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Book ID of fearless #39 s Books is 47633055, Book which was written by fern michaels which was published by kensington publishing corporation . This Book which have certain number of Pages

Read  [PDF] Fearless Get Now


Read  [PDF] Fearless Get Now

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weaving a thread of suspense into her trademark powerful storytelling 1 new york times bestselling author fern michaels delivers a compelling new novel about a woman who learns that her new life may not be all it appears anna campbell is ready to take her first tentative steps back into the world after widowhood on a singles cruise she meets divorced professor ryan robertson and the sparks between them are undeniable back home in west texas anna and ryan continue their romance and anna decides it s time for their families to meet anna is delighted when her daughter christina hits it off with ryan s daughter ren e the two girls are close in age and have lots in common ryan s son patrick is college bound and somewhat aloof but anna feels sure they ll grow closer in time she happily accepts ryan s proposal confident in the bond they ve formed but the idyllic relationships anna is hoping for is quickly thrown into doubt ryan and his children may not be all she thinks they are and as the situation grows more desperate anna must reach deep within and draw on all her courage and self reliance to fight for the family and home she deserves

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