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Small Steps

Author : Louis Sachar
Genre : Coming of Age

SMALL STEPS is a contemporary young adult novel from Louis Sachar, the New York Times bestselling author of the Newbery Award–winning smash hit phenomenon book and movie/D...

Tomorrow I Am A Millionaire

Author : Ted Burelle
Genre : Management & Leadership

CONGRATUALATION   -  YOU ARE A WINNER! You have started the process of getting rich. This book will show you how you are making better decisions....

Take Action 5 Small Steps To Motivate Yourself Master Leadership Eliminate Fear Achieve Your Goals Transform Your Life

Author : Alex Altman
Genre : Self-Improvement

Eliminate procrastination, take control of your life, and spend more time doing what you love!  "You Will Never Again Be Lazy, Unproductive Or Feel Hope...

The Four Steps To The Epiphany

Author : Steve Blank
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

The bestselling classic that launched 10,000 startups and new corporate ventures - The Four Steps to the Epiphany is one of the most influential and practical business books of all...

Zero To A Million In 12 The 12 Step Guide To Becoming A Millionaire In A Year

Author : Leopole Astonelli McLaughlin III
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

In order to become a millionaire in a year, you need iron-grip control over everything! Follow everything in this book and you will have at least one million dollars in 12 months. ...

Go Pro 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional Summary Key Takeaways In 20 Minutes

Author : Masters in Minutes
Genre : Business & Personal Finance

Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional | Summary & Key Takeaways In 20 Minutes.Get this summary if you want to learn the concise actionable in...

Eric Worre S Go Pro 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional Summary

Author : Ant Hive Media
Genre : Marketing & Sales

This is a Summary of Eric Worre's Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming A Network Marketing ProfessionalOver twenty years ago at a company convention, Eric Worre had an “aha”...

6 Steps To Demonstrate Value For Your Product

Author : Addison Publishing
Genre : Economics

Few paragraphs from the eBook is as follows, Businesses falter miserably.. Businesses falter miserably when it comes to something as simple as an elevator pitch, ...

The Startup Owner S Manual

Author : Steve Blank
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Welcome to The Startup Owner's Manual, a near-encyclopedic manual that will teach you * How to incorporate the Business Model Canvas as the organizing principle for startup h...

Create Your Blog From Scratch

Author : Angelos Papaioannidis
Genre : Internet

This is a helpful eBook for people who are starting out their Blog journey. If you want to create your own blog, you should know how to buy a domain name, register with a web...

How To Start An Online Business Online Business Ideas For Beginners A Step By Step Guide To Start An Online Business

Author : Gregory Thunder
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

How to Start an Online Business: Online Business Ideas for Beginners: A Step by Step Guide to Start an Online BusinessAre you tired of working for a boss who doesn...

Blogging To Freedom 7 Steps To Creating Your Independence With Blogging

Author : Kraig Mathias
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

The EXACT same steps I used to create my own blog, which both directly and indirectly resulted in my own $40,000+ independent online business!...

Step By Step Project Planning

Author : Jason Westland
Genre : Management & Leadership

It takes a lot of work to plan a project from start to finish. You need to do more than just create a "project schedule". You have to plan for the resources, equipment, money and c...

Start Your Own Lawn Care Or Landscaping Business

Author : The Staff of Entrepreneur Media & Cheryl Kimball
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

If you enjoy the outdoors, love nature, or enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass, then a lawn care or landscaping business is your chance to rake in plenty of green. Your business can...

Small Steps The Year I Got Polio

Author : Peg Kehret
Genre : General Nonfiction

Almost twenty years ago, in a riveting story of courage and hope, Peg Kehret wrote of months spent in a hospital when she was twelve, first struggling to survive a severe case of p...

How To Build A Website And Publish Your First Page In Less Than 5 Minutes A Step By Step Guide To Help You Get Started Right Away

Author : Albert B Ulrich III
Genre : Internet

HOW TO BUILD A WEBSITE AND PUBLISH YOUR FIRST PAGE IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTESIt's easier now, than ever before, to build a website and publish your first page of content....

Ten Steps Ahead

Author : Erik Calonius
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

How do the most extraordinary entrepreneurs create a bold vision for the future-and follow through against all setbacks? Visionaries like Steve Jobs and Thomas...

Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Author : Bill Aulet
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

24 Steps to Success!Disciplined Entrepreneurship will change the way you think about starting a company. Many believe that entrepreneurship cannot be taug...

The Attractor Factor

Author : Joe Vitale
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Discover the secret to lifelong wealth and happiness! Now in an expanded paperback second edition that includes an Attractor Factor IQ test, exercises for putting lesso...

The System

Author : Don Failla & Nancy Failla
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Newly added to the 2nd Edition is a chapter dedicated to cold market prospecting. Many find their warm market shrinking, and Don & Nancy explain how you can build an endless wa...

Five Steps To Building A Brand

Author : Enterprise Nation
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

This is the ultimate introduction to branding your business – a free eBook to help you define, present and maintain your business brand, produced in partnership between Enterpris...

How To Start A Trucking Company Your Step By Step Guide To Starting A Trucking Company

Author : HowExpert
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

How To Start a Trucking Company is a guide designed to help anyone who is interested in starting a trucking business. In this guide you will learn how to operate your company the r...

Copywriting For New Entrepreneurs The Step By Step Guide To Writing A Non Sucky About Page That Turns Website Visitors Into Subscribers Raving Fans Dream Clients

Author : Leah Cox
Genre : Marketing & Sales

Free 30-day email training series for online entrepreneurs - get my top 30 copywriting tips to help you find your voice, gather your tribe and turn your online words to gold (or mo...

Kdp 6 Figures Exposed Step By Step Stupidly Easy Course On How To Make Six Figures Through Amazon Kindle Publishing Exposed

Author : Muhammad N. Sikandar
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines

Step-by-Step Stupidly Easy Course To Make Six Figures Through Amazon Kindle Publishing With Pictures!No-Technical knowledge required - Step-By-Step Instructions With Pi...

The Dog Walker S Startup Guide Create Your Own Lucrative Dog Walking Business In 12 Easy Steps

Author : J.D. Antell
Genre : Pets

Written by a dog-walking pioneer, this book provides all the information anyone would need to start up his or her own dog walking business. Presented in twelve well-defined steps, ...

Start A Cupcake Business Today

Author : Paula Spencer
Genre : Methods

"Start a Cupcake Business Today" equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to start and successfully grow a cupcake bakery anywhere. Business Plan Template a...


Author : Karen Kang
Genre : Careers

Globalization and social media have made the world smaller, more connected and infinitely more competitive. The world has changed. Have you? If you don t have the package that will...

How To Start Up Your Own Business A Step By Step Guide To Starting A Small Business Successfully

Author : Meir Liraz
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

This is a practical guide that will walk you step by step through all the essentials of starting a business. The book is packed with guides, worksheets and checklists. These strate...

The Online Affiliate Machine

Author : Craig Fairgrieve
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

What if I could teach you a way to generate just that little bit extra money each day? You could start your own home business today using nothing more than your computer the techni...

Guide To Financial Ratios Analysis A Step By Step Guide To Balance Sheet And Profit And Loss Statement Analysis

Author : Meir Liraz
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

This guide will walk you step by step through all the essential phases of performing a financial statements ratio analysis. What is ratio analysis? The Balance Sheet a...

Get Your Business To Work

Author : George Hedley
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

George Hedley, who turned $2,000 into a $50 million company in seven years, provides a perceptive new guide with a simple, real-world solution to running a business smoothly while ...

How To License Or Sell Your Ideas 7 Steps To Making Money By Licensing Or Selling Your Ideas To Companies

Author : Matthew Yubas
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Learn how to make money by licensing or selling your ideas to companies.This guidebook takes you through a 7-Step process to license or sell your ideas. Based on 24 years of ...

Tomorrow I Am A Millionaire

Author : Ted Burelle
Genre : Management & Leadership

CONGRATUALATION   -  YOU ARE A WINNER! You have started the process of getting rich. This book will show you how you are making better decisions....

How To Sell Your Crafts Online

Author : Derrick Sutton
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies

With over 400,000 sellers on Etsy, how can you make YOUR shop stand out and increase your sales? This is a key question for many crafters and artists who are selling online these d...

The Retail Doctor S Guide To Growing Your Business

Author : Bob Phibbs
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

It's one of the toughest economies in years, but don't fear-the doctor is inAre you among the thousands of retailers frustrated by market challenges and looking for way...

5 Freelance Steps To Financial Freedom

Author : Corey Tucker
Genre : Marketing & Sales

Wish you could earn more income and break into freelancing? You CAN.  Freelancing to Financial Freedom shows you step by step how you can monetize your talents to ...

Start Your Own Import Export Business

Author : Entrepreneur Magazine & Krista Turner
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Importing and exporting are trillion-dollar industries – but that doesn’t mean they’re just for big business. In fact, small businesses make up about 96 percent of this field...

Borrowing Brilliance

Author : David Kord Murray
Genre : Self-Improvement

In a book poised to become the bible of innovation, a renowned creativity expert reveals the key to the creative process-"borrowing". As a former aerospace sci...

The Start Up J Curve

Author : Howard Love
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

A predictable pattern of success Entrepreneurs who have read early drafts of The Start-Up J Curve responded, ''I wish I had this book years ago.''...

So You Want To Start A Business 8 Steps To Take Before Making The Leap

Author : Edward D. Hess & Charles F. Goetz
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Build the Successful Company You've Always Wanted to Own!Avoid the 8 disastrous operational mistakes that kill new businesses Walk step-by-step through the entire...

Four Steps To Building A Profitable Coaching Practice

Author : Deborah Brown-Volkman
Genre : Management & Leadership

Are you frustrated with trying to grow and market your coaching practice? Do you feel like there is too much information (or too little) on how to market your practice, yet not eno...

Product Launch 123 Launch A New Product Or Service In 3 Proven Steps

Author : Barry Silverstein
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Product Launch 123: Launch a Product or Service in 3 Proven Steps is an authoritative eGuide that helps small businesses with new products and services launch them with minimum ris...

Start Your Own Graphic Design Business

Author : Entrepreneur Press
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

It’s time to make your mark in the world of graphic design. There’s no doubt you’ve imagined it—placing your name and logo on business cards, taking creative control and bei...

5 Steps For Using Social Media

Author : Heidi Larson
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Five Steps for Using Social Media to Build your Brand and Promote your Business! Includes how-to’s, guidance from experts, video clips, examples, planning templates, and interact...

Business Plan Project

Author : David Sellars
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

This book is designed to meet important needs of each segment; (1) the business plan serves as a means for college students to learn about the major functions of business and how t...

Small Steps

Author : Mark H. Jamieson
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Small Steps is a science fiction story set in the near future when a government on Earth seeks to recover the specs for the Lost (“line of sight travel”) Engine from a reclusiv...

Start Your Own Freight Brokerage Business

Author : Jacquelyn Lynn & Entrepreneur Press
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Looking to start a business and turn a profit in a very short time? Then becoming a freight broker is likely for you!The experts at Entrepreneur lay...

How To Open A Store A Step By Step Guide To Starting A Retail Shop Business

Author : Meir Liraz
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

This guide will walk you step by step through all the essential phases of starting a successful retail business. To profit in a new store, you need to consider the following questi...

Five Steps To Your Own Internet Travel Agency

Author : Barb Nefer
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Are you looking for a home-based business with flexible hours and low start-up costs and expenses? Are you a stay-at-home mom who needs some extra income? Do you need more money to...

Six Week Start Up

Author : Rhonda Abrams
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Written for anyone who has an idea for a business, but doesn’t know how to go about starting it, Six-Week Start-Up 3rd Ed. takes readers from idea to “open-for-business.” Thi...