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Author : Chanda Hahn
Genre : Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables

Mina Grime is unlucky, unpopular and uncoordinated, that is until she saves her crush's life on a field trip, changing her High School status from loser to hero overnight. But with...

Disenchanted Co

Author : Lynn Viehl
Genre : Paranormal

The first book in a new paranormal romance series by New York Times bestselling author Lynn Viehl. In the Provincial Union of Victoriana, a steampunk America that lost the R...

The Unenchanted Princess

Author : Alex McGilvery
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Unenchanted Princess is the tale of a Princess born without an enchantment in a Magic land where all royalty is surrounded by enchantment. Alexandra refuses to give in to her p...


Author : Susan Carroll
Genre : Paranormal

An alluring love triangle and a daring caper unfold in this imaginative retelling of Cinderella, featuring an indomitable damsel who’s not so easily swept off her glass slippe...

Disenchanted One Woman S Journey For Independence From The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Author : Victoria Kilbury
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

DENIED BASIC RIGHTS: As a child in Saudi Arabia, Nabila knew no other life than that in which she lived, a society where women had no rights. Females could not attend school, pursu...

Disenchanted Princess

Author : Julie Linker
Genre : Coming of Age

I may be in the middle of nowhere, but I still have standards! Like it's not bad enough Daddy's in jail for embezzlement (he's a super-successful Hollywood agen...

The Clockwork Wolf

Author : Lynn Viehl
Genre : Science Fiction

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader....

Boleros For The Disenchanted And Other Plays

Author : José Rivera
Genre : Theater

Praise for José Rivera:"Even if you've never seen Puerto Rico or grown old, you sit there ruminating on love, sacrifice, and betrayal."—Chicago Tribune, on ...

The B S Of A

Author : Brian Sack
Genre : Humor

WE’RE KNEE DEEP— ARE YOU SHOVEL READY? Politicians who say anything and do nothing . . . People lamenting Constitutional rights they don’t have . . . Protesters e...

Disenchanted The Trials Of Cinderella Tyme 2

Author : Megan Morrison
Genre : Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables

Ella Coach has one wish: revolution. Her mother died working in a sweatshop, and Ella wants every laborer in the Blue Kingdom to receive fairer treatment. But to make that happen,...


Author : Kelsey D Garmendia
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Samuel was murdered in an alleyway in Boston in 1918. He woke up hours after getting his throat slit. He thought he was special. That his death was a gift. He...

Captain Zap Meets The Disenchanted Robot

Author : Oliver Simonsen
Genre : Graphic Novels

Captain Zap has existential cosmic experiences:)"No denying it's good. Sophisticated use of sequential story-telling techniques"-James Kochalka"...


Author : Leigh Goff
Genre : Fantasy

A forbidden love. A dark curse. An impossible choice... Descended from a powerful Wethersfield witch, sixteen-year-old Sophie is struggling to hide her awkwardly emerging magic, bu...

Disenchanted And Attracted By The Exhaustible Continuation Of Life

Author : Adriel Vigo
Genre : Poetry

This is a satirical collection concerning gender equality for men who are 2000 and late to jumping on the gender equality cause. A short story is featured at the end that warns of ...

The Unenchanted Princess

Author : Alex McGilvery
Genre : Fantasy

The Unenchanted Princess is the tale of a Princess born without an enchantment in a Magic land where all royalty is surrounded by enchantment. Alexandra refuses to give in to her p...

Reflections Of A Disenchanted Calvinist

Author : Ronnie W Rogers
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

Reflections of a Disenchanted Calvinist: The Disquieting Realities of Calvinism engages one of the classical strands of Protestant thought with the classical strength of Protestant...

Othello S Disenchanted Eye

Author : George F Held
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Two essays on Shakespeare's Othello. The first argues that Cassio’s and Othello’s losses of reputation and honor form a tripartite climactic progression: a loss of reputati...

Enchanting A Disenchanted World

Author : George Ritzer
Genre : Sociology

The only book to connect the everyday world of the 20-something undergraduate consumer with sound sociological analysis of the world of consumption En...

The Disenchanted

Author : Mehmet Eroglu
Genre : Literary

With a twisting, captivating play on perception, this novel presents a frame story about how it came to be written. Containing two main narrative strands set five years apart, the ...

Reviving Old Scratch

Author : Richard Becker
Genre : Religion & Spirituality

The devil has fallen on hard times. Surveys say that even the majority of Christians doubt Satan’s existence. Burdened by doubts, skeptical believers find themselves divorced fro...

The Disenchanted Wizard

Author : Mike Crowl
Genre : Contemporary

Della's enthusiasm for soccer, and for the famous player, Xanadu Whitworth, is knocked sideways when her younger cousin and next-door-neighbor, Harold, brings his latest map over t...

Poetic Ramblings Of A Disenchanted Soul

Author : Danny Warren
Genre : Poetry

Poetry is like confetti in a strong wind. Much of its substance is dispelled as soon as it passes by our senses. The sad reality is that it often leaves much to be desired and even...

Fables Rhymes For The Modern Disenchanted Being

Author : Gary Hawkes
Genre : Poetry

Various poems and songs about the current age we live in, plus a few other things......

Disenchanted Castles Cervantes Representation Of The Ariostan Epic Romance Split

Author : Cervantes: Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines

SCHOLARS HAVE LONG ACKNOWLEDGED the great influence that Ariosto's Orlando Furioso had on Cervantes' Don Quixote. (1) Despite this awareness of the Furioso's importance for Cervant...

Disenchanted Modernity In Robert Kroetsch S The Studhorse Man

Author : Francis Zichy
Genre : Literary Criticism

This book undertakes a detailed reading of Robert Kroetsch's ‘The Studhorse Man’, examining this Canadian novel in its transnational historical and socio-cultural context. Key ...

Tales From The Disenchanted

Author : Diana Leavengood Blanco
Genre : Poetry

My poems are ofttimes born from some great sadness. They usually speak of things that have been lost. They try to catch the soul and trap the memory To tell the story...true...andw...


Author : Tiah N. Young
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

At some point in our life, we all must reconcile our beliefs and values with reality. Intelligent, attractive and strong willed, Tiah Young had been groomed for succ...

Reinventing Practice In A Disenchanted World

Author : Cheleen Ann-Catherine Mahar
Genre : Social Science

Colonia Hermosa, now considered a suburb of Oaxaca, began as a squatter settlement in the 1950s. The original residents came in search of transformation from migrants to urban citi...

Disenchanted Christmas

Author : Sandra Sookoo
Genre : Paranormal

Bethany Cundiff needs a Christmas miracle. What she gets is a proposition from a rich gentleman! It’s ten days before Christmas. Out of work and responsible for her young niece a...

The Awakening

Author : Colm O'Connor
Genre : Spirituality

The Awakening presents a profound yet simple message: how to awaken from emotional imprisonment and find psychological freedom.Many of us feel we are not ...

Witchy Wickedness

Author : Sherry Soule
Genre : Romance

For readers of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series and fans of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer!Black magicks. Vanishing teens. And doomed loves. This is w...

Kissing The Crisis

Author : Kara Martinez Bachman
Genre : Humor

You’re going on a journey to a strange new country where you will look different, act different, even feel different. It’s like you’re becoming a whole new person, and that p...

Conservative And Radical Perspectives On Psychoanalytic Knowledge

Author : Aner Govrin
Genre : History

Psychoanalysis really should not exist today. Until a few years ago, most of the evidence suggested that its time was drawing to a close, and yet psychoanalysis demonstrated remark...

The Practices Of Hope

Author : Christopher Castiglia
Genre : Literary Criticism

Offers a positive approach to literary criticism  At a moment when the “hermeneutics of suspicion” is under fire in literary studies, The Practices of Hope encourages...


Author : A.R. Miller
Genre : Contemporary

Hairstylist Keely Fey’s Talents have taken her down a dark path, one leading to the Enchant Containment Unit. The last place any Enchant wants to be, but crime and punishment go ...


Author : A.R. Miller
Genre : Contemporary

Keely Fey's ability to regenerate hair helped catapult her salon to the top. After years of struggle she finally feels like she’s in control. Even being middle-age doesn’t both...