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The Book That Matters Most A Novel

Author : Ann Hood
Genre : Fiction & Literature

An enthralling novel about love, loss, secrets, friendship, and the healing power of literature, by the bestselling author of The Knitting Circle. Ava’s twenty-five-year ma...


Author : Craig Groeschel
Genre : Christianity

Author and pastor Craig Groeschel helps you uncover who you really are—a man created in the image of God with a warrior’s heart—and how to fight the good fight for what’s r...

The Four Things That Matter Most 10th Anniversary Edition

Author : Ira Byock
Genre : Self-Improvement

Newly updated with stories from people who have turned to this life-altering book in their time of need, this motivational teaching about what really matters reminds us how we can ...

The Hour That Matters Most

Author : Les Parrott
Genre : Christianity

The facts are on the table. Dinnertime is truly the most important hour in a day that a family can spend together. Focusing on the family meal, this book will help strengthen famil...

The Belly Off Diet

Author : Jeff Csatari & Editors of Men's Health
Genre : Health & Fitness

Men’s Health has found the secret to weight-loss. It’s not some new exercise contraption or magic pill or trendy fad diet. The secret to quick and permanent weight loss ...

The World Of Psychics

Author : David Wells & John Holland
Genre : Spirituality

Hay House’s psychics will show you how to improve a host of psychic skills with this free guide. There are many tools and techniques you can employ to fully develop your sixth-se...

An Introduction To Mediumship

Author : Gordon Smith & Lisa Williams
Genre : Spirituality

Hay House’s mediums will show you how to improve a host of skills with this free guide.An Introduction to Mediumship discusses: What ghosts are, and why they...

Intercessors God S End Time Vanguard How To Pray Effectively For The Things That Matter Most

Author : Susan Gaddis
Genre : Self-Improvement

Have you ever felt that some of the most important things in your life were out of control? Have you tried to deal with those issues, people, and situations through your own abilit...

The Belly Off Workouts

Author : Jeff Csatari & David Jack
Genre : Health & Fitness

Banish belly fast, lose weight, and build lean muscle with simple at-home workouts designed specifically for men and women who don't like to go to the gym.Using the bas...

Dear Chandler Dear Scarlett

Author : Mike Huckabee
Genre : Self-Improvement

“I wrote these letters so that long after I’m gone, you’ll know that I loved you, had great hopes for you, and wanted to give you my best advice on living in this tough wo...

Fight Study Guide

Author : Craig Groeschel
Genre : Christianity

In this five-session video-based small group Bible study (DVD/digital video sold separately), pastor and bestselling author Craig Groeschel explores the life of Samson, helpin...

Manners That Matter Most

Author : June Eding & Norah Lawlor
Genre : Etiquette

Recommended by The New York Times!Etiquette is one of the most valuable assets a person can have: knowing how best to present yourself, and how to deal ...

The Things That Matter Most

Author : Cal Thomas
Genre : Politics & Current Events

In this controversial and thought-provoking bestseller that has sold more than 125,000 copies, America's fastest-growing syndicated columnist explains how we have lost sight of the...

The Extraordinary Book Of Useless Information

Author : Don Voorhees
Genre : Reference

There are more incredibly pointless and delightfully entertaining things to discover in this new entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.You probably n...

Life S Biggest Questions

Author : Erik Thoennes
Genre : Christianity

If we were to compile the biggest questions pertaining to life, we would face some daunting submissions: Does God exist? What is God like? How will it all end? In this accessible b...

How Philosophy Can Save Your Life

Author : Marietta McCarty
Genre : Philosophy

Discover how great philosophers can help you live a more purposeful and peaceful life. This inspiring new book from the bestselling author of Little Big Minds...

My Final Word

Author : Charles W. Colson
Genre : Christianity

One of the most respected and influential Christian leaders of the last several decades, Chuck Colson engaged millions through his books, public speaking, and radio broadcasts....

The Book That Changed My Life

Author : Roxanne J. Coady & Joy Johannessen
Genre : Essays

Now in paperback, a delightful collection of essays on the transformative power of reading In The Book That Changed My Life, our most admired writers, doctors, professors, r...

Heaven Hell And Purgatory

Author : Jerry L. Walls
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

Will heaven be boring? How can a good and loving God send people to hell? Is there such a place as purgatory? If so, why is it necessary, if we're saved by grace?Questi...

A New Breed Of Leader

Author : Sheila M. Bethel, Ph.D.
Genre : Management & Leadership

In A New Breed of Leader, Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel-global leadership expert, bestselling author, and award-winning speaker-will show readers how to develop the essential qualities ...

Measuring Itsm

Author : Randy A. Steinberg
Genre : Computers

How do you measure and report your IT services and processes? Which metrics matter the most to senior executives? Finally, here is a book that shows you how! No...

Beliefs That Matter Most

Author : W. T. Purkiser
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

The purpose of this little book is to try to place faith in the setting of interest and meaning for young people....

The Truth About What Nonprofit Boards Want

Author : June J. Bradham
Genre : Industries & Professions

The Truth About What Nonprofit Boards Want is a must read for every executive and fundraiser who wonders how to attract and retain passionate and generous board members. Just liste...

It S The Economy That Matters Most

Author : Richard Holdren
Genre : Public Administration

Every American concerned about protecting Freedom and the right to property and prosperity must read this book. The enemies of the United States are not out to conquer the US milit...

A New Breed Of Leader

Author : Sheila Murray Bethel
Genre : Management & Leadership

The author of the national bestseller Making a Difference presents the indispensable characteristics every twenty-first century leader needs. In A New ...

Collaborative Leadership

Author : Dr. Peter M. DeWitt
Genre : Education

Get the ammunition you need to fuel collaborative leadership in your school. What type of leadership do you practice? Many of us rely on transformational and instructio...

The Two Things That Matter Most

Author : Keith Gardner
Genre : Bible Studies

The Bible is filled with golden nuggets of advice, instruction, and inspiration. Many of these nuggets come to us as a result of questions people asked. One of those occasions prod...

The Things That Matter Most

Author : Perry Prete
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

A NEW CENTURY, A NEW WAY TO DIE In the summer of August 2000, Ethan Tennant, Tom Lister and Galen Hoese work together to catch the killer of young girls during the first summ...

A Thousand Goodbyes

Author : Jim Huber
Genre : Family & Relationships

In this beautifully written, reflective, and sometimes humorous book, Jim Huber, host of CNN's The Sporting Life, tells of his precious final months with his father. His rec...

Beyond Your Logo

Author : Elaine Fogel
Genre : Marketing & Sales

There are plenty of hurdles to overcome running a small business. It may have excellent products and services, investment capital, and an ideal location, BUT, if its brand is lackl...

The Good Dad Guide

Author : Charles Marshall
Genre : Christianity

Most dads want to be awesome dads who are willing to do whatever it takes to help their children grow into successful adults. And they want to have fun doing it! With h...

Not By Bread Alone

Author : Richard M. Gray
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

What was the core message of Jesus of Nazareth? It is there in the opening chapter of the gospel of Mark: The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. That kingdom, of...

The Path To Happiness

Author : Eliza Palmer
Genre : Self-Improvement

What if you knew you didn’t need an expensive car or have to visit a monastery to be happy? What if you can actually access lasting unconditional happiness by being in the pre...

Watching Movies

Author : Rick Lyman
Genre : Performing Arts

An inside look at how some of the hottest figures in the film industry view their craftIn this unique collection, New York Times film critic Rick Lyman si...