The Official CNA Resume and Cover Letters Manual: Resumes, Cover Letters, Tips, Secrets, and More

The Official CNA Resume and Cover Letters Manual: Resumes, Cover Letters, Tips, Secrets, and More


Get 10 CNA Resume and 10 CNA Cover Letter Templates!

Writing a CNA resume can be hard work.  First, you need to know how to format it, lay it out and get the right results.   Then, there is the CNA Cover Letter.  Again, like the CNA Resume, the CNA Cover Letter requires that you have the right looking template, as well as the right look and feel of the overall document.

What You’ll Get in This CNA Resume and CNA Cover Letter Manual

Along with top-notch recommendations, you’ll recieve the following:

  • 10 CNA Resume Templates to keep and use
  • 10 CNA Cover Letter Templates
  • Recommendations from one of the best in the field
  • Guidance in setting up your information
  • Top ideas on ways to fill out your CNA Resume and Cover Letter
  • And more


Even if you don’t want to learn how to create professional CNA resumes or CNA cover letters, you can just use our templates, and copy and paste from the Resume examples and the Cover Letter examples.  Pretty simple and quick…and still woudl be better than you having to do it alone.  

That’s Why You’ll Need this Manaul

Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you.  Getting together someone who has been hiring CNAs for years, we’ve compiled together a complete resource that breaks down the do’s and don’t’s to CNA Resume writing.  In this CNA Resume Guide, we’ll give you proffesional CNA Resume templates, as well as full recommendations on how you approach putting your information in the pregenerated CNA resume templates

Don’t for get about our CNA Cover Letter

Not all CNA Jobs require that you have a CNA Cover Letter.  Even if they don’t, writing a professional CNA Cover Letter will help to boost your potential for becoming a CNA.  It makes you stand apart from other competitors and brings a sense of professionalism that is important.  Therefore, we have a section just for you where we give you professional templates to make your CNA Cover Letter look incredible and then help to give you ideas by providing CNA Cover Letter Examples.

With this book, we’ll give you the tools and enough CNA resume samples and Cover Letter samples to win your dream job.  With this book, you’ll have everything you need to quickly and efficiently create CNA Resumes and CNA Cover Letters that will and you the job you want.   

Find Out What Others are Saying:

The best resource out there for helping CNA’s build professional resumes and cover letters – 10 out of 10! ~ CNA Exam Cram

Was exactly what I needed to write my CNA specific Resume.  ~ Sally M.

Way better than a regular Resume and Cover Letter book.  This one was all about the CNA perspective and helped give me a different angle to work upon.  ~ Mary L.

Plus there are so far, an average of 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  

So What Are You Waiting for and Get This CNA Resume and Cover Letter Book!

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