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Under The Lights

Author : Abbi Glines
Genre : Coming of Age

In the follow-up to Abbi Glines’s #1 New York Times bestseller Until Friday Night—which bestselling author Kami Garcia called “tender, honest, and achingly real...

Under The Lights

Author : Shannon Stacey
Genre : Contemporary

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Kowalski Family novels, a sweet, sexy new series about taking hits, making second chances, and finding love…...

Under The Lights

Author : Dahlia Adler
Genre : Romance

Josh Chester loves being a Hollywood bad boy, coasting on his good looks, his parties, his parents' wealth, and the occasional modeling gig. But his laid-back lifestyle is about to...

Under The Northern Lights Alaskan Quest Book 2

Author : Tracie Peterson
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Bestselling author Tracie Peterson continues her saga of life and love in the rugged Alaskan Territory with the second volume of the ALASKAN QUEST series. When Pinkerton agent Hela...

When Paris Went Dark

Author : Ronald C. Rosbottom
Genre : Europe

The spellbinding and revealing chronicle of Nazi-occupied Paris On June 14, 1940, German tanks entered a silent and nearly deserted Paris. Eight days later, France accepted a humi...

The Bayou Trilogy

Author : Daniel Woodrell
Genre : Fiction & Literature

A hard-hitting, critically acclaimed trilogy of crime novels from an author about whom New York magazine has written, "What people say about Cormac McCarthy ... goes double for [Wo...

Everyday Food Light Enhanced Edition

Author : Martha Stewart Living Magazine
Genre : Methods

This enhanced edition of Everyday Food: Light includes hundreds of color photographs and 13 instructional step-by-step videos that demonstrate stir-frying, cooking in parchme...

Under The Affluence

Author : Tim Wise
Genre : Social Science

"Tim Wise is one of the great public moralists in America today. In his bracing new book, Under the Affluence, he brilliantly engages the roots and ramifications of radical ...

Everyday Food Light

Author : Martha Stewart Living Magazine
Genre : Methods

Cook what you want to eat, without all the fat The editors of Everyday Food magazine know that it’s not enough to get dinner on the table in a snap...

Under The Cover Of Light

Author : Carole Engle Avriett
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

In 1965, Col. Thomas “Jerry” Curtis’s helicopter was shot down over North Vietnam. He was immediately captured and spent 7½ years confined in a filthy 5′ x 7′ cell at th...

Paddling Under The Northern Lights

Author : Zach Neal
Genre : Canada

Paddling under the northern lights can be a sublime experience, perhaps even surreal. Zach gives some good advice on night paddling camping in general. Plus, the Wolves of Kioshkok...

Genealogy Under The Summer Moon

Author : Denise Larson
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

This fourth and final round for genealogist Tobias Arving concludes his travels across Maine to answer the questions: Who was Klara Arvelod—besides his best client? What was The ...

Under The Light

Author : Laura Whitcomb
Genre : Fiction

Helen needed a body to be with her beloved. Jenny had to escape from hers before her spirit was broken. It was wicked, borrowing it, but love drives even the gentlest soul to despe...

Christmas Under A Starlit Sky

Author : Holly Martin
Genre : Holiday

Step inside a beautiful winter wonderland where love, laughter and cosy nights by the fire will make this Christmas one to remember.  Neve Whitaker l...

Paris Under Water

Author : Jeffrey H. Jackson
Genre : Europe

In the winter of 1910, the river that brought life to Paris quickly became a force of destruction. Torrential rainfall saturated the soil, and faulty engineering created a perfect...

Romance And Mystery Under The Northern Lights

Author : Lori Ness
Genre : Fiction & Literature

A collection of nine stories by seven authors who are members of the Northern Lights Writers of Minnesota, Chapter #199 of Romance Writers of America. Some of the members have acco...

Under Northern Lights

Author : Dr. Sue Clifton
Genre : Historical

Dr. Sue Ann Parish is hired as principal of the one-room school in Moose Springs, Alaska. With her teenage daughter she moves to a community of dog mushers, trappers, gold miners, ...

Genealogy Under The Autumn Moon

Author : Denise Larson
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

Tobias Arving is a professional genealogist in a small town in Maine. Tracing family trees is his business—a quiet job for a quiet man—but adventure and danger arise an...

Under Winter Lights Part One

Author : Bree M. Lewandowski
Genre : Romance

Ballet is Martina’s world. Always has been. But underneath the stage lights, behind the curtain and choreography is loneliness. On late nights, after rehearsals, in her sma...

Marijuana Daily Gardening

Author : Henry Woodward
Genre : Gardening

An indispensible primer and troubleshooting guide for beginning indoor growers.Written by a newbie for the newbies, this is a unique grow guide, tailored specifically t...

Under The Blue Lights

Author : David Sheldrake
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

I joined the Essex Ambulance Service on 21 April 1981 at the tender age of twenty-one. I underwent training at Witham and in the first year completed the driver training and ambula...

Under The Light Of The Moon

Author : Katherine Ramsland
Genre : True Crime

The latest in the New York Times Bestselling Series, Notorious USA!  When you think of Wisconsin crimes, Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer automatically come to mind. But...

In The Light Of Evolution Essays From The Laboratory And Field

Author : Carl Zimmer & Jonathan B. Losos
Genre : Life Sciences

This essay is from In the Light of Evolution: Essays from the Laboratory and Field, edited by Jonathan Losos (Roberts and Company Publishers, ISBN# 9780981519494). Ot...

24 Best Western

Author : Jack London, Andre Norton, Zane Grey, Joseph Conrad, Max Brand, W. C. C. Weetman, James Fenimore Cooper, J. M. Synge, Margaret Alice Murray, Owen Wister, Willa Cather, William Clark Russell & John French
Genre : Western

Contents Love of Life, and Other Stories by Jack London (1907)  Ride Proud, Rebel! by Andre Norton (1961)  Rebel Spurs by Andre Norton (1962) ...

A Kiss Under The Christmas Lights

Author : Peggy Jaeger
Genre : Fiction & Literature

With Christmas just a few weeks away, Gia San Valentino, the baby in her large, loud, and loving Italian family, yearns for a life and home of her own with a husband and bambini sh...

Under The Lights And In The Dark

Author : Gwendolyn Oxenham
Genre : Football

In 2004 football author, journalist and award-winning documentary maker Gwendolyn Oxenham played futebol feminino for Santos FC, Brazil. The team hitchhiked to practice, sha...

Cooking Light Best Ever Slim Down Recipes

Author : The Editors of Cooking Light
Genre : Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Enjoy this collection of Cooking Light classics that taste good and are calorie-conscious!...

Under The Bridge To The Seeds Of Light

Author : Rev. Philip Rigdon
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Someone or something under the bridge took Douglas Jenski… Weeks after his disappearance, neither his family nor the police can find him. Now, without a plan and unsure of ...

Double No Hit

Author : James W. Johnson
Genre : Baseball

Double No-Hit offers an inning-by-inning account of that historic second consecutive no-hitter accomplished during the first night game in New York City, with the Cincinnati Reds f...

Under The Light Of My Stars

Author : Antonia García
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

This book has family stories that date back from 1875 to the present. Stories that took place at the rancherías (rural settlements) in the region of los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico, ...

No Light In The Dark And Under An Assumed Name

Author : John B. Fuller
Genre : Fiction & Literature

No Light in the Dark When Stanley Knowles was seventeen years old, he fought with his father, who was abusing his mother. Stanley was badly beaten and left home to work in t...

Don T Hide Your Light Under A Laundry Basket

Author : Jenny Rae Armstrong
Genre : Christianity

Don't Hide Your Light under a Laundry Basket is packed with creative ideas that will help women tap into their passions and leverage their influence for the good of the worl...

Under The Dim Light Of The Moon

Author : Latonya D. Young
Genre : Fantasy

When Hannah meets Ethan sparks fly. Those brooding good looks are to die for, and his muscular frame, charismatic attitude and to die for smile don’t hurt either. She isn’t l...

Under The Blinking Light

Author : Stephanie Kelly Dietz
Genre : Culture, Places & People

Join us as we travel to the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. We will explore the regions most beautiful lake that just happens to be located Under the Blinking Light....

Light A Fire Under Your Business

Author : Tom Pandola & James W. Bird
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Two firefighters-turned-management-consultants provide organizations with an innovative way to transform executives into inspirational leaders.• Shows how to inspire ...

The Light Under The Door

Author : Neoma Nayrah
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

The fading spots of blood and the piss stains mock me like they are saying, “We told you so, told you, you’d be back.” They are right. Once more, I find myself lying at the b...


Author : 心太
Genre : Light Novels

大人気フリーゲーム「レムレスブルーの午前2時」を、原作者自ら大量書き下ろしとともに小説化! 豪華ゲスト・つたえゆず(『好きな...

The Toxicity Of Plutonium Americium And Curium

Author : J. C. Nenot & J. W. Stather
Genre : Medical

The Toxicity of Plutonium, Americium and Curium provides a biological basis for an assessment of the radiological health problems resulting from human exposure to americium, curium...

Lewis Warner Finds The Doom Prophet

Author : Rev. Philip Rigdon
Genre : Contemporary

Lewis Warner, the solitary blues player helped his young friends at Bridgeview Apartments to overcome Douglas Jenski and his fiendish hoards, the Rayaims. In Lewis Warner Finds the...

How Should We Treat Detainees

Author : J. Harlow
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

DURING THE WARS IN AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ,  the American government authorized “enhanced interrogation techniques” to obtain answers for potentially life-threat...

Under The Lights

Author : Rebecca Royce
Genre : Contemporary

**Please note this book was previously published**Teirney Mitchell could run her personal life as smoothly as she stage-managed the hit Broadway show Loopy, she’d be ...

Under Her Spell Forced Consent M F Tease Hypnosis Mind Control Light Humiliation

Author : Foxy Reed
Genre : Erotica

When Pete returns from drinking and cheating on his girlfriend Ava, he doesn't expect that Ava has realised and is ready to punish him. How was Pete to know that Ava's grandmother ...

Lady Art Rock Part Four Under Bright Lights

Author : Tia Zen Sin
Genre : Erotica

Tia and her band are ready to get on stage and play their first show. Tia is feeling very nervous, both about her first time playing a rock show, and also about whether she'll be a...

Under The Strobe Lights Vol 1 The Platinum Pussycat

Author : DeAnn DeVille
Genre : Erotica

In this epic story three girls from opposite sides of life collide at one point in their lives. In the pursuit of the American Dream Love , Life , and Happiness they all climb the ...