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Book ID of city of margins #39 s Books is 46158734, Book which was written by william boyle which was published by pegasus books . This Book which have certain number of Pages

Read  [PDF] City Of Margins Get Now


Read  [PDF] City Of Margins Get Now

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city of margins the lives of several lost souls intersect in southern brooklyn in the early 1990s there s donnie parascandolo a disgraced ex cop with blood on his hands ava bifulco a widow whose daily work grind is her whole life nick ava s son a grubby high school teacher who dreams of a shortcut to success mikey baldini a college dropout who s returned to the old neighborhood purposeless and drifting donna rotante donnie s ex wife still reeling from the suicide of their teenage son mikey s mother rosemarie also a widow who hopes mikey won t fall into the trap of strong arm work and antonina divino a high school girl with designs on breaking free from brooklyn uniting them are the dead mikey s old man killed over a gambling debt and donnie and donna s poor son gabe these characters cross paths in unexpected ways guided by coincidence and the pull of blood there are new things to be found in the rubble of their lives too the promise of something different beyond the barriers that have been set out for them this is a story of revenge and retribution of facing down the ghosts of the past of untold desires of yearning and forgiveness and synchronicity of the great distance of lives lived in dangerous proximity to each other city of margins is a technicolor noir melodrama pieced together in broken glass

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