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Sticky Fingers

Author : Niki Burnham
Genre : Fiction

Busting my a   makes me feel good. Bulletproof, that's how Jenna Kassarian sees herself. It's all about control: As long as she works hard, nothing c...

Sticky Fingers

Author : Nancy Martin
Genre : Women Sleuths

Roxy Abruzzo stays one step ahead of trouble----especially now that her cash flow is less than stellar, and she's "doing favors" for her slippery uncle Carmine, one of the last old...

Sticky Fingers

Author : Sophie Maletsky
Genre : Crafts

Sticky Fingers is a vibrant, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to creating amazing projects with the hottest crafting material on the market today duct tape! The book inclu...

Sticky Fingers Sweets

Author : Doron Petersan
Genre : Courses & Dishes

A Food Network Cupcake Wars winner shares her scrumptious recipes in a new cookbook that has vegans and omnivores alike clamoring for more. When Sticky Fingers ...

Sticky Fingers The Any Time Anywhere Pickpocket

Author : Lee Thompson
Genre : Performing Arts

Sticky Fingers: The Any Time, Anywhere Pickpocket By Lee Thompson, originally published in 2012 A powerful yet easy to perform stage routine that makes you ...

Katie Grace And The Sticky Fingers

Author : Julie Merrin
Genre : Religion

Katie Grace loves her dog, Mr. Tibbles.When her pet gets lost, she will stop at nothing to find him. When her school project goes missing, she searches until the lost is found. Whe...

The Sticky Situations Of Zwicky Fingers

Author : Rhys Hughes
Genre : Short Stories

Zwicky Fingers is a giant fruit bat detective who lives in the past, present and future simultaneously. He is often consulted by the police force when there are paradoxical, latera...

The Curse Of Sticky Fingers

Author : Thomas P. Hanna
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Merganser “Merk” McNeap tries to lift a wallet to get money owed to him but grabs the one of Big Momma Turnyipp, a witch-in-training, instead. She curses whoever stole her wall...

Super Corporate Heroes Vol 1

Author : Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias
Genre : Graphic Novels

With great power, take no responsibility! After powerful companies (and lobbyists) decimate the golden age of non-profit superheroes, new rules are designed and a new g...

Sticky Fingers

Author : Alison Tyler
Genre : Romance

Jodie Silver has money and prestige - she's a buyer for an import and export business handling luxury goods in the heart of San Fransisco. But underneath this polished exterior...

Sticky Fingers

Author : Alishia Scarlett
Genre : Erotica

Sticky Fingers is a short story about two teenaged high school girls named Gayle and Tia has their first lesbian experience in the showers following netball practice....

Sticky Fingers A Rouge Erotic Romance

Author : Alison Tyler
Genre : Erotica

As a buyer for a luxury export business in the heart of San Fransisco, Jodie Silver is the height of money and prestige. But underneath her polished exterior, Jodie has a darker, w...

Sappy Pine Trees And Sticky Fingers

Author : Jackie Nacht
Genre : Erotica

Three years ago, Grant left for school, but he didn’t leave without regret. An attraction to his friend Wyatt that he’d never pursued has haunted him these past years. Finally,...

Sixth Form At St Peters Tales Of An All Girls Boarding School Part One Sticky Fingers

Author : Daniella Donati
Genre : Erotica

Tallulah had been at the same boarding school all her life, but now she was eighteen she found the strict rules increasingly frustrating. Having been attracted to other girls and t...

Sticky Fingers Warm Leatherette

Author : Zak Jane Keir
Genre : Erotica

When the drinks had been served, and Rubberlover had put his change away in the little wristpouch he wore, Jimmy took a deep breath and asked, ‘So, what do they do with their hou...