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Stephen Curry

Author : Andrew McKay
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

This book shares the story of one of basketball's best point guards, Stephen Curry. Curry had an exciting basketball career as a player for the the National Basketball Associat...

Stephen Curry

Author : Jon M. Fishman
Genre : Biography

NBA scouts nearly overlooked point guard Stephen Curry. Most NBA stars come from well-known schools, but not Stephen. He played for Davidson College in North Carolina, where he set...

A Thousand Nothings

Author : Stephen Curry
Genre : Science & Nature

"I will share my experiences of science — such as they are and as frankly as I can." With these words Professor Stephen Curry started writing about science on his blog in...

Stephen Curry

Author : Eric Braun
Genre : Sports & Recreation

Stephen Curry is considered to be the greatest shooter in National Basketball Association (NBA) history. He's set the record for the most three-pointers made in a regular season. H...

Stephen Curry A Sharpshooter S Journey To The Nba Beyond

Author : Steve James
Genre : Basketball

“If you don’t fall how are you going to know what getting up is like?”— Stephen CurryWhat if you could learn the secrets of Steph Curry?...

On The Court With Stephen Curry

Author : Matt Christopher
Genre : Biography

Discover the amazing achievements of fan favorite two-time MVP Stephen Curry in this brand-new, comprehensive biography.Steph Curry is a two-time NBA Mos...

Stephen Curry Hoophandbook Signature Workout Program

Author : Dre Baldwin
Genre : Basketball

This is a workout program series based on the game and skills of NBA players, with written and video demonstrations of each drill and skill for you to follow step-by-step. Develope...

Dread Dominion

Author : Stephen Marley
Genre : Science Fiction

Joe and Rico Dredd: clone brothers who chose to live on different sides of the law. Thirty-seven years ago, Dredd arrested his twin in Cafe Cesare and condemned him to life as a cy...

Drug Disposition And Pharmacokinetics

Author : Stephen H. Curry & Robin Whelpton
Genre : Science & Nature

This is an authoritative, comprehensive book on the fate of drug molecules in the body, including implications for pharmacological and clinical effects. The text provides a unique,...

Introduction To Drug Disposition And Pharmacokinetics

Author : Stephen H. Curry & Robin Whelpton
Genre : Chemistry

The application of knowledge of drug disposition, and skills in pharmacokinetics, are crucial to the development of new drugs and to a better understanding of how to achieve maximu...

New Environments For Working

Author : Francis Duffy, Denice Jaunzens, Andrew Laing & Stephen Willis
Genre : Art & Architecture

The workplace is changing radically, yet the building designs and environmental systems for conventional offices fail to support the more fluid use of space and time practised by t...

The Right Steph

Author : Mike Yorkey
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

Steph Curry: You Can’t Keep Your Eyes Off of Him   In a few short years, Stephen Curry has reshaped the way basketball is played, been proclaimed the best...


Author : Stephen Marley
Genre : Science Fiction

Mister Cairo, private eye and wild psi-talent, has been hired to find a missing alien call-girl. The only clue her abductors have left is an Inverted Tarot card: The World, turned ...

Redeeming Jacob Marley

Author : Stephen Miller
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Jacob Marley wanders the earth like a vagabond, howling and weeping with each windblown step. He is a soul, doomed to roam the earth day and night, misery without end. . . longing ...

The Life Of The Virgin Mary

Author : Stephen Marley
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

The Virgin Mary was the most important person in history. As theMother of God, hers was a unique destiny and her importance for Christianity cannot be over-emphasised. Mary has ins...

Gang Wars Of The North

Author : Stephen Richards
Genre : True Crime

Viv Graham and Lee Duffy led parallel lives as pub and club enforcers, raging their gangland turf wars with a fierce frenzy of brutality and unremitting cruelty. This frank and ast...