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Author : Liz Prince
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels

Una memoria sobre la amistad, la identidad, el género, el bullying, el crecimiento, el punk rock y el poder del outfit perfecto. Tomboy. Una...

Tomboy Bride

Author : Harriet Backus
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

A true pioneer of the West, Harriet Backus writes about her amusing and often challenging experiences with heart felt emotion and vivid detail. New foreword by Pam Houston and afte...

A Modern Tomboy

Author : L. T. Meade
Genre : Fiction

Rosamund Cunliffe stands out amongst the girls of Sunnyside School for her personal beauty, strength of character, and unselfishness, which come to be exerted in a most wholesome w...

Valley Boy

Author : Tom Perkins
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

The national bestseller now in paperback: the revealing personal memoir from Tom Perkins?renowned venture capitalist, Silicon Valley and biotechnology pioneer, and one of Americ...

Peeping Tomboy

Author : Suzanne D. Williams
Genre : Religion

*Reformatted July 2016*He dipped his head lower, his lips brushing hers, and a ringing began in her ears. For a moment, she almost believed it was real. He was the boy ...

A Terrible Tomboy

Author : Angela Brazil
Genre : Spirituality

A TERRIBLE TOMBOY 'Good sooth! I know not be she wench or swain; Her face proclaims her one, her deeds the other!'...

The Soldier Boy Or Tom Somers In The Army

Author : Oliver Optic
Genre : Action & Adventure

This volume is not altogether a military romance, though it contains the adventures of one of those noble-hearted and patriotic young men who went forth from homes of plenty and ha...

The Boy Who Played With Fusion

Author : Tom Clynes
Genre : Physics

2016 PEN/E. O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award Finalist   “The amazing story of an unbelievable boy . . . The world that opens up to us through his stor...

Bobby Flay S Boy Meets Grill

Author : Bobby Flay & Tom Eckerle
Genre : Methods

As the star of the popular Food Network programs Boy Meets Grill, BBQ with Bobby Flay, and Iron Chef America, Bobby Flay helped turn the art of backyard barbecuing into more than a...

The Bad Boy And The Tomboy

Author : Nicole Nwosu
Genre : Fiction

Macy Anderson’s entire life revolved around soccer, her family and her friends but she didn’t know how much she had been living under a rock for seventeen years. When she meets...

Tom Slade Boy Scout Of The Moving Pictures

Author : Percy Keese Fitzhugh
Genre : Fiction & Literature

This is a Fiction Short Story Book. The book describes that It happened in Barrel Alley, and it was Tom Slade, as usual, who did it. Picking a barrel-stave out of the mud, he sidle...

211 Things A Bright Boy Can Do

Author : Tom Cutler
Genre : Humor

For everyone who loved The Dangerous Book for Boys-an oddly useful and hilarious handbook for the mischievous child in all of us. If you've reached adult...

Texas Tomboy

Author : Lois Lenski
Genre : Fiction

The entire ranch is thirsty—will the rains ever come?Tomboy Charlie loves the ranch and the outdoors, especially now that she has a horse of her own and can ri...

His Tomboy Bride

Author : Leanna Wilson
Genre : Contemporary

JUNE BRIDESBRIDE IN BLUE JEANS?Boy, how Billie Rae Gunther had changed! She'd gone from a neighbor's pigtailed, skinned-knee little girl to a vision in whit...

Otto The Boy At The Window

Author : Peter Abeles and Tom Hicks
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

As sixty-eight year old Peter Abeles confronts his ambivalence over his mothers recent death, he laces together his childhood memories of the prewar Austrian aristocracy his Jewish...

Tomboy Divine Intervention Tpb

Author : M. Goodwin
Genre : Graphic Novels

"No Crime Goes Unpunished. No Criminal Walks Away." The death of a friend catches sixteen year-old Addison off guard, but a chance encounter with his killers on the subway forever ...

Adventures In Darkness

Author : Tom Sullivan
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

In Adventures in Darkness, Tom Sullivan takes readers through the adventures of his monumental eleventh year. Blind since birth, Tom lived in a challenging world of isolatio...

Birthday Boy

Author : Tom Morris
Genre : Action & Adventure

Billy thought his birthday wasn't going to be much fun but as things turned out he found he had quite enjoyed it....

Tomboy Survival Guide

Author : Ivan Coyote
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

Stonewall Book Award Honor Book winnerIvan Coyote is a celebrated storyteller and the author of ten previous books, including Gender Failure (with Rae Spo...

Tomboy Tpb

Author : M. Goodwin
Genre : Graphic Novels

When Jessica is mistaken for the vigilante taking out the Ambidrex 20, Addison disobeys her grandfather's order to save her friend. The event leads Addison down a dark path from wh...

Tomboy 8

Author : M. Goodwin & Michelle Wong
Genre : Graphic Novels

Henri discusses his theories on the Rivergrove Vigilante with Detective Autry. Addison attends Jessica's wake, where she hunts her next target....

Tomboy 7

Author : M. Goodwin, James Stanley & Michelle Wong
Genre : Graphic Novels

Trouble begins brewing for the untouchable Irene Trent when a fire at her pharmaceutical warehouse reveals several dead bodies and tragic clues regarding the fate of the D.A's miss...

Every Good Boy Deserves Favor And Professional Foul

Author : Tom Stoppard
Genre : Theater

It is Tom Stoppard's very special skill as the master comedian of ideas in the modern theater to create brilliant, biting humor out of serious concerns. Virtually assaulting the au...

Tomboy 5

Author : M. Goodwin
Genre : Graphic Novels

The Trent List is getting shorter as Addison continues to rack up her kills, but just as she reaches the top of her game, her adversaries make their move. Detective Tico and his cr...

Tomboy 6

Author : M. Goodwin, Thomas Paul Thesen & Michelle Wong
Genre : Graphic Novels

With Jessica's life on the line, Addison makes the dangerous decision to confront the corrupt Detective Tico and his partners. Shocking choices must be made and Addison's pursuit o...

Tomboy 4

Author : M. Goodwin & Fanny Hagdahl Sorebo
Genre : Graphic Novels

Wherever she goes, death is sure to follow. Four months after the funeral of her best friend, Addison has embraced her new life as a vigilante, but trouble is on the horizon as Det...

The Boy From Left Field

Author : Tom Henighan
Genre : Sports & Recreation

When Hawk’s baseball coach tells him how Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run nearby, the question arises: what happened to the baseball? Bullies, baseball, ...

Tomboy Road

Author : Nikki Duvall
Genre : Contemporary

Big city girl with too many vials of prescription painkillers in her Prada bag runs to a small town, high powered boyfriend on her heels. Gets in repeated accidents. Hides medical ...

Astro Boy The Official Movie Adaptation 2

Author : Tom Waltz
Genre : Graphic Novels

This adaptation of the big screen movie, Astro Boy, continues with Astro coming to grips with just who and what he is....

Astro Boy The Official Movie Adaptation 3

Author : Tom Waltz
Genre : Graphic Novels

The comic-book version of the big screen adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s beloved Astro Boy continues. Even better, each issue features the fantastic artistic stylings of E.J. Su!...

A Modern Tomboy A Story For Girls

Author : Mrs. L.T. Meade
Genre : Classics

According to Wikipedia: "L. T. Meade was the pseudonym of Elizabeth Thomasina Meade Smith (1854-1914), a prolific writer of girls' stories. She was born in Bandon, County Cork, Ire...

Tom Appleby Convict Boy

Author : Jackie French
Genre : Fiction

A story of transportation and life in a new world. At the tender age of eight, chimney sweep tom Appleby is convicted of stealing and sentenced to deportation to Botany Bay. As on...

Gareth Bale The Boy Who Became A Gal Ctico

Author : Tom Oldfield
Genre : Biography

Tracking the Welsh wizard's impressive rise from talented schoolboy to the most expensive player in soccer history When a young Gareth's PE teacher told him he could only pla...

Astro Boy The Official Movie Adaptation 1

Author : Tom Waltz
Genre : Graphic Novels

The comic-book version of the big screen adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s beloved Astro Boy....

Mark Twain S The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

Author : Mark Twain
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Here is the story of Tom, Huck, Becky, and Aunt Polly; a tale of adventures, pranks, playing hockey, and summertime fun. Written by the author sometimes called "the Lincoln of ...

My Little Tomboy

Author : Rachel E. Naughton
Genre : Fiction

I wrote this book for young people. I thought about how many young girls that would be able to relate to my character in the book. "My Little Tomboy" is my first published children...

Tomboy 3

Author : M. Goodwin
Genre : Graphic Novels

Double funerals & double lives! Issue 3 of Tomboy reveals Anthony's secret past and Addison's murderous future, while Detective Tico is getting closer to the true identity of t...

Astro Boy The Official Movie Adaptation 4

Author : Tom Waltz
Genre : Graphic Novels

The adaptation of Astro Boy concludes here, as Astro Boy Movie Prequel writer Scott Tipton and artist E.J. Su complete Astro Boy’s amazing cinematic tale!...

The Trouble Boy

Author : Tom Dolby
Genre : Gay

In the tradition of Bright Lights, Big City and Less Than Zero, Tom Dolby has written a searing debut novel about going after what you really want without losing your...

A Definite Probability

Author : Tom W. Schwartz & Wendy Schwartz
Genre : Action & Adventure

With a nod to “The Phantom Tollbooth” for its creative wordplay and to “The Giving Tree” as a classic tale of life lessons, A Definite Probability is a beautifully illustra...

Tom Brown S School Days By An Old Boy Herausgegeben Und Erla Utert Von Dr P Pfeffer Eng

Author : Thomas Hughes
Genre : Fiction & Literature

The FICTION & PROSE LITERATURE collection includes books from the British Library digitised by Microsoft. The collection provides readers with a perspective of the world from s...

Stepfather S Manipulation

Author : Tom West
Genre : Fiction & Literature

This is the first book I have ever written. This is a fiction based on a true story of a manipulative wicked stepfather who captures the heart of a beautiful, innocent married woma...

Slocum 351

Author : Jake Logan
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Slocum teams up with a rough n' tumble babe!On a scouting job outside the town of Ogallala, Slocum teams up with a tough-talking gal who can handle herself on th...

The Boy

Author : Tom Holland
Genre : Fiction & Literature

All they talked about in the Barrio was The Boy. He touched you and you were rid of whatever ailed you. Audie Cardozo thought he was just a legend, until, he grabbed a strange kid ...

The Little Boy S Smile

Author : Tom Krause
Genre : Poetry

A delightful tale of a little boy's ability to change a whole town with just a smile....

An English Boy In New York

Author : Tom Easton
Genre : Family & Relationships

Ben Fletcher, the master of mohair, is back . . .As part of his prize as All-UK Knitting champion, seventeen-year-old Ben Fletcher has won himself an all-expenses-paid ...

Tom Brown S School Days By An Old Boy I E Thomas Hughes Third Edition

Author : Tom Brown & Sydney Prior Hall
Genre : Fiction & Literature

The FICTION & PROSE LITERATURE collection includes books from the British Library digitised by Microsoft. The collection provides readers with a perspective of the world from s...

Soldier Boy Or Tom Somers In The Army A Story Of The Great Rebellion

Author : Oliver Optic
Genre : Classics

According to Wikipedia: "William Taylor Adams (July 30, 1822 – March 27, 1897) was a noted academic, author, and Massachusetts state legislator. He was born in Medway, Massachuse...

Tiff The Tomboy And The Princess

Author : Bella Wilson & Kissel Cablayda
Genre : Education

Tiff the Tomboy and the Princess - Early Reader - Children's Picture Books...

A Terrible Tomboy

Author : Angela Brazil
Genre : Action & Adventure

'Good sooth! I know not be she wench or swain; Her face proclaims her one, her deeds the other!' 'Peggy! Peggy! where are you? Peggy! Aunt Helen wants you! Oh, Peggy, do be quick! ...