Tim McGrath
Genre : United States

Five ships against hundreds—the fledgling American Navy versus the greatest naval force the world had ever seen… America in 1775 was on the verge of rev...

The Hardy Boys 5 Sea You Sea Me

Author : Scott Lobdell & Daniel Rendon
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels

The Hardy Boys get caught in a perfect storm! Something's fishy when Frank and Joe go undercover aboard "the Silver Lining," an old fishing boat, to find out why teen crew members...

Between The Deep Blue Sea And Me

Author : Lurline Wailana McGregor
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Moana Kawelo, PhD, has a promising career as a museum curator in Los Angeles. The untimely death of her father—and the gravitational pull of Hawai‘i when she returns home for h...

Sea Swallow Me And Other Stories

Author : Craig L. Gidney
Genre : Contemporary

A finalist for the Lambda Literary Award! Magic and myth mingle in dark and dazzling ways in Craig Laurance Gidney's debut collection. A tourist meets an African sea god... A 12th ...

Finley The Sea And Me

Author : Paul Hardaker & Jo Watson
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

One man's voyage into the unknown. 2012 Olympic Torch Bearer, Paul Hardaker, recounts the tales of his solo 'Around the Coast' charity sail aboard his boat, Zuma, with only his pet...

Sharks The Sea And Me

Author : Rodney Fox
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

My life has been seven-tenths water, Rodney Fox tells us in his extraordinary story. Attacked and almost killed by a great white shark in 1963, spearfishing champion and insurance ...

With The Sea Beside Me

Author : Meade Fischer
Genre : United States

This is a book for the adventure traveler, and it covers the California coast from Santa Barbara to the Oregon border, including camping, hiking, kayaking, surfing, hidden beaches,...

Molly And Me By The Sea And Other Stories

Author : Letterland
Genre : Fiction

With the Letterland Phonics Readers, children will have the satisfaction of reading whole books. The series of imaginative, decodable stories gradually introduces new phonic elemen...

Balloons Sea Creatures And Me

Author : Carlos Spivey
Genre : Fiction

Balloons, Sea creatures, and Me is the story of discovery. When a little girl is asked by her mother whether or not she should let balloons go free into the sky, the young girl l...

Sarah And Me And The Lady From The Sea

Author : Patricia Beatty & Beebliome
Genre : Historical

Marcella Abbott can’t believe it. Her family is giving up their house in Portland, Oregon, and their comfortable life in the city to live year-round on Washington State’s Olymp...

The Sea Beside Me

Author : Kevin Robert Aldrich
Genre : Short Stories

In the aftermath of his wife's sudden death, Tom realized what kind of man he had become -- and didn't like what he saw....

Que Sea La Ltima Vez Que Me Llamas Reina De La Tele

Author : Màxim Huerta
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Margarita Gayo, reina indiscutible e indiscutida de la televisión, recibe una carta de la revista TP que hará tambalearse su vida: quieren darle el premio a toda una carrera... L...

Kiss Me One More Time

Author : Timothy Sea
Genre : Contemporary

KISS ME ONE MORE TIME is the often funny, and forever heartrending, story of Phillip Holcomb (clueless future aerospace engineer) and Sarah Grace Godwin (snarky virgin). Both colle...

I Sighed At The Sea And The Sea Sighed Back At Me

Author : Roxanne Carter
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

This is a collection of my notebook entries from dating from 1998 to 2003. I started my notebook in 1998 as part of a diaries class taught by John Wilson at UC Santa Barbara, and ...

Non Local Flow

Author : Tanya Kimberly Orme
Genre : Art & Architecture

Non-Local Flow: Good Chi, The Sea and Me is an exquisite, 310-page, full-color, biography/travelogue EPUB book that contains the poetry, prose and abstract expressionism artwork...

Will You Marry Me Sea Goddess A Dreamtime Story For Kids

Author : Semisi Pone
Genre : Performing Arts

A story of Angelika, the Sea Goddess that visits a seaside village every 1,000 years to choose a ruler of the ocean for the next 1,000 years......

The Giant Sea And Me

Author : Ann Snider
Genre : Fiction

Dolphin Friends and Me will enlighten your spirits.  As you and your children read about swimming in the great blue sea with dolphin friends you will feel like you are swimmin...

Over The Sea To Me

Author : Mary Catelli
Genre : Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables

A novelette retelling an old ballad.A castle of marvels, by the sea -- full of goblins and sprites.  Many young knights come in search of adventures, and leave in ...

Take Me To The Sea

Author : R. J. Davnall
Genre : Epic

Atla has come home, but Vessit is a town still reeling from disastrous Realmquakes and the reappearance of the man blamed for them; Rissad Van Raighan. Rissad claims extraordinary ...

Michoacan Tiene Que Ir A Votar Fausto Vallejo Candidato Del Pri A La Gubernatura No Me Inquieta Que Sea Hermana Del Presidente De La Republica Sino Que La Veo Como Un Adversario Y Con Mucho Respeto Y Sin Ingenuidades Tambien

Author : Siempre
Genre : Industries & Professions

Las elecciones en Michoacan son emblematicas porque seran el espejo hacia los comicios del 2012; ahi nacio el PRD; ahi nacio tambien Felipe Calderon, el Presidente de la Republica;...

A Sea Of Rage Inside Of Me

Author : Doreen Hawkins Heath
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

Have you ever been in a new place, and it seems like youve been there before? In grade school, I had this eerie feeling so many times that I took notice after a while. I stared a...

You And Me On The Blueberry Sea

Author : Connie J. Barretta
Genre : Fiction

At a family picnic on the lake, where he watched the sailboats run with the wind in their sails, a small boy falls asleep, and his great imagination turns into a fun pirate adventu...


Author : me.da. media
Genre : Photography

Book # 2 from the #hashtag series. Here I show my impressions from Croatia, photographed in summer 2016. Impressions from the Photowalk in Pula, or at sea, as well as in Rabac. Hav...

Get Real

Author : Ian Clifford Berghofer Prim.Cert.REBT M.Ed. Grad.Dip.T. Dip.T.
Genre : Self-Improvement

The book is broken into two parts, Calm Confident Me and The Sea of Life, The self-paced learning program Calm Confident Me replaces our most common mental roadblocks with proven m...

Dragons Of The Seven Cosmic Seas Of Me

Author : Hildegarde Staninger
Genre : Spirituality

Each time I read this wonderful book by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger® and Roberto Mentuccia, I feel very deeply that I am never alone in the realms of the finite and the Infinite, as ...

Sea Me Paranormal Erotic Short

Author : Dawn Wilder
Genre : Erotica

SEA MEAriana can't resist watching Darryl, his draw too strong. But she isn't as well-hidden as she thinks...***Paranormal Erotic Short, Adult Reading Material...

Sea Man Got Me Like

Author : Victor Cox
Genre : Erotica

Michael Scheer was young and starting his career in the Navy.He knew that people wouldn’t understand if they found out about his own personal sexual preferen...