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White Tiger

Author : Kylie Chan
Genre : Contemporary

“Packed with Chinese mythology, kick-ass action, and sexual tension….A smart, entertaining read.”—Australian SpecificA young woman accepts a position as n...

White Tiger

Author : Winktolearn & Virtual GS
Genre : Animals

This is a rare multimedia book on White Tiger (one of the world's most endangered animals). The retina-quality pictures and high resolution video capture the magnificent beauty of ...

White Tiger

Author : Vijaya Schartz
Genre : Paranormal

On the frozen plains of Kassouk, a few aliens control a medieval Human world. Tora, a female warrior nicknamed White Tiger, seeks her father’s murderer. In the vortex of war, tre...

The White Tiger

Author : Aravind Adiga
Genre : Literary

A stunning literary debut critics have likened to Richard Wright’s Native Son, The White Tiger follows a darkly comic Bangalore driver through the poverty an...

White Tiger

Author : Stryder Sweetman
Genre : Romantic Comedy

Benina was a normal human being, an orphan at the age of 11 months. She had a life as normal as it could be for an orphan- until she turns sixteen. She shifts into a White Tiger on...

White Tiger

Author : Greta van der Rol
Genre : Paranormal

New York is no place for a tiger – not for weretiger Sally Carter or for the white tiger she finds in a Harlem basement, guarding an enormous stash of heroin. Sally’s daring...

White Tiger

Author : Olga Bicos
Genre : Suspense


White Tiger

Author : Michael Allen Dymmoch
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

In Vietnam, white is the color of death. The 1997 murder of a Vietnamese woman in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood brings Dr. Jack Caleb and Detective John Thinnes together to catch a...

Wanted By The White Tiger

Author : Jess Hayek
Genre : Paranormal

He will find her. No matter how long it takes.Vincent, a white tiger shifter, will soon be unleashed from a paranormal prison after getting caught stealing the Vampire ...

Adi And The Great White Tiger

Author : Agnès Laroche
Genre : Fantasy

Goosebumps guaranteed!The story of Adi, a sharp-sighted boy, and the friend of a great white tiger… A wonderful story especially written for big boys and girls...

Black Tiger White Tiger

Author : Greta van der Rol
Genre : Paranormal

Both books in one collectionBlack Tiger While Raja Asoka (Ash) Bhosle fights tiger poachers, Dr. Sally Carter struggles against cultural prejudice. Can the Leg...

Missione White Tiger Segretissimo

Author : Stephen Gunn
Genre : Fiction & Literature

Dove? Quando? Come? Le tre domande fondamentali per inchiodare White Tiger, leggendario criminale internazionale da anni scomparso nel nulla. Un carico di rubini recuperato in Afri...

White Tiger Legend

Author : Hu Yuan Nabe
Genre : Action & Adventure

Take a journey with Zi beyond reality. Go beyond space. Go beyond time. Go beyond the inner workings of your very mind. Are you ready for the answer to all things?Warri...

Ready Reference Treatise The White Tiger

Author : Raja Sharma
Genre : Study Aids

The story is told through a retrospective narration by Balram Halwai. He is a village boy. The novel follows this village boy’s first journey to Delhi where he works as driver of...

The Great White Hand Or The Tiger Of Cawnpore A Story Of The Indian Mutiny

Author : Joyce Muddock
Genre : World

The GENERAL HISTORICAL collection includes books from the British Library digitised by Microsoft. This varied collection includes material that gives readers a 19th century view of...

Diabetes Tuberculosis A Dangerous Liaison No White Tiger Report

Author : Indian Journal of Medical Research
Genre : Life Sciences

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is becoming a global epidemic and India, in particular, is noted as hosting a high proportion of this disease burden. There are approximately 41 million prev...

Metaphern Des Essens Und Trinkens In Aravind Adiga The White Tiger Und Timothy Mo Sour Sweet

Author : Kim Keller
Genre : Literary Criticism

Verkürzte Einleitung Essen und Trinken konstituieren identitätsstiftende Prozesse. Dabei dienen sie sowohl dazu, die Identität einzelner Personen zu definieren, als auch diejeni...

White Jade Tiger

Author : Julie Lawson
Genre : Fantasy

Winner of the 1993 Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize, shortlisted for the Silver Birch Award and the CLA Book of the Year Award Jasmine is not sure...

The Hunt For The White Tiger Cub

Author : Pip Edwards
Genre : Transportation

The Adventures of Hector and Boris are a series of children's adventure stories about a boy who gets to drive and have adventures in the most "AWESOMEST" car in the world, BORIS....

Interdiction In Southern Laos 1960 1968 The United States Air Force In Southeast Asia North Vietnamese Communist Infiltration Steel Tiger Igloo White Khe Sanh And Tet Offensive Indochina

Author : David N. Spires
Genre : Military

Professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction, this U.S. Air Force (USAF) publication examines American air operations in Laos during the Vietnam Wa...

White Tigers

Author : Ben S. Malcom
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs

Operating from a clandestine camp on an island off western North Korea, Army Lt. Ben Malcom coordinated the intelligence activities of eleven partisan battalions, including the fam...

Tippoo Sultan S Incredible White Man Eating Tiger Toy Machine

Author : Daljit Nagra
Genre : Poetry

Look We Have Coming to Dover!, the remarkable debut by Daljit Nagra, marked the arrival of a thrilling new voice in poetry and won the Forward Prize for Best First Collect...

Cantonese Opera Zae Baak Fu White Tiger Ritual

Author : Pinky Toky
Genre : Performing Arts

When performing on a newly-built stage, the Cantonese opera troupe will have to carry out a ritual to “break” or initiate the stage before the actual performance on the first n...

Jing Zhe White Tiger Ritual Beating Little People

Author : Pinky Toky
Genre : Social Science

Jing-zhe refers to the awakening of hibernating insects and animals, which marks the start of spring. Jing-zhe Day usually falls on March 5, 6 or 7 of each year. Activities related...

White Jade Tiger

Author : Julie Lawson
Genre : Historical

On a trip to Chinatown, thirteen-year-old Jasmine steps through a doorway back in time and finds herself in the 1880s. 1994 Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Liter...

White Tiger Island Tesla S Hideaway

Author : Rundy Kevin Duphiney
Genre : Action & Adventure

White Tiger Island: Tesla’s Hideaway is an action-adventure, science-fiction fantasy set is nature. The first in an eleven book series, White Tiger Island is jam-packed with magi...

Year Of The White Tiger

Author : Tim Gort & Regina Gort
Genre : Poetry

Regina and Tim Gort's first collection of poetry, Year of the White Tiger, is a chapbook of collabortive poems. The collection includes poems written invidually and as a couple...

White Tiger

Author : Jennifer Ashley
Genre : Paranormal

“With her patented page-singeing sensuality” (Booklist), the New York Times bestselling author of Mate Bond returns to the primal and passionate world o...

The Gift Of The White Tigers

Author : Dr. Joseph DiRuzzo
Genre : Philosophy

Since the dawn of storytelling, parables have captivated listeners and readers with lessons of human experience. The Gift of the White Tigers combines the legacy of parables with c...

Prohibition In Atlanta

Author : Ron Smith & Mary O. Boyle
Genre : United States

After the Civil War, state and national Prohibition galvanized in Atlanta the issues of classism, racism and anti-immigrant sentiment. While many consider flappers and gangsters th...

Taming Tigers

Author : Daisy White
Genre : Fantasy

Seventeen year old Talia is struggling to earn a living as a seamstress, surviving in the infamous Camps of war torn Arista. When her soldier fiancé Kellar suggests a bizarre rout...

Taming Tigers

Author : Daisy White
Genre : Sci-Fi

Seventeen year old Talia is struggling to earn a living as a seamstress, surviving in the infamous Camps of war torn Arista. When her soldier fiancé Kellar suggests a bizarre rout...

Red Tigers White Powder

Author : Roger D'Lein
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

Red Tigers, White Powder is a riveting political thriller that lays bare the odious drugs trade in South America. On release from a US penitentiary, drugs baron Rodriguez Londono p...

The Tiger Lord S Virgin

Author : L. A. White
Genre : Erotica

Princess Delilah is not happy about being a prisoner for the cat lords, especially when she learns their king, the Tiger Lord wants her in his bed. Now adjusting to her new surroun...