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Author : Michael Crichton
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

In this thriller from the author of Jurassic Park, Sphere, and Congo, a group of young scientists travel back in time to medieval France on a daring rescue mission...

I Just Want To Be Happy

Author : Beyond Timelines
Genre : Self-Improvement

This is our best and most popular ebook/module yet. It tackles core issues facing all de-motivated individuals. It is a step by step DIY process of how to identify, unearth, and di...


Author : Michael C. Boxall
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

A short story, very timely and very short. Who is blackmailing the Candidate and what does he do about it?...

I Can T Do It Yes You Can

Author : Beyond Timelines
Genre : Self-Improvement

Do you ever find yourself doubting yourself, or telling yourself, "I Can't Do It". And are you done with the endless positive affirmations, and self-help promises? If so, this "e-b...


Author : Ann Wilson
Genre : Music

It is a music book. A timeline is a way of displaying a list of events in chronological order, sometimes described as a project artifact. It is typically a graphic design showing a...

Union Pacific Timeline

Author : Union Pacific Railroad Company
Genre : Transportation

Signed into being by Abraham Lincoln in 1862, Union Pacific in 2012 celebrates our shared history with generations of families and more than 7,300 communities that helped shape our...

30 Easy Tips To Master Facebook Timeline Pages

Author : EosGrafx
Genre : Internet

Our carefully selected top tips to help you get the most of your Facebook timeline page By EosGrafx Connect with us! Web: ...

Timeline Of World History

Author : Gordon Kerr
Genre : World

A fascinating chronological guide to all the key events and people who have helped shape the world today.From the Big Bang through the rise and fall of the greatest emp...

Undertale Mixed Timelines

Author : Two Sovereigns Publishing
Genre : Fantasy

After keeping her mouth shut for so long, Frisk finally gets the nerve to confront Chara and demand that she stops her murderous rampage. As shocked as she is, Chara reluctantly ag...


Author : Michael Crichton
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Nel deserto dell’Arizona un uomo vaga senza meta, pronunciando parole prive di senso. Dopo ventiquattr’ore è morto e il suo corpo viene cremato dalle uniche persone che sembra...

Love In The Timeline

Author : Steven D. Bennett
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In a future where people are obsessed with perfection and youth, a man becomes frustrated by his wife's seeming indifference to both and determines to go back in time to reconnect ...

Transform De Motivated Staff Into Self Motivated Achievers

Author : Beyond Timelines
Genre : Careers

This e-book module tackles de-motivation, transforming de-motivated staff into self-motivated achievers using dynamic techniques of conscious transformation....


Author : Michael Crichton
Genre : Fiction & Literature

An der idyllischen Dordogne in Frankreich liegt das Ausgrabungscamp des amerikanischen Geschichtsprofessors Edward Johnston. Hier bekämpften sich Engländer und Franzosen Mitte de...

When Things Keep Going Wrong

Author : Beyond Timelines
Genre : Self-Improvement

Adversity is where life events, situations and circumstances give the initial appearance of going wrong, and are viewed as destructive. When, in fact they are contributing to a muc...

Wedding Planning Checklists Timelines Schedules Itineraries And Outlines For The Ceremony And Reception

Author : Michelle Ellingsworth
Genre : Reference

If you are planning a wedding, especially a budget wedding, staying organized is the key to keeping your sanity intact and not going wildly over budget. Inside this in-depth guide...

Getting What You Want Now

Author : Beyond Timelines
Genre : Spirituality

This "module" tackles core issues facing all individuals who want, yet never seem to get what it is they truly desire.  Within, we will seek to uncover, demonstrat...

The Educator S Technology Guide Embedding A Twitter Timeline Widget Into Your Sharepoint 2010 Website

Author : Eric Wideen
Genre : Education

This guide was produced because I found there is a need.  There is a need for technology tutorials based on educator’s learning and incorporating 21st century  te...

Working Together To Prevent Falls At Home

Author : Philips Lifeline
Genre : Family & Relationships

On average, one third of adults age 65 and older fall each year. Not only are falls common for seniors, their consequences can be catastrophic. Falls injuries make it hard for a p...

Alzheimer S Timeline

Author : Brian Bailie
Genre : Health & Fitness

A complete failure. This is how you can expect to feel as you watch your loved one sliding below their incoming tide of confusion. Alzheimer's is probably worse to watc...

Timeline Of Kings And Queens

Author : Gordon Kerr
Genre : Europe

The story of monarchy in Europe is a long and extremely bloody one, fraught with appalling violence, scandal and controversy. The position of monarch was once one of absolute power...


Author : Christy Barritt
Genre : Fiction & Literature

"I did it for you."The chilling words in the text message have Julianne Grace fearing for her life. She's sure that her abusive ex-fiancé has killed two people—and ...

Ap European Timeline

Author : Taher Gawad
Genre : Europe

A visual timeline representing significant events and historical figures within European History. ...


Author : Alicia Hurst Roberts
Genre : Fiction & Literature

This tattle tale story winds round about with tales of poisonings and detective work. Venus was a pawn used against her loving parents for over a decade. Her heart broke a little...


Author : Evan Norman
Genre : Fiction & Literature

A short story for Lulu Short Story Contest....


Author : Judy McDonough
Genre : Paranormal

With her nursing degree in hand and a blossoming new relationship with Cade, Caroline Fontenot is finally happy. Her mother has come to New Orleans to be closer to her, and the gho...

The American Civil War Encyclopedia Sweeping Account Of All Aspects Of The War Between The States Army And Navy History And Timelines Campaigns And Battles Intelligence Militias Unique Stories

Author : David N. Spires
Genre : Military

Discover the stories and history of the saddest era in American history, the Civil War from 1861 through 1865. With nineteen chapters and over 1500 pages of text, this unique compi...

The Unofficial Dc Comics Trade Paperback Timeline Vol 1

Author : Collected Editions
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles

The Unofficial DC Comics Trade Paperback Timeline is a guide for DC Comics fans wanting to read DC's library of collected editions in order. The Timeline organizes over 800 collect...

Lifeline Echoes

Author : Kay Springsteen
Genre : Contemporary

THE AUTHOR'S CUT!The day the earth tried to swallow LA, Alexandra “Sandy” Wheaton dropped her iced mocha in the parking lot of the emergency services dispatch offic...

Timeline Digital 1

Author : John Buck
Genre : Art & Architecture

Almost from the beginning of filmmaking, editing and technology were joined together, constantly evolving. Timeline Digital uses exclusive audio and text interviews, historical inf...

Timeline Of War

Author : R. A. Nicholls
Genre : Military

War is violent and destructive by its very nature, but wartime is also a period of great social and technological change. Some of the most important inventions ever conceived were ...

Donnie Brasco Unfinished Business

Author : Joe Pistone
Genre : True Crime

When FBI Special Agent Joe Pistone began a “six-month” operation infiltrating New York’s Bonanno crime family in 1975, he had no idea what was about to happen. Posing as jewel...


Author : Fundación
Genre : Social Science

OBJECTIVES To be promoters of a cultural change by inspiring residents and visitors of Punta de Mita and Bahía de Banderas so that, through their proposals, actions and drea...

Back To The Future Untold Tales And Alternate Timelines

Author : Bob Gale
Genre : Graphic Novels

BTTF creator/screenwriter Bob Gale returns with all new tales from the twisting and turning timeline that made Back to the Future a, well…. TIMELESS pop-culture phenomenon! From ...

Bible Timelines

Author : Felix Immanuel
Genre : Bible Studies

A detailed timeline from the Bible beginning from the creation of God until our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. If we don’t understand the times we are in, we are labeled hypocrit...

Changing The Timeline Of Our Destiny Revised Edition

Author : Ramtha
Genre : Spirituality

"When are you going to make a decision not to be confused? And when are you going to make a decision not to be ill? And when are you going to make a decision to be genius? When...

Timeline Of The Popes

Author : Gordon Kerr
Genre : Christianity

Contents Introduction Early Christians and the Roman Empire The Middle Ages Renaissance and Reformation The Modern Era Pope Francis...

The Library Of Congress Illustrated Timeline Of The Civil War

Author : Margaret E. Wagner, Library of Congress & Gary W. Gallagher
Genre : United States

With striking visuals from the Library of Congress' unparalleled archive, THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS ILLUSTRATED TIMELINE OF THE CIVIL WAR is an authoritative and engaging narrative o...

Timeline Of Britain

Author : Gordon Kerr
Genre : Europe

The first Britons did very little to impose upon or alter the landscape they inhabited, and the gods they worshipped were those of nature itself. From as early as 5000 BC, farm too...

A Timeline History Of Hezbollah

Author : Charles River Editors & M. Clement Hall
Genre : Middle East

*Discusses the origins of Hezbollah and important leaders like Nasrallah  *Explains Hezollah's regional relationships with various nations in the MIddle East. ...

Apple Computers Timeline Encyclopedia

Author : Georgi Obretenov
Genre : Engineering

A brief history under an image of every king of computer Apple Inc. made since the first in 1976, till the last one which left the factories in 2013. 30 years of creating the i-wor...

Raising Your Child The Complete Illustrated Guide

Author : Jen Meyers & Jamie Loehr, M.D.
Genre : Family & Relationships

Rasing Your Child: The Complete Illustrated Guide is an information-packed guide that leads parents through the ever changing maze of new behaviors, developments, and challe...

Encyclopedia Of Ancient Egypt

Author : MobileReference
Genre : Encyclopedias

The illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt covers time period from the 3150 BC to 30 BC. Easily access the maps, timeline, information about the dynasties, pharaohs, laws, cultu...

Brain Injury Rewiring For Survivors A Lifeline To New Connections

Author : Carolyn Dolen
Genre : Medical

Traumatic brain injury causes damage to the connections in many parts of the brain besides the focal point of the injury. It's not enough to heal medically. Brain Injury Rewiring f...

Brain Injury Rewiring For Loved Ones A Lifeline To New Connections

Author : Carolyn Dolen
Genre : Medical

Traumatic brain injury causes damage to the connections in many parts of the brain besides the focal point of the injury. It's not enough to heal medically. Brain Injury Rewiring f...

Change To A Positive Mindset And Extend Your Lifeline

Author : Edith Namm
Genre : Health & Fitness

Words are the roots for all your thoughts. What you think affects what you believe. What you believe affects your attitude. Your attitude influences how you act. How you act influe...

2038 The Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecy

Author : John Van Auken
Genre : Spirituality

John Van Auken explores the Great Pyramid’s timeline prophecy, correlating the passageways and chambers in the Great Pyramid with the chapters and verses in the original Egyptian...

The No B S Guide To The Law School Application Timeline

Author : Peg Cheng
Genre : Study Aids

Applying to law school? Overwhelmed by the application process? Worried that you might forget something? Worry no more! This ultimate prelaw survival guide was written just for YOU...

Suffragette Illustrated Annotated With A Timeline And An Introduction

Author : Emmeline Pankhurst
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

Suffragette is now on release as a major motion picture starring Meryl Streep as Emmeline Pankhurst. • Illustrated with nineteen photographs• In...


Author : Bob Blink
Genre : Adventure

After more than a year of exploring with time travel, Jim Crampton has become accustomed to traveling into earth’s past or future via the time complex he discovered by accident i...

Making Social Security Work For You

Author : Emily Guy Birken
Genre : Personal Finance

A guide to getting the most out of Social Security   Despite reports of Social Security's impending bankruptcy, Social Security remains an important part of most A...