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The Warrior S Heart

Author : Eric Greitens
Genre : Biography

In this adaptation of his best-selling book, The Heart and the Fist, Eric speaks directly to teen readers, interweaving memoir and intimate second-person narratives that ask...

A Warrior S Heart

Author : Micky Ward & Joe Layden
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

With the success of the critically-acclaimed, Academy Award-winning film “The Fighter,” the world stood up and cheered for the inspiring true story of Micky Ward—a heart-a...

Warrior S Heart

Author : Laurie London
Genre : Paranormal

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Laurie London comes a story about a man imprisoned for years and the woman he never forgot... Zara Kane is leading ...

Historical Romance

Author : Sydney Lawrence
Genre : Romance

Historical Romance: Lady Madelyn Holsinworth had been the most beautiful woman in all of England-until her husband disappeared without a trace. Her beauty faded overnight as quickl...

Warrior S Heart

Author : Georgina Gentry
Genre : Historical

HE LIVED WITH SAVAGE ABANDON. . .A half-breed wanted for murder among his own native Shoshoni, Rider is hard and bitter from the injustice that has sealed his fate. Now, Hi...

The Heart S Warrior

Author : Leigh Bale
Genre : Historical

North of the Danelaw, 954 AD A Heart Broken ~ Known for her healing skills, Kerstin, the Witch of Moere, is torn from the arms of her betrothed and forced into marriag...

Morgan S Mercenaries Heart Of The Warrior

Author : Lindsay McKenna
Genre : Suspense

"You are one of us!" she had declared, and mercenary Roan Storm Walker knew that the words of the beautiful Amazon warrior Inca were true. Now, summoned by a power he scarcely unde...

Hawaiian Heart The Soul Warrior S Journey

Author : Duke and Nancy Kell
Genre : Fiction & Literature

After more than 200 interviews of Big Island elders and spiritual practitioners as well as teaching for 3 years at the local middle school, the Kell's created a fiction novel wrapp...

Warrior S Heart Two Natured London 2

Author : Susanna Shore
Genre : Paranormal

“I don’t think it’s such a good idea for you to go there,” he stated authoritatively, wiping away the aftereffects of his smile. Good.Without pausing, she shot a glan...

To Tame A Warrior S Heart

Author : Sharon Schulze
Genre : Historical

The Lady Catrin Had Survived A Nightmarish PastNow her willful ways had plunged her headlong into danger—and into the arms of Nicholas Talbot, a man whose very presen...

My Heart Warrior Living With Hlhs Through A Father S Eyes

Author : Michael De Los Santos
Genre : Self-Improvement

This is the story of the life and legacy of Aaron De Los Santos through his father’s eyes. Discover the incredible journey his family experienced and the enduring lessons he left...

Warrior S Heart

Author : Donna Fleisher
Genre : Religious

A new home. A new life. To have both, she must outlast a bitter storm. Once Chris fought for her country. Now she’s fighting for her faith. And she’s about to fight for her lif...

The Psalms Of A Warrior S Heart

Author : Emmanuel Young
Genre : Christianity

The Pslams of a Warrior's Heart...

The Heart Of A Warrior

Author : Joseph Smalldone
Genre : Christianity

As men and women of God we have been called to a higher calling. It is time for us to realize who we are in Christ Jesus and what our mission is. God has placed within us th...

Finding The Warrior Within

Author : Carolyn Alcina
Genre : Self-Improvement

See the power of God transform lives through your prayers!We are in a war! Satan has declared war on God and his people. We are called to fight! Discover how we ha...

His Warrior S Heart

Author : Mary Newman
Genre : Paranormal

Mango Ururoa has been an agent for the Kawana family since leaving the Temple of The Brethren as a young man. He does what has to be done to keep them safe, following orders withou...

A Warrior S Heart

Author : Joseph Carter
Genre : Action & Adventure

A Warriorís Heart tells the story of a man who goes on a journey to find himself after a horrendous tragedy changed his life. While on his journey, Philip finds a town in need of ...

The Warrior S Heart

Author : Justus Roux
Genre : Erotica

Tomar, the ruler of the Rundal people, discovered a planet called Loma. This planet has the same problem as the planet Malka, but in reverse, where as the Malka people lack females...

The Warrior S Heart

Author : Sable Grey
Genre : Paranormal

He is her only hope for escape, but will his need for revenge be greater than his need for her?When Viktor Kelemen's father is killed, he and his small band of w...

A Warrior S Heart

Author : S.E. Smith
Genre : Paranormal

Ben and Aaron Cooper’s life had never been one of ease. They fought to survive on the Kansas farm where their father worked. Life deals them a horrendous twist when they are kidn...

The Warrior S Heart

Author : Justus Roux
Genre : Contemporary

On Malka the young warrior name Zenith has been chosen for the honor of being the trainer to Niro’s son Zenos. He gets introduced to the warrior women of Loma when Queen Rhaya sh...

Heart Of The Warrior

Author : Donya Lynne
Genre : Gay & Lesbian

All the King’s Men – Book 2 • 2012 eLit Awards Silver Medalist - Best Erotic Fiction • The All the King's Men Series was GraveTells' Revi...

A Warrior S Heart

Author : Donna Grant
Genre : Paranormal

Regards Reader - There are those who would love to rid themselves of painful memories, to forget nasty pasts and mistakes. They say its hell to live with those memories. I sa...

A Warrior S Heart

Author : Bianca D'Arc
Genre : Erotica

He’s home to claim the girl he never forgot…but more than war memories have changed him.Gifts of the Ancients, Book 1Hal’s best-friend status with Cas...

Stealing His Warrior S Heart Warrior Of Akasha 1

Author : Stormy Glenn
Genre : Erotica

[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, HEA] Niximon Aeglos is a thief, and he makes no apologies for it. He has done what ...

The Dragon Warrior S Family Dragon Hearts 8

Author : Marcy Jacks
Genre : Erotica

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA] In the conclusion to the Dragon Hearts Series, Adam and Novik are havin...

Ravyn S Heart Ravyn Warriors 2

Author : Jana Downs
Genre : Erotica

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, public exhibition, bondage, sex toys] Allasandro, also known as Ally-cat, is a demon warrior with a sense of...

Jamie S Heart Amazon Warriors 2

Author : Ellie Wilson
Genre : Erotica

[Siren Classic: Erotic Fantasy Romance, HEA] Conrad Quin, a soldier in the Mythological Task Force, returns home to his tribe when he learns of Delila’s betrayal and his sister...

C L Scholey S 4 Book Box Set

Author : C.L. Scholey
Genre : Erotica

Earth is all but dead. With meteors exploding in their midst, the shuttle Grace boards takes flight in a last ditch effort to save human lives. With little food, water and eight st...